why sharing your knowledge is golden

Why Volunteering Important Knowledge to Help Others is Golden

The older we get, the more we learn. Many seniors wonder what they should do with all the spare time they have on their hands once they retire from the working world. The reason mankind has evolved as it has is that every generation passes on what they have learned to the generation to follow. That’s why volunteering knowledge to help others is golden.

There are so many opportunities out there for seniors to volunteer their knowledge and life-skills to help others grow and prosper. The impact volunteers, (whether seniors or not), make on recipients who learn from them will never be forgotten. Such is the power of making a positive difference in a person’s life.

The Boy’s Clubs were my second home while in the formative years of my youth. It was basically run by volunteers who gave their time to help wayward kids have a safe place to go. Even though 55 years have passed, I can still remember the names and faces of the volunteers who made such a positive impact on my life. What I learned from them, stayed with me forever and gave me the opportunity to live a rewarding and fulfilling life.

Don’t ever sell yourself short. Everyone, no matter their gender or age has the ability to inspire and motivate others. In doing so, you leave a legacy that lives long after you are gone.

If you live on the highest hill in the biggest house with the biggest room full of money, yet do nothing to make the world a better place, what have you really done with your life? What legacy have you left behind? How many lives have you changed for the better? Who will remember you long after you are gone?


If you do your research, you will find amazing volunteer opportunities in the community you live in. Whether you live in a small town or big city, there are always those who would benefit from your knowledge and desire to share what you know.


Even though I am not fully retired yet, I did a volunteer search for my city out of curiosity. I remember seeing this one organization that was looking for a senior with at least some cooking experience to volunteer for eight weeks as an assistant cook in the kitchen of their summer camp.

That would’ve been right down my alley. When I saw that, I almost wished I was fully retired and not working part-time. I really enjoy cooking and love the outdoors. Besides that, I went to summer camp myself as a kid and it was such a great experience.

Why sharing your knowledge is golden
Coaching kid’s sports can be very gratifying and a great way of leaving a legacy.

It would’ve been special to be part of the fond memories many of the kids would have of their camping experience. Leaving the hectic city to work in the great outdoors with all room and board provided seemed like a great opportunity for some lucky senior.

So if working at a summer camp interests you, just google summer camp volunteer opportunities available in the community you live in.

Coaching kids sports team is also a great way to give back to your community. Kids have a way of remembering their favorite teachers and coaches. What a great way to leave a legacy.


What an excellent concept Habitat For Humanity is. Basically, it’s volunteers working alongside the potential homeowner to build their home. It’s not a handout, rather it’s a hand up. The home-owner is expected to invest “sweat equity” in the building of the home.

Ultimately, the home-owner will have a much lower mortgage. Without Habitat For Humanity, they often have no chance of qualifying for a mortgage and owning their own home. Once their home is built they become self-sufficient and do not have to count on social services.

Better still, every Habitat home helps generate $175,000 to the local community. All the building materials and some of the construction costs all help to generate income in the community where the home is being built


Volunteering your knowledge to help others is golden
Habitat for Humanity is a great organization to volunteer with.

The Habitat for Humanity homeowner is ultimately happier, healthier, and more financially secure. Part of the deal is that the new homeowner agrees to complete 500 volunteer hours with Habitat. What an excellent concept, as they get to help others own their own homes.

If you are a senior willing to donate your time to help others own a home then this might be the perfect opportunity for you. I’m sure all would be welcome but imagine how much of a difference you could make it you spent your working life as a carpenter, electrician, or plumber for example?

Visit Habitat for Humanity and have a look at how you can become involved.


Every volunteer position, no matter what it is, is important and will make a difference in someone’s life. Whether you volunteer at the local thrift store, food bank, or homeless shelter, you will make a profound impact on the lives of those in need.

There are also very high-end volunteer opportunities that in some cases involves training, and perhaps having your police record checked. A good example of a volunteer job that requires careful screening is if you are going to be working with children. For example, if you wanted to volunteer with the Boys and Girls Clubs or become a Big Brother or Big Sister.

I applied for a volunteer position at the local Distress Center a few years ago. Because I would be fielding calls from people who may be contemplating suicide there was a training program to go through before I was considered for the position. I would’ve been lost without the training. Often I would be working the phones by myself in the middle of the night while the city slept.

Not only did I have to respond to the personal issue and help them the best I could, often I had to be able to connect with the telephone company to trace a call, and the police so they could go to a location where the call originated. Often I was talking on two telephones at the same time.

I signed up for one year and fulfilled that obligation. I have to say that it was an amazing learning experience, and very gratifying to help people who were in serious distress.

So if there are volunteer positions of this nature in your town or city and you want something challenging, then this might be ideal for you.


Most people have a passion in their life that they are very knowledgeable about. Choosing a volunteer position that gets you to make use of your special ability is a great way to help others.

For instance, in my city, there is a woman who just turned 100 years old. She had a long career as a teacher. Years after she retired she continued to help children learn. At 100 years old she was still teaching kids.

volunteering knowledge to help others is golden
Kids have a way of remembering their favorite teachers.

She had a volunteer job at a local school helping teach new Canadians how to read English. How special is that?

It wasn’t just the kids who were benefiting. I truly believe that her passion for teaching long after she retired energized her mentally and increased her longevity.

Our bodies sense when we are mentally or physically inactive and will respond accordingly. Muscles will atrophy from lack of use and mental acuity will diminish as well if we don’t continue to challenge ourselves on both fronts.

By volunteering in the senior years of our lives we are telling our body that we are not done. There is still much to do. It will accommodate you by keeping active muscles strong and by keeping you mentally sharp well into your senior years.

This is why volunteering important knowledge to help others is golden and an excellent way to contribute to society no matter how old you are.


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