Ukraine Mail Order Brides Who Will Take Your Breath Away

It’s amazing how many women there are in the world who are willing to travel a great distance from their home country to be with someone special. There are hundreds of Ukraine Mail Order Brides who will take your breath away.

One of the leading mail order bride companies features predominantly Asian and Ukrainian women. Of all the mail order online sites the highest rated is BeHappy2Day.  They feature a host of stunning Ukrainian women looking to get in touch with single men.

BeHappy2Day is a Dating and Marriage agency based in the USA and Russia. The company has been around for quite some time and began operation in 2002. Their main goal is to connect single Western men in search of relationships with family-orientated single women from Ukraine, Russia, Asia, Latin America, and Moldova.


BeHappy2Day offers a variety of services. They have thousands of clients worldwide and the services they offer include Email Translation, Live Chat, Live Video Chat, Individual Romance Tours, Flowers, and Gift Delivery, and phone introduction, to name a few.

Their claim is that they offer much more personalized service than any of their online competitors. Many client reviews appear to substantiate this. In many ways, they are more of a matchmaking service than a dating agency.

Upon sign-up new members get access to a sensational gallery of over 5400 profiles of the most stunning single women you have ever seen. You pay nothing to check out their gallery of amazing women.

All efforts are made to weed out any scammers. Every profile is “confirmed”, which means the company has carefully checked each woman’s personal data, including personal ID information before she is allowed to post a profile.
Beautiful Ukrainian woman

These people are extremely well-organized as compared to most of their competitors. Male visitors who are logged in can choose any lady to start communicating within letters or online. You can choose to use Live Video Chat to see your lady. You might also choose a 2-Way Live Video Chat to show her yourself online. If this happens to be your style, it can be a ton of fun.

All the communication services offered by BeHappy2Day are charged a fee and by prepayment only. If you choose to take it the next step, you can choose an Individual Tour or a Date Me service. Simply let customer support what girl or girls from their site you are interested in meeting, or better yet, what sort of women you are interested in.

They will offer you options to build your own Romance Tour Package depending on your destination and requests. When you fly to Ukraine or Russia, or any other country, they will send a driver and translator to pick you up at the airport and drive you to your hotel.

Before you arrive, you’re dating schedule will be arranged. Whatever your destination, you will already know what girls on which days and where you will meet during your trip. They can also go into matchmaking mode if you have no particular woman in mind before ordering the Date Me service. They will help plan as many dates as you want.

If the woman you traveled to meet isn’t quite what you expected, the company will make a concerted effort to set you up with someone right for you. The ultimate result is that you both hit it off and BeHappy2Day essentially becomes your personal travel concierge.


You most likely have heard all the dating scam horror stories that float around the internet.

Sure there are scams, but BeHappy2Day puts a ton of effort into controlling the scammers. They have anti-scam policies that include guidelines and instructions in place for clients. These focus on how to stay safe while searching for the girl of your dreams.

What clients really appreciate is the well-known fact that client personal privacy is paramount with BeHappy2Day. Many clients have heard of this from others who have made use of the site. This is crucial if you are looking for exceptional service and prefer remaining largely anonymous on your romance tour.


The minimum cost is only $15.00 to buy 20 credits(the minimum amount to be purchased). Or the cheapest option, in the long run, is $379.00 for 1000 credits.

Credits are the unit of payment used to pay for the site’s services that include letters writing and reading. Also, live chat services, Virtual Gifts, Video Introduction, and more. It really is a model of simplicity.

Other denominations are as follows:

  • 40 credits for $28.00
  • 80 credits for $52.00
  • 160 credits for $92.00
  • 320 credits for $171.00
  • 500 credits for $236.00

Of course, the more you purchase the less one credit ends up costing. One credit can range from $0.38 to $0.75 depending on the amount purchased.

Some men are happy just to strike up an online relationship with a woman without ever traveling to her country to meet her. They become very good friends and simply communicate back and forth, sharing what’s happening in their lives.

They become more like high tech pen pals and for men and women who are lonely, it can be very gratifying to have someone to communicate with on a regular basis. If that’s the case, they would probably purchase 1000 credits at a time in order to save money.

There are even some men who are in contact with a woman they can relate to for more than a year, and then make the journey to meet them in person.

Like most online dating services, BeHappy2Day makes it clear that personal phone numbers and e-mail addresses are not to be exchanged in letters or Live Chat Services. They are very upfront about the fact that their main goal, like all like services, is to sell you a tour so you can see a lady of choice in person. However, it’s entirely up to the man. As I mentioned, he might never choose to take a tour and is quite happy just to keep in touch online.


All-in-all, BeHappy2Day provides a very good, transparent service. They are very upfront about the services they provide. It seems they are doing their best to do things right.

They have excellent Customer Support that is client-orientated and they focus on an individual approach to each client. That’s a very rare trait in the mail-order industry and they should be commended.

Even their payment methods are designed to protect their clients. They do not take credit card payment directly. They use a third party called “Verotel” a Netherlands based company. This ensures that client payment and credit card info are secure at all times. There are also some types of payment where clients can use PayPal, which is also a very reputable company.

Privacy is front and center and at no time is personal contact info of it’s male and female guests distributed to a third party. It’s next to impossible for private information to be leaked. The fact that the company servers are based in the USA is very advantageous to security.

It’s free to visit the site and view gorgeous women from Asia, Russia, the Ukraine and more and then decide if BeHappy2Day is for you.

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