What is a senior? and don't call me old

What Is a Senior? {and don’t call me old}

What is a senior and don’t call me old is a refrain you might hear quite a lot these days. Being a senior is not a bad thing, but being called old can be downright insulting. After all, you can be 90 years of age and still be young if you continue to embrace life, respect your body, and never stop looking for new adventures.

On the other hand, if you are a 30 something who abuses your body through lack of exercise, poor nutrition, drugs, booze, cigarettes, or any number of vitality killers you will indeed be old before your time.

As a matter of fact, you will be older than the senior who eats right, works out, loves to travel, and never ceases to look for new challenges.

What is a senior? and don't call me old
Remember when we looked up to the seniors in school?


Being a senior most often means you are respected because in most cases you have put in more time than those junior to you. For instance, if you look back to your school years you have to admit you were a bit in awe of the seniors in the school when you were five years away from that lofty goal.

They would be graduating at the end of the school year and you still had a long way to go. So yes, you were sure to tread softly around the seniors and looked up to them with more than a little respect.

Maybe you are a rookie cop and look up to a senior detective. Or maybe you are a senior executive with a hand in making all the big company decisions. Others in the company look up to you and perhaps have set their sights on having your job one day.

Or perhaps you reached the lofty age of 60 or 65 and retiring is on your mind. When you leave your company, you leave as a senior employee who has spent years of your life making them the success they are. Chances are, younger staff members looked to you for guidance.

So yes, being a senior is not a bad thing. Seniors, for the most part, are respected for the amount of time they have spent contributing to society and in general, making the world a better place for future generations.

What is a senior? and don't call me old
A black and white T.V. is old.


A sock with holes in it is old. So is a car with rust. The bread that turns green with mold is old and so is milk that goes sour. A black and white television is old and so is a dial telephone.

But don’t call me old!

The pyramids are old and so is the Colosseum. Antiques are old and so are dinosaurs. Polaroid cameras are old and so are Walkmans. Mini skirts are old(but I sure do miss them).

So many things in the world are old, but because people have spent more time on earth does not make them old. It makes them wiser and more interesting.

So don’t call me old! I’m just getting started.


Some things are old, but should never have left. Like suspenders are old, but so much better than a belt. Wool clothes are awesome but now we have synthetic fiber. Like the fiber in suits that gets all shiny. Wool doesn’t do that.

Wooden hangers are old, but now we have plastic ones that are less expensive. However, the wooden ones keep the shape of shoulders in clothing so much better.

What is a senior? and don't call me old
Fountain pens may be old, but write beautifully.

Fountain pens are old and ballpoint pens are new. But fountain pens can weave thick lines or thin lines and write so beautifully. Did you know that it’s way harder for someone to forge a signature that is written with a fountain pen? Not only that, they are more fun to use.

Handwriting a letter is old but email is new. One is done with feeling and passion and the other is cold and impersonal.

Looking someone in the eye when you break up with them is old, but firing off a text message is so much easier and so much more gutless, impersonal, and hurtful, but hey, it’s new.

Photo albums are old, but cell phone images buried in the cloud are new. What would you rather give as a gift or share with your children or grandchildren?

What is a senior? and don't call me old
Photo albums are old but so special to share.

Teflon is new and cast iron is old, but which one can you cook 5000 meals with and always get the same reliable result? Which one chips away into your food and is bad for your health?

Despite how long they have been around, many things that have been replaced by newer, younger models are great to have around, garner respect, are still very useful, and have stood the test of time.

It sounds a lot like many seniors I know.


Some seniors have got it all figured out. Being old is a concept they have no time for. It’s these same seniors that resent being called old.

Old in many contexts means you have outlived your usefulness, Yet nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to seniors who have never lost their zest for life.

How about the man who was on this earth for 100 years and then ran a marathon?

Or the amazing woman who finished the Ironman triathlon in her 80th year of life? I think somebody forgot to tell her that was too old to swim 2.4-miles, bike 112-miles, and run 26.2-miles all under 17 hours.

Old is a relative concept. If you have let the passing years get the best of you and have overlooked what’s really important in this life’s journey, then perhaps you are old.

However, If you refuse to accept that sentiment and always stay young at heart and embrace life until the day you leave this world, you will never truly know what old is.

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