senior vacation packages for those with dementia

Senior Vacation Packages: For Those With Dementia

There is no need to deprive a senior of traveling because they suffer from Dementia. There are cruises available for those with dementia as well as the care-giver who will accompany them. The best senior vacation packages for those with Dementia offer a host of itineraries to choose from. There are travel companies that specialize in providing accessible travel.

If a person has spent their entire life working hard, raising a family, and all in all being a productive member of society they deserve the right to enjoy their senior years. No matter where they live or their station in life seniors who are dealing with health issues are just as deserving as anyone else when it coins to traveling the world.

Of course, there are certain diseases like dementia that has many degrees of progression and in some cases, travel is not really a very good option.

vacation packages for those with dementia
Every senior deserves a holiday.

Here are a few symptoms that might mean traveling far from home might prove to be challenging.

  • Seniors with dementia get confused and agitated even if at home where surroundings are familiar.
  • Loud or crowded environments can cause them to get upset and anxious.
  • Delusions, anger issues, and a tendency to wander make traveling very difficult.
  • The risk of falling, incontinence, and a host of other medical issues make traveling far from home a poor option.

However, there is a very special company that specializes in providing a holiday for seniors living with all stages of dementia.

Travel can be invigorating for the person with dementia and their caregiver. A special holiday destination has the potential to provide priceless memories for the patient and caregiver alike.

The best place to start before planning a vacation with a person with dementia is to talk to their doctor and discuss what you have in mind. Its time to plan the perfect holiday once the doctor gives his okay.



This very special company was created by an RN who worked as a geriatric and Neurology nurse for 20 years.

The company is based out of Chicago and caters to caregivers and clients with a variety of health issues including dementia. Cruise holidays are perfect for those suffering from dementia because cruise ships are unique for a number of reasons.

vacation packages for those with dementia
Caregivers and loved ones both deserve a break.

Guests can become familiar with their surroundings and that in turn provides a sense of comfort. It’s almost like a home away from home only better in many ways.

There is no need to worry about making the bed or cleaning your room because that’s done for you. Also, there is no cooking to do because all meals are included with the initial cost of your cruise.

Basically, there is no need to over-plan the holiday. The simpler you can keep it, the better it will be for the guest with dementia.

The whole idea is to not have a lot to worry about and take the time to enjoy the vacation experience.


Another benefit of this cruising concept is that the majority of passengers either have dementia or are caregivers looking after people with dementia. In reality, its an amazing holiday for everyone involved. Let’s face it. Caregivers need a holiday too. There’s a lot of work and sacrifice involved looking after someone with dementia.

Senior Vacation Packages(For those with dementia)
Maybe it will be a spectacular Caribbean Cruise.

Because it’s a group setting, there is no need for anyone to feel out of place. Most cruises are seven days and that gives the guests time to grow accustomed to, and comfortable with, their surroundings.

There are several options when it comes to what cruise to choose as they embark from several ports in the USA and Canada.

The cruise might travel north to Alaska out of the USA or Canada or south to the Caribbean from any number of ports.

Whatever the destination, it’s an excellent opportunity for caregivers and dementia clients alike to meet new people who are dealing with the same issues.


Regardless of the cruise destination that is chosen, there will always be plenty of very qualified support staff on the ship. There will also be medical staff trained to take care of any situation that might arise.

The medical staff is there to help out the caregiver and offer respite care. Cruise ship staff is also well aware of the situation and are very patient and understanding with their guests.

Anyone who has ever been on a cruise will be well aware of the many activities that will be available during the cruise. As a matter of fact, I found out in my 15 or so cruise vacations that you just simply can’t fit in everything there is to do and see.

vacation packages for those with dementia
Cruise up to Alaska for some unforgettable sights.

For example, there might be a tour of the inner workings of the ship that clashes with a morning exercise class. In a way, it’s a good thing, because it gives guests a lot of options every single day.

It might also inspire them to go on another cruise so they can take in what they missed the first time around.

The more adventurous clients might decide to take in one of the shore excursions. If not, they can simply stay aboard the ship and relax.

It must be very gratifying for everyone involved from the ships crew, support staff, and caregivers to see so many clients with dementia having the time of their lives. After all dementia patients and their caregivers have to deal with on a daily basis back home, the opportunity to enjoy something as special as a cruise vacation is very special.


For some, a cruise holiday might simply be too difficult for a number of reasons. In that case, perhaps shorter vacations that are situated closer to home might be the answer.

Senior Vacation Packages(For those with dementia)
A visit to a museum or art gallery might be perfect for a senior with dementia.

There are plenty of local attractions to see in pretty much any city. Something as simple as visiting a local museum, art gallery, taking in a movie, or eating out at a restaurant are just a few examples.

Actually, a short vacation of two or three days might be an excellent way to discover how a loved one with dementia might take to changes in their everyday routine. Perhaps a trip out of town to stay at a hotel and see some new sights would be an excellent break for the caregiver and loved one.

If it goes well, perhaps one of these senior vacation packages for those with dementia might be something to consider down the road.


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