Women For Health Seniors Groups {who get fit and socialize}

Women For Health Seniors Groups {who get fit and socialize}

Even though many senior women realize how important it is staying fit as they age it can be challenging staying self-motivated while trying to exercise on their own. That’s the main reason there are so many women for health seniors groups who get fit and socialize while they exercise.

What could be better? Not only are they improving their health, but they are also getting out of the house and meeting other seniors.


It seems to be common knowledge that interacting with others is excellent for mental and emotional health. By working out with women’s group’s senior women are actually enjoying the best of two worlds. They are improving many aspects of their health and well-being.

There is safety in numbers, and if any medical issues arise while training with a group there is always someone there to take action.

Women For Health Seniors Groups {who get fit and socialize}

In many cases, it’s far less expensive to train with a group as often fitness clubs will give senior groups a discounted rate that a senior training on her own may not be able to take advantage of.

It’s a lot more fun working out with a group of women. Often a group will go for coffee, breakfast or lunch after their exercising session is over.

Some women know the ins and outs of exercising because they have been doing it for years. They can help out those who are new to the group. If a senior woman is exercising on her own, she may not know if she is doing things right or not.


When seniors started mall walking in groups it seemed at first that it would be a fad that would quickly fade away. On the contrary, more and more seniors across North America are heading to the mall at the crack of dawn and putting in their laps. They are all laced up and ready to go before the mall gets too busy.

Have a look at this video on
Mall Walking: A Year-Round Solution.

Some more popular malls in the USA for senior walkers include the Mall of America in Bloomington, Macomb Mall in Roseville, Destiny USA in Syracuse, Coral Ridge Mall in Coralville, and Mid Rivers Mall in St. Peters.

Seniors love to walk these malls because they are a safe environment and are quite large, so they can walk great distances without going in circles over and over again.

Women For Health Seniors Groups {who get fit and socialize}
Mall-walking can be fun.

Some biggest malls in Canada and favorites of mall-walkers are West Edmonton Mall, Square One in Mississauga, Metropolis at Metrotown, the Eaton Center in Toronto, and Chinook Center in Calgary.

By the time the ladies have finished their walk, most of these malls will have coffee shops and restaurants open if the group decides to meet up for coffee or breakfast.

Mall walking, what a great way to spend a cold Winter morning.


The question on the mind of many people is whether Zumba is good for seniors. After all, isn’t it pretty intense?

On the contrary, a study by the American Council on Exercise came to the conclusion that a low-intensity session of Zumba Gold met the exercise-intensity guidelines for the improvement and maintenance of cardio fitness. The study included adults who ranged from middle-age to seniors.

There are several l benefits that come from seniors taking part in Zumba classes.

  1. Heart Health- Zumba might be low impact exercise, but it still gets the heart pumping. It’s critical to continually work the heart as it is a muscle and like other muscles needs to be challenged in order staying strong.
  2. Improved Mobility- As we age we tend to lose much of the mobility of our younger years. Zumba will enhance posture, flexibility, coordination, and balance and you have to love that.
  3. Cognitive Function- It’s quite frustrating that as we age we lose the ability to concentrate and pay attention. It’s almost as if we are reverting back to the glory days of our youth when just about everything went over our heads because we were busy doing stuff. Exercise has a way of improving oxygen-rich blood flow and that has a positive effect on senior’s cognitive functions.
  4. Socializing- Like any group activity, Zumba has a social aspect that adds to the enjoyment of exercising.
  5. Weight Management- Pretty much any extended physical activity will help control weight gain. The fact that Zumba is fairly high-paced a senior woman can expect to burn about 300 calories in just 30 minutes.
  6. Strengthen Muscles- Anything seniors can do to strengthen muscles is important. Zumba is a great way to do it because, in the course of a workout, many muscles are used throughout the body.


Exercise, in general, is one of the biggest keys to a senior maintaining a healthy body and mind. It’s a fact that you are never too old for training.

A study was done that had seniors up to 85 years of age do resistance training and after 12 weeks they gained up to 200% muscle strength. That’s very encouraging, to say the least.

Women For Health Seniors Groups {who get fit and socialize}
Weight training is excellent for senior women.

Once a senior improves muscle strength they tend to have a better balance which in turn means they lower the risk of falling. It’s also a great way to keep the heart pumping strongly.

Most fitness centers give seniors a reduced rate and also have facilities for coffee or light snacks which is a perfect setting for socializing after working out.

Often classes are not too huge which allows for a bit more instruction from a personal trainer who might be handling the class. The benefit of a class is the opportunity it provides to learn how to use weights safely and effectively. You learn all about sets, reps, tempo, and the proper amount of weight you should be using.

A course of four or six weeks helps seniors gain the knowledge they will need to work out on their own if they so choose. Without receiving proper instruction first, it’s very easy for seniors to injure themselves by doing too much too soon.


There is no doubt that women for health seniors groups who get fit and socialize are a great way to fight off the ravages of old age.

You can pretty much tell just by looking at seniors which ones are fit and which ones are not, so obviously its very important for seniors to include regular fitness in their life.

The fitness and improved health a senior gains are crucial and the socializing that comes with exercising with a group is an added perk that any many ways are just as important.

Far too many seniors are isolated in their homes. They don’t have a circle of friends and have no idea how to get involved with exercising groups.

It’s important that these seniors are educated in the many social and physical benefits of getting out into the world and expanding their horizons as well as improving their chances of increasing longevity and enjoying a vastly improved quality of life.

I sincerely believe that it’s family and caregivers who should be addressing this issue with the seniors in their lives. Everyone involved benefits when a senior is healthier and happier.


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