Senior Medical Alerts {for safety and peace of mind}

Senior Medical Alerts {for safety and peace of mind}

More and more seniors are deciding to age in place as opposed to moving into a retirement home setting. There are many reasons for this. For some seniors, retirement facilities are simply beyond their budget and it makes more sense to stay in their own home as long as possible. The biggest reason is that they are simply more comfortable in their own home. They can do what they want when they want. This way of living is what has perpetuated the need for various methods of Senior medical alerts for safety and peace of mind.

When you have thousands of seniors living on their own it can lead to certain situations that can endanger health and safety.

It’s true that many seniors are quite capable of managing an independent lifestyle there are many things that can go wrong the older we get. Seniors can lose mobility, strength, balance, and awareness and it’s important to have safeguards in place.


There is no doubting the importance of caregivers. They are there when seniors need help during the times when everyday issues become difficult to cope with. They help seniors with everyday tasks like cleaning, shopping, paying bills, and ensuring they take their prescription medications if they are called for.

Senior Medical Alerts {for safety and peace of mind}
Iamfine is an excellent concept for caregivers and seniors alike.

However, in most cases, caregivers simply cannot be there 24/7 because they have their own lives to lead as well.

When they can’t be there, it becomes a source of constant worry and sometimes guilt that they are leaving a senior on their own to fend for themselves.

In many cases, the seniors will be left feeling apprehensive when they are left to their own devices.


There have been many advances in technology that have gone a long way to making things much safer for seniors. In doing so, it has relieved a lot of worry and stress from the senior and caregiver alike.

In many ways, a senior is never truly alone if they choose to make use of many of the companies that make it their mission to keep seniors safe.

MEDICAL ALERT is one such company that provides a safety net for seniors should they be alone and require assistance.

There is another company as well that has come up with an excellent method of checking up on seniors to ensure everything is okay.


What an excellent concept Iamfine uses to ensure that seniors are never truly left on their own.

Another option is MobileHelp so you have a couple of excellent senior resources to check out.

Iamfine is a daily check-in service for seniors and it’s an excellent concept for seniors who spend a lot of time on their own. With Iamfine they can have peace of mind that if there is a medical issue or a slip and fall that incapacitates them, that help is not far away.

Adult children and caregivers don’t have to constantly worry because their elderly mother or father is living on their own. They are provided with peace of mind that everything will be fine.


It’s a startling statistic, but in the USA one-third of seniors living at home are living on their own. They desire to stay in their own home as long as they possibly can without being a burden to their family.

Iamfine has a unique concept. They bring family friends, and in some cases even neighbors into a care circle for the senior who is on their own. It’s a very affordable system and works wonders when it comes to helping seniors age in place for many years. That way they can maintain their independence, comfort, and familiarity with their surroundings.

The concept is so simple. Iamfine will call you at a designated hour every day. All you have to do is press 1 and you are checked in for the day. Even if a senior misses the call, Iamfine will call back four more times within the hour. If they still can’t get hold of you, they will notify your designated Care Circle.


You can call in at any time to check-in. The second your call is answered, you are checked in and you can hang up. You can also check-in at their website and even send messages to your Care Circle in need.

In the event, you are fine and need someone to notify Iamfine you can have a Care Circle member check-in via the website for you. There is even a vacation hold for those seniors who know they will be out of town.

imagine will make sure your pet is looked after and is never left alone if something should happen to you. It’s as simple as having a vet or local rescue agency as part of your care circle.

Senior Medical Alerts {for safety and peace of mind}
Iamfine will even make sure your pet is looked after.

For many people, pets are part of their family and it will afford you peace of mind to know that if something should happen to you, your pet will be looked after.

This is what some pet owners had to say about Iamfine.

I LOVE this service. I’m not a senior, but I do live alone with my much-loved dogs. I used to worry a great deal that something could happen to me and that my dogs would suffer for days before anyone noticed I was “missing”. I was so thrilled to find this service this past year, and that the technology was SO well done. I can’t even put a value on the peace of mind this service gives me. Thank you!!!!

Peace of mind knowing that my family will be notified if I don’t respond to a call from Iamfine. Also, I have two dogs that I know will be rescued in the event something happens to me. It’s a great safety net.

I live alone and I always worried that if something happened to me, my dog, Molly, would be alone for possibly days until someone came over or called. I signed up with Iamfine and I receive an automated phone call every morning. I respond by pressing the number 1 and that lets the service know that I am OK. When you sign up you form a care circle of people you want to be contacted if you do not respond to the call. Since I joined Iamfine the security and peace of mind that I get from that phone call every morning is worth 10 X what I pay for the service. I love it.


From seniors to their caregivers and pets, Iamfine is an excellent concept that is ideal for all concerned. It’s an extremely amazing concept especially considering the ever-growing number of seniors who live alone.

It’s important for seniors and caregivers to devise a plan when the choice is made for the senior to age in place. There are many benefits to aging in place that include cost-saving, independence, and familiarity.

Iamfine can make it an even better situation with the peace of mind they can provide. In decades past, aging in place often meant that a senior had nobody to rely on but themselves. One of their biggest fears was being incapacitated or even dying without anyone knowing about it.

Modern technology has made such a huge difference and Iamfine is part of that technology that has changed the face of aging in place.

Currently, Iamfine is offering a free 14-day trial. Every senior who is living on their own should give the service a try. Chances are, they will love it.


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  1. Thank you for this review of the medical alert program “I am fine”. As a part time caregiver who works out of clients homes and have been a cna in the past at nursing and assisted living facilities – I can attest the profound difference it makes for many to remain home and independent for a long as possible. This can certainly help!

    1. Thank you for your comment Sherry!  I think this is an excellent concept with so many seniors living on their own these days. It’s actually a product that I could see myself using one day as I am a single senior myself.

  2. What a fantastic idea!
    I know from experience, the worry of having my elderly mother at home alone (she loves her independence) and the ‘what if’ thoughts that go through my head all the time, particularly if I’m not close by due to work obligations. We have a Medical alert system set up but I still worry.
    I will definitely be looking into the ‘I am fine’ service as this seems ‘next level’ piece of mind.
    Thank you for the information Ray!

    1. It is a great idea and only $15 per month so well worth it. As I am a senior living alone, I could see myself using this.

  3. Hello, Ray, and you know, this is a great idea.  I just turned 70 and I’m still married to an amazing woman.  We are both healthy and active but I can see a day when this might be good to have in place.  

    We are not that financially well off so staying in our home is the only option we have at the moment.  We, in Canada, have something called “Lifeline”.  It’s an excellent service and provides the security we as seniors need but this sounds like it might be just a bit better.

    That said, is this service only available in the U.S. or is it available in other parts of the world as well?

    The price is reasonable @ $15/mo as well.  Not too much for added security and peace of mind.


    1. Thank you for your comment.  I agree that it is a very inexpensive program. It’s something I would use as well. 

      It is also available in Canada.

  4. It’s very interesting to learn that many seniors are deciding to stay on their own. But a second thought about having an elder living alone makes it even scarier.

    Maybe I didn’t quite understand the concept of IAMFINE, so let me just ask. Does it mean that all the senior has to do is press on 1?

    What other options are available to make sure that they are doing fine? I mean, an elderly person could be having an issue and needs to talk to someone. How is this covered by IAMFINE?

    What about the expenses compared to retirement homes? I hope they are more affordable for every single one of them.

    I was also worried about feeding. That’s the most important. How is this aspect covered as well? It could be incredibly difficult for these elders to take care of that themselves. 

    1. The senior will be called by Iamfine at a agreed upon time. When the phone rings all the senior does is dial one when they answer it. They don’t have to talk to anyone. Most seniors who live on their own can make their own meals otherwise they would already be in a care facility.

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