Senior Independent Living Communities in Seattle {and what’s best for you}

For those in the Seattle area, there are many choices when making a move into a retirement community. Senior independent living in Seattle and what’s best for you might take some research, but it’s well worth it. It’s important that the community you choose meets all your personal needs.


When it comes to making decisions about leaving the family home and opting for a retirement community, it’s those who can make decisions for themselves. In other words, they have the ability to examine all the choices available to them and make decisions based on their own research.

Seniors in this position are quite capable of taking care of their own everyday needs. However, for a variety of reasons they decide to make the move into a retirement community. Maybe the decision is made because of the loss of a spouse, or perhaps it’s just too expensive to be able to continue to live in their own home. Homes can also be difficult to upkeep as a senior ages.

Loneliness and lack of a social structure also play a major role in the decision. An independent living community can offer seniors a very active independent lifestyle. Better yet, they can provide social opportunities that enable seniors to connect with other people in the same age group and with common interests.

The biggest plus of an independent living arrangement is that seniors can really get to enjoy their retirement as opposed to having to deal with making meals, housekeeping, and laundry. The free time is used to concentrate on their social life and enjoying the finer points of no longer having the responsibilities of owning a home.

Features found in an individual independent living space normally compare to what one might see in a small apartment. This normally includes a full-service kitchen for those who would like to entertain or make some of their own meals.


Assisted living is far different from independent living. There are many seniors who may be cognitive of physically unable to manage life on their own. They may be living with chronic health conditions like heart disease or diabetes for instance. Possibly a cognitive decline caused by Alzheimer’s or several other forms of dementia have made living on their own untenable. In instances such as these, assisted living is the best option for older adults.

In assisted living, the senior might have either a private or semi-private apartment-style set of rooms. The main difference is that they are able to access more care and assistance when they need it. The staff is available around the clock to help seniors with the basics. This might include assistance with dressing, grooming, and transportation.

Despite the act that this extra care is available, whenever possible the senior is encouraged to be as independent as they can be. In an assisted living situation, communities will often staff full-time medical personnel who are trained to provide emergency care in the event it becomes necessary.

There is normally a section of the community for those with more advanced cognitive issues. In this case, there are more advanced security measures in place and in most instances, these units will not have kitchens.

If you would like help in finding the perfect senior community to meet your specific needs be sure to contact **CARING FOR A PARENT** In order to find senior care and senior living options near you.


In Federal Way

Village Green is situated in an amazing natural setting and every effort is made to be as eco-friendly as possible. Sustainability and promoting a healthy green lifestyle are of paramount importance to the administrative team at Village Green.

The healing powers of nature should not be taken lightly as the peacefulness and tranquility provide an excellent setting to ensure residents can enjoy a calm, relaxing lifestyle at their own pace.

The grounds are gorgeous and Village Green is always looking for ways to improve. This is done through conscientious gardening. The lush surroundings include a personal garden and pea patches and serene walking paths.


Campus Amenities

(1) Seven dinner meals per week
(2)Access to a 24-hour juice bar
(3)Full activities program
(4)Scheduled Transportation
(5)Garden area and walking path

Apartment and Home Amenities

(1)Weekly housekeeping with bed change
(2)Interior and exterior building maintenance and yard care
(3)Air Conditioning
(4)Full Kitchen
(5)Ensuite washer and dryer
(6)Paid basic cable T.V.
(7)Paid water, sewage, garbage
(8)Studio, one-bedroom, or two-bedroom options

Well-Being Services

(1)Fire and life safety equipment
(2)Emergency Call System
(3)Two non-obtrusive well-being checks per day

The independent living style can be supplemented by additional well-being services if required.

An Honest Five-Star Review

My Mother-in-law and Father-in- law were residents at the independent living building until my Mother-in-law broke her leg in January. The response of the staff was impressive. She spent 3 weeks at a rehab facility and Village Green arranged for respite care at the Gardens building for assisted living. Her care has been exceptional. The support in coordinating her care and his care has helped our family feel confident that they are both safe and happy. The head nurse, Sue, even came to the rehab facility to be sure the transfer and Village Green would be perfect. Kerren and Kate helped in locating a new unit for them in assisted living. Can’t say enough about the staff. We all love our parents and only want the best for them, to be safe and happy. Thank you


2326 California Ave. SW

Seattle, WA 98116

Brookdale Admiral Heights offers seniors a place to call home and the comfort and enjoyment that comes along with it. They offer a perfect blend of privacy, safety, and security.

Senior Independent Living Communities in Seattle {and what's best for you}

The residence is located in a quaint neighborhood that includes walkable distances to many amenities, including stores, restaurants, and sidewalk cafes. It’s just a few blocks to downtown, while still far enough away from the hustle and bustle.

This is a place seniors come to enjoy a comfortable, independent lifestyle while no longer having to worry about cooking or cleaning. There is also an assisted living option for those who require some extras services.


(1)Beauty/Barber shop
(3)Parking/Valet service
(4)Snack Shop
(5)Wellness Center
(9)Community Kitchen
(10)Computer and internet access
(11)Fitness Center
(13)Court Yard and Garden
(14)Game Room
(15)Pub/Sports Bar

If you would like help in finding the perfect senior community to meet your specific needs be sure to contact **CARING FOR A PARENT** In order to find senior care and senior living options near you.


3025 NE 137th Street

Seattle, WA 98125

Remington Place features studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments. They are close to shopping, dining, and transportation and offer many community amenities.


(1)Additional storage
(4)Disability Access
(5)Fitness Center
(7)Billiards Room
(8)Computer Room
(9)Movie Theater
(10)Social Areas
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