Online Dating Sites Seniors Who Are Female Should Think Twice About

Online Dating Sites Seniors Who Are Female Should Think Twice About

Pretty much every dating site you can find on your Google search engine falls under the category online dating sites seniors who are female should think twice about.

Whether a  woman is a senior or not, the world of online dating can be a caldron fraught with deceptive and munipulative trolls out to take advantage of you. This is especially true however, if you are a senior.

That’s not to say there is anything wrong with the dating sites themselves. After all, they do provide a service to the single(well supposedly single)people of the world. And yes, there have been those who have actually found their perfect someone and married. That of course would be the exception.

The problem is, there are many men on dating sites who will target single senior women. There are several reasons for this.


It’s one thing to be young and single, but it’s another thing altogether to be a single senior woman. For the most part, women who are 55 and over will have a hard time landing the perfect male companion. Much of that is because many older men  prefer younger women. The older a woman gets, the slimmer the pickin’s are.

As a result, there are a lot of lonely single senior women out there. There are men who are well aware of this and will begin dating a senior woman who might appear desperate.

In a rush to alleviate lonliness some senior women might clutch on to the first guy who appears to show an interest in them. They might not take the prudent amount of time to really get to know they guy.


Many single women who have suffered the loss of their spouse might find themselves inheriting a large amount of money, especially if their late husband did well in his occupation and investments. In many cases, single senior women end up with a large amount of money, a boat, a couple of cars, and probably a house all paid for.

They may even have two homes. It’s quite possible they might just have a vaction home in Florida, or Palm Springs or some other retirement destination for those wanting an escape from the Winter months back home.

Many men will look for just such a woman. There are a lot of men who have done nothing with their lives, and the opportunity to latch on to a senior woman with lots of money might seem like a good catch. Sometimes they will even marry them in order to become beneficiary in the event the senior woman dies.

Online Dating Sites Seniors Who Are Female Should Think Twice About
Watch for the warning signs.

Some men are such smooth talkers they might not even have to marry the women in order to take advantage of them. They might hint that they need money for a business venture, or to pay outstanding bills. They might even say they have lots of money of their own, and they just need a temporary loan.

It’s understandable how many senior women can fall for this. They might feel if they ingraciate themselves to the man by loaning him money he will stay with them. This is exactly what he’s hoping for, and if works once, he hill probably try again. When he has taken about as much as he feels you will give, he just might disappear.

He will just change his profile name or go to another dating site and set out on the journey to find his next victim.


So you join an online dating site, meet a few different potential men to have coffee with, and one fateful day find that perfect someone you decide you want to see again.

He seems honest and sincere. He’s well-dressed and well-spoken and bombards you with compliments. What’s not to like?


  1. He is a lot younger than you.
  2. Compliments keep on coming at a furious pace.
  3. The amount of questions about what your late husband did for a living seems odd.
  4. Most likely he will ask if you own your own home or have a mortgage.
  5. He is ellusive about what he does for a living.
  6. He is vague when talking about where he lives or if he owns his home.
  7. Seldom do your ever meet any of his family or friends
  8. After knowing you for a short time he asks for a loan.


i am of the firm belief that the best place to meet your significant other is in the course of ones everyday life. Maybe you volunteer, belong to a seniors organization of some sort, or travel on your own quite a lot.

These are all better options for meeting someone special. For one thing, you actually meet people face-to-face as opposed to seeing a profile photo or profile information that could be the real thing or fabricated.

You can ask him a question and look directly into his eyes. About 95% of the time is someone looks away to the left or right instead of into your eyes they are telling a lie. That’s something you can’t really do if you are interacting through private messages on a dating site.


You will  never find someone by practicing self-imposed exile. Nobody will come knocking at your door to say they think you’re awesome. How can they if they don’t know you even exist?

Online Dating Sites Seniors Who Are Female Should Think Twice About
Go on a singles cruise.

Get out into the world. Join seniors clubs or exercise groups. Volunteer. Volunteering is an excellent way to meet quality men. They are willing to take the time to help others, and that’s always a good sign.

Don’t be afraid to travel solo. Traveling solo can be very safe if you do your homework. Chances are that in your travels you will meet many interesting men. Men who are gold-digging probably don’t have two nickels to rub together and wouldn’t be able to travel. So at least you know that if a man is traveling, he at least has financial means of his own.

It doesn’t mean that all dating sites are bad of course. There are some excellent ones and you could possibly meet the perfect man there. However, these sites have no way of knowing if the men are being deceptive or not. It’s up to you to be careful.

Yes, there are online dating sites seniors who are female should think twice about, but if you follow my tips on what to look for you could always give one a try.

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