Wright Stuff Home Health Care {product review}

Wright Stuff Home Health Care {product review}

This Wright stuff home health care product review will introduce the wide variety of items that this online company has specifically for seniors. All their products are designed to make life easier for seniors who are living independently.

Whether you need a special tool for the kitchen, around the house, garden tools, or simply for your comfort, Wright Stuff Home Health Care has what you need.



For some seniors, simply eating a meal can be challenging. The Wright Stuff has several choices of eating utensils that will make it easier for seniors to enjoy a meal.

  • Adaptive Eating Utensils
  • Bendable Eating Utensils
  • Eating Utensil Holders
  • Adult Bibs and Clothing Protectors
  • Adaptive Plates, Plate Guards and Bowls
  • Cups, Straws, and Glasses
  • Adaptive Knives
  • Kitchen Openers
  • Non-Slip Mats
  • Tables For Over Bed, Couch, or Chair


Everything from Hygiene Products and bath aids are available at the Wright Stuff Home Health Care. Bath and shower chairs and safety grab bars are also available.

  • Sunzyme Organic Odor Neutralizers
  • Cleanis Hygiene Products
  • Transfer Bench Shower Curtains
  • Bathroom Bath and Shower Chairs
  • Adaptive Dressing Aid
  • No Rinse Products
  • Long Handle Bath Sponges and Bath Brushes
  • Body Care Long Handle Hair Brushes and Combs
  • Adaptive Bathing Aids
  • (Adaptive Grooming and Hygiene Aids
  • (Toilet Tissue Aids
  • Hip and Knee Rehab Kits
  • Uribag Urinal


There are many items that seniors could use on a daily basis to make their daily living easier. The Wright Stuff has everything from Pill Organizers to Adaptive Reading Aids.

For seniors with limited vision, there are large button Universal Remotes and Reading Aids. Arthritis can make it difficult for seniors to manage ordinary functions like turning a doorknob. Check out the Door Knob and Lamp Switch Turners.

Wright Stuff Home Health Care {product review}
The Wright Stuff provides universal remote controls with larger buttons.

They also supply:

  • Adaptive Reading Aids
  • Books and Videos
  • Pill Organizers
  • Adapted Scissors
  • Reaching Aids
  • Key Turners
  • Large Button Universal Remote
  • Bedroom Aids
  • Adaptive Writing Aids
  • Tools to Loosen Gas Caps
  • Doorknob and Lamp Switch Turner
  • Playing Cards and Card Holders.


Seniors in Wheelchairs can benefit from positioning aids. They also have Therapeutic Gloves, Wraps, and Supports.

  • Silipos Gel Solution
  • Therapeutic Gloves, Wraps, and Supports
  • Joint and Soft Tissue Injury Supplementation Cream
  • Triderma MD Therapeutic Skin Products
  • Pillows and Bed Positioning Aids
  • Skin Sleeves
  • Wheelchair Positioning Aids



The garden tools provided by The Wright Stuff are ergonomic garden hand tools to help make gardening for seniors easier. There is no need for seniors to miss out on working in the garden because they don’t have the proper tools to do the job.

Many of the tools are designed for Easy Grip Long Reach situations in the event a senior has trouble bending over to work on the garden. There are long reach hoes, garden forks, garden trowels, and cultivators. You can also purchase an entire set of four easy-grip, long reach garden tools at substantial savings.

This would be an excellent choice as a gift for the senior in your life or ideal for seniors to purchase for themselves.

Wright Stuff Home Health Care {product review}
Tools made specifically for seniors will enable to enjoy gardening.

There is also an entire line of Easy Grip Hand Tools that include a garden fork, cultivator, trowel, and weeder.

Have trouble bending? How about a no-bend Weed Remover or Touch and Flow Pro Watering Wand? There are literally dozens of garden tools available to make gardening the relaxing hobby it’s meant to be.


  • Here are some newly available items to make a senior’s everyday living easier.
  • Diestco Cup Holder For Molded Armrests
  • CanDo Pediatric Hand Writing Weights
  • CareZips Adapted Pants Charcoal
  • Point Relief Coldspot roll-on Bottle
  • Polar Ice Back Wrap
  • Polar Ice Foot-Ankle Wrap
  • Revo 360 Slim Daily Living Wheelchair Push Handles


Many seniors face a host of physical difficulties as they age. Medical problems can range from arthritis to dementia and everything in between. Yet despite everything, seniors, for the most part, want to be able to fend for themselves as much as possible.

More and more seniors are choosing to age in place or perhaps choose to take up residence in an independent living facility. Either way, it’s good to know that there are companies out there who provide products that can make the life of a senior a little easier.


This article on the Wright Stuff Home Health Care product review highlights one such company. Hopefully, they can supply products that will make your life of the life of a senior you care for more pleasurable and fulfilling.

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