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As a senior, there may be many situations where you will need to find the necessary documents in order to take care of legal situations. Online legal documents services are extremely important and helpful in this day and age.

It’s one of the advantages of the connected world that we live in that almost any information you need is available at the click of a mouse.


If you are unable to look after the myriad of legal issues that you may confront, it’s important to designate someone you trust to take care of matters for you.

Here is an excellent article on Essential Legal Documents All Seniors Should Have.

online legal documents services for seniors

You may have issues relating to your bank, real estate holdings, benefits from the government, or beneficiary transactions and estate trust.

In this instance, you would need a form to grant a durable power of attorney to a person of your choice. They would hold this position until your death.

One of the most important issues is delegating someone to be the health care power of attorney or health care proxy. The person you choose must be someone you trust without reservation.

In the event you are opposed to being resuscitated should death occur, it is the person you choose to represent you who will have to be in your corner. It can be difficult if family members insist on going against your wishes.

When you are unable to make decisions for yourself according to your doctor or hospital, the health care proxy will take effect.

Of course, you will have to have a will drawn up sooner or later. This will determine what happens to any property you might own, and any possessions you have.


There are many seniors who are in need of a living will.   This is another document that falls into the category of an advance directive.

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A living will is just one of many legal documents available at

It will let your doctors know about your desire to have your wishes carried out by proxy. In essence, a living will is an individual wish for the end of life.

There are many places online that may have some of these documents available for you to download, but one stands out from the rest. has everything you need in one place.  Here are just a few examples.

If you are a citizen of the USA here is a link to a very affordable living will.

Affordable Living Will USA

Here is a link to a living will if you live in Canada.

Affordable Living Will Canada

There is also a living will available if you live in the United Kingdom.

Affordable Living Will United Kingdom

When you drop by for a visit, you will see that any legal document you might need is available at is basically one-stop shopping for all your online legal documents services.

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