Ski Resorts of Canada: Is Whistler Blackcomb a Haven For Seniors?

Ski Resorts of Canada: Is Whistler Blackcomb a Haven For Seniors?

How can USA skiers resist coming to Canada for some of the best skiing in North America? Not only is the skiing spectacular, but it’s at bargain prices for American visitors with the Canadian dollar being worth 30% less than the USA greenback. Ski resorts of Canada: Is Whistler Blackcomb the world’s best?

Whistler Blackcomb features a mile of vertical and two massive mountains. The terrain is simply stunning and the snow is amazing. On top of all that it has an Olympic Pedigree. The season is long and the ski village is rocking most of the winter.

Ski Resorts of Canada: Is Whistler Blackcomb a Haven For Seniors?

It makes no difference if you prefer a snowboard or skis, any serious skier should make the trip to Whistler at least once before they die.


It should be noted that Whistler is a haven for seniors. Except they don’t want to be called seniors, They don’t have time for that. They hike, they ski, they volunteer, and they work. Seniors are the glue that holds Whistler together.

In 2016 one in five residents of Whistler were aged 55 and older. Twenty percent is a pretty healthy number of seniors in any town or city. For many years, the Whistler population numbers were below 10,000, but the resort town has been showing substantial growth.

The 2016 census reported a population of 11,854. That number is an increase of almost 21 percent from 2010. The Canadian national growth rate is 5%, so Whistler is growing substantially faster than most of the country.

Ski Resorts of Canada: Is Whistler Blackcomb a Haven For Seniors?

There was an unusual statistic for 2011. It’s a rarity that senior men outnumbered senior women in Whistler. I wonder if the seniors in Whistler vacation in Aruba or go on a cruise for a change of pace? It must get pretty hectic in town and most likely they will want to get away from it all, at least for a while.

There’s little doubt that Whistler Blackcomb is a lot more than a haven for seniors who call the town home. It’s also the top ski destination in North America. Some think that is might well be the best ski resort in the world for a number of reasons.


Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains are in British Columbia, Canada nestled in the Coast Mountain Range. There are few ski resort cable cars that can rival the PEAK 2 PEAK that traverses the two mountains.

There was a day when these two magnificent ski destinations were rivals, but not anymore.

Not only is there one mile of vertical, but there are also 8000 acres of stunning varied terrain that includes 200 marked trails.


There is every type of lodging you can imagine in Whistler. These can range from budget choices to luxury high-end accommodations.

Rooms can be booked with top-selling properties that include Fairmount Chateau Whistler, the Westin Whistler Resort, the Four Seasons Whistler & Residences, and Delta Whistler Village Suites.


Ski Resorts of Canada: Is Whistler Blackcomb a Haven For Seniors?
Whistler has so much snow, it’s one of the last North American resorts to close.

You will have to do your homework before deciding on lodging in Whistler. It’s a big place and you will have to decide how close to the action you want to be.

You could pay $500 a night or $140 a night depending on the dates you choose to visit and where you want to be located in relation to Whistler Village.


It doesn’t matter if you’ re three or 83 years old, there will be a ski school on Whistler willing to teach you how to ski.

The instructors who take care of the kids know their stuff and are used to dealing with kids of all ages. They will teach the kids how to get around the mountain in a controlled, enjoyable way.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are lessons that will take you out of your comfort zone while still keeping you safe. So there are nursery schools and there are steep schools. Learning how to ski at Whistler is a life experience and truly unforgettable regardless of your age.


The bars and night-spots in Whistler and legendary and when you have had all the partying you can handle, how about a little culture? There are many shops to choose from and even an art gallery to browse around in.

Ski Resorts of Canada: Is Whistler Blackcomb a Haven For Seniors?

Whistler Village itself is compact and pedestrian-friendly. There are numerous dining options from the very high-end to the excellent value meals and drinks of the EI Furniture Warehouse. Don’t ask because I have no idea why it is called the furniture warehouse.

If you prefer high-end dining, visit the Bearfoot Bistro, or the Rimrock Cafe. As a matter of fact, you can expect to find dining cuisine from across the planet.


The snow is measured in meters and boy is it something.

Most years there’ s an amazing snowfall.  The snowfall over the past ten years has averaged around 11.70 meters. However, 2016 and 2017 produced an incredible 12 meters or 40 feet of snow. You won’t need to bring your rock skis to Whistler.

Here is an interesting statistic. Historically, the biggest amount of snow falls on Whistler in November and March. March? Yes, for some reason March has awesome snowfall that sets the resort up well for Spring Skiing.

What this means is, Whistler is one of the last ski resorts in North America to close. The consensus is that it has something to do with Vancouver which has had the highest monthly rainfall in November in the past 30 years.

You have to take into account the Vancouver is just a 90-minute drive from Whistler, so all that rain Vancouver gets in November freezes in the mountains and there you have it…record snowfalls.

Ultimately, what does all this mean? Well, it means you can book your ski holiday pretty well anytime you want and you’ll enjoy sensational skiing conditions with lots and lots of snow.


If you want a truly spectacular holiday, you won’t be disappointed with Whistler. Combined with a stay in Vancouver for a few days before or after your ski adventure it’s a holiday you will never forget.


Ski Resorts of Canada: Is Whistler Blackcomb a Haven For Seniors?
Some of the best heli-skiing anywhere.

Not only is there great skiing at the resort, but you can also experience the ultimate in Heli-skiing. There is an excellent range of packages regardless if you are an intermediate or expert skier.

You will have access to 400,000 acres of virgin backcountry terrain. You will be making breath-taking runs that have been untouched by skis except for yours. Don’t forget to tuck a camera into your ski jacket or better yet, how about a GoPro?

Want to know some unusual facts about Whistler. Check this out.


You can get amazing deals if you book your Whistler holiday before the end of August. You won’t just be saving 10%. There is a good chance that you could save 40% or 50% by taking the plunge and booking before anyone else.

Whistler is easy to get to because of its proximity to Vancouver International Airport. From there it’s just a two-hour drive on the sea-to-sky highway to your booked accommodation.

I grew up in Vancouver and highly recommend you spend some time in the city. Maybe you can catch an NHL hockey game or two while you’re there. The winter temperatures in the city are mild and you are more likely to get rain as opposed to snow.

If you happen to be a senior, it might pay to check out why so many seniors are choosing to retire in Whistler.

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