Medacube Product Review {that could be lifesaver for seniors}

Medacube Product Review {that could be lifesaver for seniors}

Many seniors suffering from Dementia or Alzheimer’s for instance, forget to take their medication. Some don’t have the dexterity in their hands to even sort pills out as many seniors take multiple pills every day. This Medacube product review that could be a lifesaver for seniors will explain how it works.

MedaCube is a brilliant product that can ease the mind of seniors and their caregivers. Often caregivers have to be around to administer medication to the seniors they are looking after. This product can do wonders for peace of mind and also can free up more time for the caregiver to take care of other chores.

It is pricey, but considering the importance of its function, it’s well worth the money.


Basically, MediCube is an automatic pill dispenser for those who have a hard time remembering to take their medication.

The Medacube system will remind them then it’s time to take their medications.

It automatically dispenses a 90-day supply of 16 different medications. It also sends messages to family or caregivers if a dose is missed. The best part is, there is no need to sort pills.

It can also be set to dispense multiple dosing schedules throughout the day.


The medacube also doubles as a strongbox for the medications inside it. It’s best if the unit is locked at all times, especially if a senior has cognitive issues and gets confused easily.

The only time it should be opened is when the caregiver is loading new medications into it. It comes with a PIN number for the caregiver.

The pin limits patient access and at the same time protects essential features that might include medication quantities and dosage schedules.

The MedaCube works on a standard wall plug, but also has a battery backup in case of a power failure. The medacube can dispense medications up to 24 hours using the battery, and in some cases, even longer.

The bins that contain the medication are covered and sealed and the Medacube has a spill containment feature that is active at all times between it’s dispensing function.

The unit even has a safety feature called tilt-aware. If the dispenser is tilted, dropped or otherwise mishandled the unit will go into lockdown mode and alerts the caregiver.


Of course, there are medications other than pills that seniors must take at regular intervals.

Even though the MedaCube only dispenses pill-form medication, it does have a reminder system for other forms of medications that have to be taken throughout the day.

For instance, this might include inhalers or insulin for example. The MedCube can be set up to give multiple reminders throughout the day.


  • The dimensions are 10″X10″X10″
  • The weight of the unit is ten pounds
  • Use dry cloths to clean or dust the medication bins
  • The dispenser drawer should be cleaned with a dry cloth.
  • Make certain that the tray is dry before reinserting.
  • As mentioned, it has a tilt mechanism and the unit will lock until the caregiver arrives.
  • There is a built-in barcode scanner that enables fast, error-proof loading.


We compared a number of different products for my father-in-law, and this was the only one we ultimately felt comfortable with. We liked the FDA approval, the many built-in safety features, and the ease of use. It is easy for my father-in-law to retrieve his medications, and we programmed the reminder with our kids’ voices to make medication time something to look forward to. This has helped a lot with making sure he takes his pills regularly. Customer service was great to deal with when we had a quick setup question. We all love the MedaCube, and it has become quite a conversation piece.

This device has been great. My mother-in-law is in her 90s and on multiple medications, this machine allows her to take her medications on schedule and eliminates any confusion. We have been using this device for multiple years and can’t imagine not having this machine. The company is easy and fast in getting back to us when we have questions or a problem.

The options of remote scheduling and monitoring have made it very easy for us to make sure she is taking her medications on time and correctly. We love our Medacube and would recommend it to anyone in the same situation.

  • I feel that MedaCube offers a wealth of features that are too extensive to detail here, but certainly, for me, its prime advantages are among these:
  • Precise dosing control in a way that is not too dependent on Patient competency.
  • Superior security for prescription pills that helps make sure these pills are behind lock & key. Greatly improved dose regularity for me with accuracy that is as ordered by the prescribing physician and device-controlled by the Care Giver via settings choices he/she makes during dose setup.
  • Amazing convenience for the Caregiver via a design approach that includes pill
    bins in lieu of the old-school circular tray with slots for doses.


This is an excellent product for seniors who have difficulty sorting or remembering to take their medication. It can be even more confusing if a medication is taken several times a day.

A senior with memory loss, dementia, or Alzheimer’s might not remember if and when they took doses of medication. The MedaCube gives the caregivers a ton of relief because many times it’s a huge worry wondering if your senior has taken their medication or not.

Often a caregiver has to be there in person every time medication has to be taken. The MedaCube can store enough doses for 90 days, so it’s a huge plus for both patient and caregiver alike.

It’s easy to set up as there is no assembly or pill sorting required. Yes, it is pricey, but according to all reports, it’s absolutely the best on the market and will pay for itself just with the peace of mind it provides.

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