Seniors Make Great Actors

Seniors Make Great Actors

Most people think that acting roles are just for the young and beautiful. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are many roles available for senior actors. As a matter of fact, seniors make excellent actors.

There are seniors who have found roles in commercials, videos, theater, movies, and T.V. series. I mean think about it. There are a lot of movies TV shows and advertisements that include seniors. Where do you think they come from anyway?

Probably most of them wanted to find a hobby for their retirement years, widen their social circle, or earn some money to supplement their retirement income.

So how exactly do you go about being a senior actor?


Acting classes are a great place to start. Check out the availability of acting classes in your area. Chances are they can be found as part of a night school curriculum. There are many people interested in learning more about acting, so why not you?

Seniors Make Great Actors
Some roles require senior actors.

When you take acting classes, be prepared to read lines in front of others. In the event you are shy or perhaps introverted and fear to talk in front of others, then join Toastmasters and learn from the experts how to be at ease as the focal point of attention.

Acting classes are also a great place to network and find out from others(perhaps your instructor)how to go about finding an acting job.


The hotpots for acting are London, Los Angeles, and New York City. Los Angeles has the most film and TV jobs in the world, New Your City is the hub of stage plays, and London is the United Kingdom’s hot spot for film, TV, and stage plays.

That doesn’t mean you have to pack up and leave your home town and head to one of these three cities.

As a matter of fact, you might have many more opportunities to kick start you’re acting career in your own neck of the woods. Besides, it can be very challenging to live in any of the three cities mentioned because of the expense involved. There’s also a lot of pressure involved for newcomers to these cities.

There’s a lot of competition in these cities and it’s best to check out all the possibilities in your area first. The competition and stress levels will be less, not to mention the cost of living.

Acting is not a sprint. It’s more of a marathon and once you have made full use of the resources in your area, perhaps then you might consider your next move.

Other options in the UK besides London for acting opportunities are Manchester, home of the BBC, Glasgow for television work, Edinburgh for the comedy scene, and Birmingham for excellent training and theaters.

Some other options in the USA are Chicago, a theater city, San Francisco for stage and film, Seattle for stage acting, and South Florida for film, television, and commercial work.

Seniors Make Great Actors
You might have the perfect look.

In Canada, you might consider Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary. Calgary might surprise you as many movies have been filmed in and around the Calgary area. How about this list? Brokeback Mountain, Fargo, The Bourne Legacy, Cool Runnings, The Revenant, Heartland, and The Assassination of Jesse James.


First of all, you should get professional headshots done. Then fill out a resume’ as well as mentioning any acting experience or acting classes you have taken.

Don’t forget that many times, the script calls for just ordinary people. You might even find roles that suit you perfectly and you hardly have to act at all. Maybe you just have to be yourself.

When your resume’ is being looked over, the fact that you may not have any acting experience might not necessarily rule you out of landing a role. Perhaps when your headshot is looked at by casting your image might be just the one they want to portray in the movie.


An agent will know the ins and outs of taking auditions and landing acting roles. Chances are, you will get far more attention with an agent on your side.

If you attend classes, your instructor might be able to point you in the right direction as far as getting started. Perhaps you will find referrals for photographers, casting sources, and agents.

If you’re lucky, an agent might even visit your class to give you some pointers.

For instance, an agent went to an acting-for-commercials class for senior actors and gave them some invaluable tips. He told them to let their hair grow out, get rid of all the fake colors, and audition for the older roles. He suggested to them that they would get a lot more work if they followed his advice.

seniors make great actors
This could be your take.

One woman followed his advice and landed her first paid acting job. All she had to do was hold the sign of a legal company while roller-skating down a sidewalk. It paid $400.


The same woman was in an acting class when another agent dropped by looking for seniors to include in his roster of actors.

He filmed each senior as they read a script. A few weeks later the agent called the senior and said they would represent her.

Once that happened, more acting opportunities came her way. With every new role, she played it added to her resume’.

She played a homeless woman who was sitting on a bus bench in Skid Row at three in the morning. It was actually a part of a music video. She also played a gangster granny on a Comedy Central show.

Then she played an older, rich wife in a music video. The video was for a Trace Adkins video. In 2014, she appeared in a video comedy skit during the 2014 Film Independent Spirit Awards.


Never doubt you’re acting abilities. Give yourself a chance and you might just be surprised. Take some classes and get comfortable reading a script in front of others.

Don’t forget about headshots and resumes’. Many times you will have to submit a resume’ before you are invited to the casting.

Sometimes you just have to show up and read the lines in front of the casting crew and other times you submit the resume’ first. That’s why a headshot is important. You might be exactly what the role calls for.

It’s not just about earning money. It’s also an opportunity to learn new skills and broaden your social network. By staying active both mentally and physically you are doing wonders for your quality of life and longevity.

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