River cruises seniors can sail through europe on

River Cruises Seniors Can Sail through Europe With

There are numerous river cruises seniors can sail through Europe with.

Although there are many amazing River Cruises in the USA, seniors should be aware that Europe also has some sensational opportunities for river cruising as well. This is especially true with countries being so close together.


Great care has to be taken when you are booking European River Cruises. This is especially true if you are flying all the way from North America. Any number of things can upset a planned river cruise. Low or high water levels, river locks out of commission, and frozen rivers can make your tickets pretty much useless.

Weather is also a major consideration. All you can do is pick the most favorable months to cruise Europe and hope for the best. Any holiday anywhere can be disrupted when you think about it, so why would Europe be any different? You’ll do fine and as long as you do your homework before committing to your trip.

River Cruises Seniors Can Sail through Europe With

If someone books a cruise or land stay in the Hurricane alley’s of the Caribbean in September or October they are pretty much playing with fire. Chances are, there will be a hurricane roaring through the Caribbean that will upset their cruise itinerary. All it takes is a bit of research to figure out that mid-November onward is the best time to book a Caribbean cruise.

It’s no different when planning a cruise in Europe. There are good times to go and not so good times to go.

September is the best month to book a European Cruise for a number of reasons. All the summer crowds are gone and you won’t have a hard time booking a cruise. The heat of July and August have been replaced by more pleasant Fall temperatures.

April, May, and June are not great months to book a cruise in European rivers because melting snow and Spring rain can cause rivers to rise and the ships can pass under the lower bridges. The water starts to recede in August, so there is an outside chance that water levels might be too low if the summer was unusually hot.

By November the cold weather sets in and the cruising are not too pleasant. If summer is your only choice, go as late in June as possible. From late June to mid-October the weather is generally warm and dry. If on the other hand, you want the cheapest cruise possible and you don’t mind cold weather, then October, November, and December are the bargain months.

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Sail on the Viking Rinda and depart from Paris.

The prices range from around $1964 per person for an Ocean View Cabin to $3529 for a suite. Check out all the different agencies for the best deals on your particular cruise. For instance, some will have bonus offers that might include WiFi, excursions, or beverages.River Cruises Seniors Can Sail through Europe With

European cruises are the same as Caribbean cruises in that you can book the same cruise through any number of travel agencies.

Day one and two you will be in Paris before heading to Vernon on day 3. On day five you will arrive in Normandy and day six in Les Andelys. The last stop on the cruise before heading back to Paris in Mantes-la-Jolie.

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Sail on the Crystal Bach from Amsterdam to Basel.

This is a beautifully designed ship with excellent service that will provide you with a luxurious cruising experience. The prices start at about $2,900 depending on what type of cabin you prefer.

For example, if you were to book this cruise for June 21, 2020, a suite will cost $5,395.

River Cruises Seniors Can Sail through Europe With

This is billed as a romantic cruise and you will sail to Cologne, Germany for your first of six ports of call.

For the first five nights, you will be sailing in Germany. The ports of call after Cologne are Koblenz, Rudesheim, and Mannheim(Heidelberg).

France is your next stop with a port of call in Strasbourg and your cruise will end in Basel, Switzerland.


it’s worth talking about Basel at length because like most of Switzerland, Basel has a rich history and might well be worth exploring after your cruise.

Basel is Switzerland’s third-largest city and of course, is on the Rhine River that this seven-night cruise traversed from Amsterdam to Switzerland.

Basel is in Switzerland’s Northwest close to the country’s borders with France and Germany. It would be worth just visiting its 12th-century Gothic Cathedral and its 16th-century red sandstone town hall.

Basel is well-known for it’s yearly Fasnacht festival that is a must-see. It’s a three-day-long carnival that begins at 4 a.m. with masked musicians and continues for three days with parades and plenty of beer and food. The festival falls on the first Monday after Ash Wednesday every year.

The citizens of Basel love art and in 1967 voted to try to buy some Picasso paintings. When the famous Spanish artist found out he donated three of his works to the city, cost-free.

There are also some amazing food markets at Marktplatz in the city’s old town where you can pick up all the fresh food you desire. Then there is Basel’s Indoor Market that features specialty foods from all over the world.

River Cruises Seniors Can Sail through Europe With
Basel, Switzerland is a gem worth visiting

The city is bilingual and because it’s so close to France and Germany it adopted both languages. Switzerland itself is tri-lingual. Actually, there are four languages in Switzerland if you add Rumantsch {sometimes also transcribed as Romansh}. The main languages spoken in the majority of Cantons are French, German, and Italian.

That explains why a Swiss girlfriend I once had spoken five languages. I don’t recall if she spoke Romansh but she spoke French, Italian, German, Spanish, and English fluently.

For those who are tennis fans, Roger Federer was born in Basel and if you like warm weather you will love Basel as it boasts about 300 days of sunshine every year.

The Basel Zoo is one of the best in the world and had it’s beginnings in 1874 and is one of the largest and oldest in Switzerland. And how about this? If you like Teddy bears, one of Basel’s 40 museums(yes, not a typo. 40 museums) is dedicated to the world’s largest collection of Teddy Bears.

River Cruises Seniors Can Sail through Europe With
Basel, Switzerland skyline

Or how about walking through a museum that will take you through the history of pharmacies or a first-class natural history museum?

If you like theater, Basel has some of Switzerland’s largest and most eclectic theaters that include drama, opera, ballet, and colorful stage productions.

If you are a fan of Christmas, you might like to spend a Christmas in Basel. The city is illuminated by fairy lights and its streets are adorned with over 100 Christmas trees.

The Freie Strasse is turned into one of Europe’s longest displays of Christmas decorations if you want to enjoy a magical shopping experience like no other.

The Basel airport is actually in France, but what if you were to take a few days after your Rhine River cruise to visit Basel, and then take a four-hour-high speed train ride to Paris to catch your flight home to North America? What a train trip that would be to top off your European cruise.


There are too many European Cruise itineraries to mention.

It all depends on what part of Europe you wish to see. You can cruise the Danube, Rhine, Rhone, Main, Volga Seine, Moselle, Douro, Loire, Elba, and Dordogne rivers to name a few.

River Cruises Seniors Can Sail through Europe With

The Rhine and the blue Danube are said to be the most spectacular and the favorites of many seasoned European river cruise fans.

The beauty of cruising the rivers of Europe is that you never know what amazing towns and cities you will cross paths with. They may have so much to offer, like Basel, Switzerland for example, that you will want to return to that singular destination for a holiday one day.

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