Lost Pet Finder You Probably Never Heard Of

Lost Pet Finder You Probably Never Heard Of

Nothing can be more worrisome than losing a pet you have grown very attached to. As a matter of fact, for many people, a pet is part of the family.

It would be even more devastating for seniors who count on their pets for company and companionship on a daily basis. So what do you do if your pet cat or dog just takes off and doesn’t return?

Most people don’t even bother to put identification on their pets, especially when it comes to cats. I’m not sure why, because I’m sure someone who found your cat would return it if they knew where it’s home was.

Maybe its time you bought a license for your pet. Not just any license, a real license.


These guys have a great idea. I just heard about it and it’s a really special concept that can become an excellent conversation piece, as well as a great way to identify your dog.

They will create an actual pet driver’s license complete with picture, address and all the important details.

Lost Pet Finder You Probably Never Heard Of
You never know when your dog will run away. Well, maybe not this dog.

Each pet ID license includes one large wallet sized Personal Pet ID Tag that looks similar to a real driver’s license. Three smaller tags are also included. The total cost is $19.95 and shipping is added for free as a bonus.

The larger driver’s license is for you to keep in your wallet. This will always serve as proof that you own the dog in the event it is lost and then returned. The smaller tags would be ideal for your cat or dog collar.

The Design a Pet Drivers License MyPet DMV is becoming very popular and pet owners from all across Canada and the United States are getting them made for their pets.

They can be designed online in about five minutes and your order will print in 24 hours. The free shipping will take a few days, and the cost for the license and three smaller tags if just $19.95.


When you create the tag you will send the photo of your pet and fill in all the appropriate information to complete the license. It’s not unlike the information you will see on a person’s driver’s license.

It will include your pet’s name, your address and phone number and any special info you might want to include. There is even a spot for the date of birth of your pet.

You can also include your pets Sex, Height, Weight, Hair Color, and Eye Color. Many people sign the card with their pet’s name and their last name. Pretty Cool!

It will also have your state or province on top of the card.

When you visit the site you will be directed to the process of creating your pet’s very own license.


These are the different blocks of information you would fill out.

  • Pet Owner Information
  • Pet’s Contact Information
  • Pet’s License Information(includes pet signature)
  • Pet’s License Information(includes pet signature)

Then you upload your pet’s picture and Preview the ID and if you like it, you’re done!

This is what Tinkerbell from Orlando had to say about the whole thing.


“Now that I’m retired, there’s nothing I enjoy more than driving to
antique shows with my Dad and Mom. My Pet DMV helps me get all of my senior’s discounts too!


The pet license is for you to keep in your wallet and the smaller collar tag(that is identical to the license information)is for your pet’s collar.

A lot of pets who are lost are never found again. Even someone who finds your lost pet and wants to take it back home can’t do it if the pet has no tag. So it just makes sense to have this for your pet.

At least it certainly will give you some peace of mind knowing that if your pet does run off, there’s a good chance it will be returned to you.

Get your pet it’s very own official driver’s license!

What’s a better pet for a senior, a cat or a dog?

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