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Meal Delivery Services Seniors Can Use to Eat Like Royalty

There are many seniors out there that have sufficient finances to eat well but find cooking and shopping just far too difficult. Perhaps they have mobility issues, or unable to find a handy source of transportation they can use on a moment’s notice. What they can really use is Meal Delivery Services seniors can use to eat like royalty.

Let’s face it, sometimes when you cook something special you are missing one or two ingredients that aren’t in your cupboard.

It’s simply too much of a hassle to make your way to the supermarket. Perhaps you are not as agile as you once were and reaching and bending for pots and pans and cooking up a meal have become a chore.

Meal Delivery Services Seniors Can Use to Eat Like Royalty
From the Home Bistro kitchens to your table.

What often happens is that seniors stop eating properly and that’s the last thing they should be doing in their senior years. Eating properly is the key to maintaining a higher standard of health Seniors open themselves up to a number of health issues if they let the quality of their everyday nutrition slip.

Healthy eating consists of the best complex carbohydrates, protein from reliable sources, and quality fat.


It’s no wonder that meal delivery services are springing up all over North America. They are filling a need for a large segment of the population who for any number of reasons would prefer to have healthy, nutritious, and tasty meals delivered to their doorstep on a daily basis.

Food is more than just an industry. It’s important to find a company that brings a combination of skill, ethics, and innovation into preparing the finest meals available with the freshest possible ingredients.

Meal Delivery Services Seniors Can Use to Eat Like Royalty
Only the freshest fruits and vegetables.

Seniors should also look for a company that has a Certified Executive Chef in charge of the kitchen. This certificate is presented by the American Culinary Federation and is one of the highest standards a chef can ever receive. One thing to keep in mind–only one-quarter of one percent of chefs in the USA receive this distinction.

Have a look at this short video on  HomeBistro Gourmet Meals Delivered.

The company you choose should have your best interests at heart and are dedicated to providing the best possible dietary program.

They should make this their mandate no matter if you’re solely interested in fantastic gourmet cuisine or looking for a healthy meal plan that can help lose some weight and maintain the results for the long term. Home Bistro does this and a lot more.


You will never have to concern yourself with grocery shopping for these missing ingredients ever again. Home Bistro searches out 100% natural ingredients from suppliers as close to home as possible.

Home Bistro specials for their customers occur frequenlty as well.

They are never standing in one place, sending out cookie-cutter meals. Home Bistro is constantly improving its menu and introduces different, appealing flavors to ensure each dish is satisfying and as heart-healthy as possible.

They have built up a professional rapport with poultry, beef, and pork suppliers to ensure the utmost in quality all the time.

meal delivery services seniors can use to eat like royalty
Beef, pork, and chicken are purchased from reliable sources for the highest quality.

It’s interesting to note that the CEO of Home Bistro offers his personal unconditional guarantee that each and every customer will be satisfied with its food. The customer has two choices.

You can either have the item replaced or receive a refund, depending on the circumstances involved. Or to put it in the CEO’s own words. “If you don’t love our new food — then it’s on me.”


Home Bistro is very passionate about food. Every single dish is prepared for excellence and the quality is first class throughout the entire menu. The meals are fresh frozen and require heating before serving and the entire process takes less than ten minutes.

All the recipes are extremely creative. As well as the more classic meals, you can expect to find meal options based on a wide range of exotic cuisine. Sometimes it will be a classic meal with some amazing new twist or a meal that is completely original.

Often Home Bistro will offer substantial savings offers with larger purchases.

If you so choose, you can order one meal as often as you see fit. It’s important to keep in mind that Home Bistro does deliveries only Wednesday through Saturday. You might also choose to order one of its meal combos or packs.

Meal Delivery Services Seniors Can Use to Eat Like Royalty
Only the freshest ingredients will go into their carefully planned meals.

In the event you have to eat on the go, Home Bistro recently introduced its SUPERBowls as well. They are very easy for you to prepare and very portable. These microwave bowls are designed to provide you with a proper lunch or dinner even if you’re not at home.


Home Bistro offers you the opportunity to order as many individual dishes as you might want or need and all individual prepared meals are priced per serving.

Like any outstanding restaurant, the price of the meals is predicated on the ingredients, so some meals will cost less than others.

The individual meals start at $12.99 and the prices go up to $24.99 depending on what you order. The meal combos and packs are priced as $87.99 for a 6-meal pack and up to $289.99 for the 14 meal Variety Combo XL. If you choose the SUPERBowls the cost is $74.99 for 7 and $129.99 for 14 Lunch Bowls.

Customers can also take advantage of a reward system offered by Home Bistro. You can accumulate points in order to get discounts on future meals, packs, and combos.

Keep in mind that you will get 1000 points just for creating an account. That qualifies your first meal for a $10 discount. It doesn’t end there. For every dollar you spend with Home Bistro, you will get 10 points. You will also get 2000 points for referring a friend. Even on your birthday, you will be given a gift of 1000 points.

Imagine if you were to refer 25 friends who decided to give Home Bistro a try. You would earn $500 worth of points. Even referring just seven family or friends would earn you 14,000 points and a $100 bonus.

Points-to-discount table

1000 points……….$10 discount

4000 points……….$25 discount

5000 points……….20% off

7500 points……….$50 discount

14,000 points…….$100 discount

30,000 points…….$250 discount

50,000 points…….$500 discount


Home Bistro offers nationwide home delivery to the contiguous United States, which means Hawaii and Alaska are not included.

All orders will be shipped via FedEx as “Driver Release.” What this means is that the package containing your order will be delivered to the indicated address without the driver having to procure a signature.

Packages can be left at any exterior door, so if you are not available to receive your order be sure to check for it on the day it was scheduled for delivery.

In the event you are shipping to someone else, be sure to let them know they will be receiving a perishable delivery. As a general rule, orders will be received 1 to 3 business days from the day the order is placed.

Home Bistro should be your first choice for meal delivery services seniors can use to eat like royalty.

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  1. Hi Ray,

    What an excellent article and I can not agree more. When it’s come to cooking I know how easy it is to go things wrong and of course, having a meal delivery service is nothing else but a ‘luxury’.

    With meal delivery services my only concern was the freshness and healthiness of food and your article make things clearer for me and now I understand such services can offer excellent quality food too.

    Thanks again for sharing this information.

    Best wishes.

    1. As it does appear to be a fairly new industry, there are probably a lot of things to work out. However, many of the customer reviews were very positive. There were also some orders were late or lost and the food was ruined, but in cases like that, full refunds were given.

  2. So I guess one of my main questions would be just how fresh frozen would be will the meals from Home Bistro be if shipped by Fed Ex? With the onslaught of so many restaurants offering uber eats where one just has to put in an order through their apps and have it delivered hot to to the door for around the same price.The food looks great but like my inlaws who retired are on a fixed income I am wondering if there are any specific discounts for seniors from Home Bistro or perhaps you could recommend another senior meal delivery so I could compare?

    1. Thanks for your comment, Cathy. This does seem to be a new industry of sorts and I wondered about some of your questions as well.  There was a website that compared Home Bistro to others and Home Bistro in most cases was ranked above the other. Another one you might look at is “Freshly.” 

      When I looked at the reviews most people seemed quite happy with the service and the food. There were also some mix-ups with delivery as well and the food was ruined. In those cases, Home Bistro gave complete refunds.

      My thinking is that Uber might be more expensive because most of the time it’s one meal at a time. With home Bistro they can take orders for two weeks at a time if you like and that usually computes to a lower overall price. Also, an Uber driver would expect to be tipped which makes the meal more expensive. FedEx drivers do not get tipped.

      Because of your comment,  I am going to pass that question about UBER onto Home Bistro and see what they have to say.

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