Senior Triathletes Performed Brilliantly in Ironman Hawaii 2019

Senior Triathletes Performed Brilliantly in Ironman Hawaii 2019

Every year the best pro and amateur triathletes in the world descend on the Big Island of Hawaii. Their final destination is the small village of Kona that has been the home of the Ironman Triathlon World Championship for over three decades. As is the case, most years senior triathletes performed brilliantly in Ironman Hawaii 2019.

For the purpose of this article, we will be considering the triathletes 60 and over as seniors. At one time, seniors were associated with old age, but not so much anymore. I like to look at seniors in a far different context.

I equate the word seniors as a demographic overflowing with experience and knowledge they can share with the world.

Seniors are the ones who have learned over time how to get things done. And they certainly got things done in Kona on Saturday, October 12, 2019.

One of the most accomplished senior triathletes in the world is Sister Madonna Buder.

She is well-known for her triathlon exploits, but especially for crossing the Ironman Canada finish line in Penticton at 80 years of age several years ago. There are so many amazing senior athletes in the world. Look no further than the 100-year-old runner from the UK who completed the Toronto Marathon.

Just as a refresher for the uninitiated, the Ironman Triathlon consists of a 3.8k-swim(2.4 miles), 180k-bike(112 miles), and a 42k-run(26.2 miles). There is a time limit of 17 hours to finish all three events and once the gun sounds for the swim start, the clock never stops running.

Here is a look at some amazing senior triathlete performances in Ironman Hawaii 2019.

The top five men in the 60-64 age-category all crossed the finish line in under 11 hours. They all would’ve won the first couple of Ironman races outright with the times they posted.

Kevin Fergusson led the way with his time of 10:07:08. That is truly a remarkable result and he was just seven minutes away from going under 10:00 hours. Wilhelm Schweiger with his time of 10:15:05 was just 8 minutes off the winner’s pace, and the third spot went to Igor Kogoi at 10:15:49.

The age-group senior men were truly spectacular in all categories regardless of where they finished.

Here is a look at the top five finishers in the senior age categories. These results originated on


  1. 10:07:08…..Kevin Fergusson
  2. 10:15:05…..Wilhelm Schweiger
  3. 10:15:49…..Igor Kogoj
  4. 10:38:50…..Martin Gannon
  5. 10:39:41…..Juan Vergara


  1. 11:35:05…..Roberto Azevedo
  2. 11:36:09…..Steven Pulver
  3. 11:40:24…..Eric Johnson
  4. 11:41:08…..Gustav Forster
  5. 12:01:32…..Kim Robinson


  1. 12:44:00…..Herman Hefti
  2. 13:12:31…..Andre Collins
  3. 13:16:05…..Andrew Loeb
  4. 13:48:36…..Simon Butterworth
  5. 15:00:00….Michael Hatch


  1. 13:32:15…..Gennaro Magliulo
  2. 13:45:01…..Peter Hugo Muller
  3. 14:40:31…..Gotthard Winkler
  4. 14:46:20…..Siegfried Schmidt
  5. 14:46:47…..Gene Peters
  6. 14:47:03…..Dieter Reithmeier
  7. 16:27:53…..Ryuji Nakagawa

The senior age-group women were just as spectacular as they posted excellent results in all categories.

Mary Mitchell led the way for all women over 60 with her time of 11:47:17. She was joined by Nelly Wojtasinskiy as the only two senior women to break the 12-hour mark. Third place Jane MacLeod was very close to accomplishing the task with her time of 12:00:49.


  1. 11:47:17…..Mary Mitchell
  2. 11:57:42…..Nelly wojtasinsky
  3. 12:00:49…..Jane McLeod
  4. 12:05:12…..Jennifer Campbell
  5. 12:33:54….Julia Daggett


  1. 12:47:52…..Laurelee Nelson
  2. 13:10:55,,,,,Missy Le Strange
  3. 13:26:26…..Felicitas Kuld
  4. 13:56:53…..Denise Ross
  5. 14:05:42…..Yina Liu


  1. 14:07:11…..Bobbie Greenberg
  2. 14:28:47…..Cullen Goodyear
  3. 15:14:58…..Liz Friedman
  4. 15:39:30…..Valerie Gonzales
  5. 16:22:20…..Shirley Roston

Congratulations to all the seniors who took part in Ironman Hawaii 2019. Your performances are truly inspiring to the seniors around the world who feel their best days are over.

Reaching retirement age is does not mean it’s time to stop reaching for the laurel wreath of victory that awaits at distant finish lines if only you can believe in yourself.

Far too many people leave this world without realizing their true potential on so many levels. Sure, it involves risk, but that’s true of anything that inspires us to become more than we ever thought possible.

I will leave you with this. This is something I wrote when I was trying to encapsulate in a few sentences what took place the year I crossed the Ironman Hawaii finish line in 1984.

It relates to everyone who dares to dream.

“A challenging journey is not without risks. Often we feel we can to no further, can do no more, and that one more step is impossible. In that one moment we face the abyss, the ultimate challenge of mind, body, and spirit, and discover an inner strength we never knew existed, and in a glorious revelation realize that our lives have changed forever.”(Ray Fauteux)

Would you like to share your thoughts on this article? Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this page. Were you in the race? Leave us with your thoughts in a few sentences what your day was like. I’m sure visitors to this website would love to hear from you.


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