online senior dating sites might change your life.

Senior Dating Online Websites: That Can Change Your Life

For many seniors, both men and women, there comes a point where you have simply had enough of being alone. Your health is great and you’re financially stable, but it scares you to think you will be spending your remaining years among the ranks of the lonely. With all the baby-boomers aging at once, there is a greater and greater need for viable alternatives to loneliness. That’s why senior dating online websites can change your life.

There are more and more of them springing up all the time, but how do you know which ones you can trust? I believe for the most part that online dating sites have the best intentions. It’s not so much the different websites that one has to be cautious of, it’s more the type of clients it attracts that should make you proceed with caution.

Of course, it’s women who are more vulnerable and should proceed with caution more than men. That’s not to say that there aren’t women out there looking to take advantage of a lonely senior male, but in most cases, it appears the opposite is more prevalent.

This is mainly because there are more single senior women than there are single men. It can be highly competitive for senior women who are looking for a suitable male companion. Often, this might mean some women throw caution to the wind.


According to Stats Canada, the senior population continues to grow from year to year. The senior population numbers from 2014 to 2018 show a steady growth rate. For the most part, it’s caused by a generation of baby-boomers reaching their senior years. In all instances, there are more single senior women than senior single men.
senior online dating sites might change your life

It’s much the same in the USA. Much as in Canada, senior women outnumber senior men by quite a big margin. Much of this has to do with the fact that women overall have a higher life expectancy.

Throw a few world wars in there that decimated the male population and it’s not difficult to figure out why there will always be more single senior women than men.


Does this mean that many senior women throw caution to the wind as they search for senior male companionship? Do they sense the competition is so fierce that they fail to proceed with caution? I’m sure in many cases that’s true.

There are several things senior women should be aware of when they peruse the many online dating sites.

It doesn’t mean all profiles are untrue, but there are always some that are embellished.

  • Men have become fussy because of all the choices out there
  • Seldom do men “or” women post a current picture of themselves.
  • More often than not, the profile you read is a million miles from the truth.
  • Online dating sites will be very competitive because normally men pay and women don’t. This means you will face much more female competition.
  • Not all, but some men are looking for a free ride and are actively looking for single senior widows who are well-to-do and lonely.

In many ways, it makes more sense for senior women to find male companionship outside of singles websites.

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For instance, they meet a single man while volunteering or attending senior fitness or other activities, at least they can get to see them first hand. There are no outdated pictures to wonder about because what you see is what you get. You will also get a better idea of their personality traits first-hand without having to endure what more or less amounts to a blind date.

senior dating site that might change your life
It might just change your life.

For senior men, online dating sites are a far different experience. Even though there are more women on online dating sites, it can become extremely competitive.

Men being men, they will all look for the slimmest, most attractive woman. Often men will be competing with women who have dozens of men in contact with them.

Whether you are a senior male or female, if you are determined to give a dating site a try, here is one that has been around for about twenty years and seems to stand out when it comes to the senior crowd.


The main demographic they appeal to is the over 50 group. As expected, there are almost 60% of women on the site. They have thousands of members and many new ones come on board every month.

They have a very long reach as well. They have members in Canada, USA, Australia, UK, France, Germany, and several other countries.

They also use a Match System:

  • They offer a comprehensive personality test that helps connect singles in the same city.
  • As a rule, the site will recommend about 3-7 matches per day.
  • There is actually a matching score that will indicate how well you match up with potential mates.
  • Interest can be indicated by messages or smiles sent to each other.
  • Silver Singles features custom tools for filtering by age, height, and even distance in miles.

Like most dating sites, it’s free to join, but to enjoy all the benefits of contacting potential mates paying for membership seems to be the way to go. As many seniors on this site appear to be quite affluent, the membership fees do not appear to be a major obstacle.

Key features:

  • Meant for those 50 and older, only.
  • Impressive, lengthy sign-up process that requires thought and time.
  • Five daily matches based on the results of your personality test.
  • No ability to search, but hand-picked selections.
  • Investment in membership equals quality suitors.

Silver singles are a better option for those looking for a long term relationship as opposed to casual encounters or friends with benefits. This is appealing to many seniors who want someone to share their life with on a more permanent basis.

Silver Singles also puts a very high priority on safety, which is a very important point for single senior women who are looking for that special someone.

SilverSingles “respects your privacy and has developed this Privacy
Policy to illustrate how we are committed to the protection of your
privacy and how we use any data and information we collect, with whom we
Share it and how we safeguard it.”

Pricing per option:

Basic Membership is>>>>>>>>>free

3-month membership>>>>>>>>$44.94/month

6-month membership>>>>>>>>$34.95/month

12-month membership>>>>>>>$24.95/month


Some senior men just don’t have any luck on the dating sites.  For some, the competitive nature is just too difficult and often they get frustrated.

As with any dating site, it’s usually the women who have the upper hand. They are normally the ones who are being pursued, and it’s the men who do the pursuing. Actually, it’s been like that since the beginning of time now that I think of it.

From the high school days until you reach the golden years, it’s the men who usually have to face rejection time after time.

Almost always, it’s the male who has to do the pursuing. If you go to a club, it’s the man who has to ask the woman if she would like to dance. It’s the man who asks the woman out on a date. It’s the man who asks a woman to marry him. Every time a man finds himself in these situations, he sets himself up for rejection.

In my 70 years, a woman has never asked me out on a date. Only once in all those years did a woman ask me to dance.  It’s a very rare occasion when a woman proposes marriage to a man. Personally, I don’t know anyone that happened to, but I suppose there are a few lucky guys out there.

So if you are one of those men who choose not to deal with it anymore, perhaps there is a more suitable option.

Many men, especially senior men, are communicating with women on the other side of the world by way of international dating sites. Some men are happy just to be able to contact a woman who they can share their everyday lives with. Sometimes just talking to someone on a regular basis is all then need to ease their loneliness.

They may never meet in person, yet are perfectly happy with that arrangement. For those that do, this top international dating sites will help you with travel arrangements so you can visit and have a face-to-face meeting.

Many women in other parts of the world like Ukraine or many Asian countries would love to live in North America, and many men have ended up in long term, happy relationships.

One of the best International Dating sites is BeHappy2day.

About behappy2day

senior online dating sites that might change your life.
One of many family-orientated Asian women looking for that special someone.

They were established in 2004, as an international dating site with the purpose of meeting the demands of discerning gentlemen all over the world who seek companionship from family-orientated women. Be Happy International specializes in bringing together Western males with attractive women from Ukraine, Russia, Asia, and Latin America.

A quote from the Be Happy administrators:

The term “mail order bride” has been a part of popular culture for quite some time, with the majority of internet dating services often utilizing the phrase to describe women from developed countries seeking foreign gentlemen to marry. As an international online dating website, focuses on beautiful ladies from Russia, Ukraine, Asia, and Latin America who are ready to date and take that opportunity to meet international singles to the next level.

 The foreign online dating scene is often fraught with inconsistencies and, at its worst, downright
misleading untruths about the women involved and what they desire. Some common myths surrounding international dating sites for marriage involve rumors that most girls are after a “quick way out” from poverty or economic conditions of their countries; to the contrary, most Russian, Ukraine, Asian and Latin American women are looking for a life partner for emotional, not economic, attachments.

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