how to write a book for amazon that will change the world

How To Write a Book For Amazon: That Could Help Change the World

I truly believe everyone has a book in them just waiting to see the light of day. The problem is, most people think it’s beyond them and being an author is for the select few. Nothing could be further from the truth. If everyone has a story to tell, then being an author isn’t for the select few. So, do you want to know how to write a book for Amazon that will change the world?

Something you should be aware of from the very beginning is that the power of the pen is almost limitless. If what you write changes the course of just one person’s life for the better, than you have indeed changed the world.

The biggest problem people seem to have is that they don’t know what the heck to write about. They over-think the whole thing and eventually make it so complicated in their own mind, that they just give up. It’s my belief that if a person wants to write their very first book, it should be a non-fiction book. This takes all the guesswork out of deciding what you should write about.

You could spend weeks, months or even years trying to bring life to fictitious characters and to develop a fictitious storyline. Probably the worst thing you could do is to try to write a fiction book right out of the gate. There is a far better and more sensible way to get your feet wet in the business of writing a book.


There’s a very important reason why someone who is writing their first book should be writing a non-fiction book. Non-fiction is not a made-up story. It’s based on fact, as opposed to a novel. It’s based on something that has to do with real life. Maybe it’s a biography or a how-to book. Whatever it is, there are three very important attributes you need in order to write a successful non-fiction book.

  • Know your topic
  • Have a passion for your topic
  • Be willing to share it with others

Pretty much everyone in the world has a passion for something. It might be gardening, working on cars, knitting, love of animals, home decorating, carpentry, or thousands of other possibilities. Seniors, in particular, should consider writing a book when they have tons of time on their hands during retirement.

The longer a person lives, the more they have learned, and the more they can pass on to new generations.

Write what you know. Know your topic:

If you have a passion for something, it will surprise you how easily the words will come once you decide to breathe life into them. All you are doing is expressing what you feel about your topic. Chances are you will be very familiar with all the different aspects of your subject.

how to write a book for amazon that will change the world
Books are a window to the world.

The best way to write a non-fiction book is to pretend you are having a coffee with a friend and they’re asking you questions about your passion. Say, for instance, you have always had a liking for roses and all things involved with growing them and caring for them.

You have a passion for growing roses:

So when you are asked questions about your favorite topic, your passion will shine through when you discuss anything to do with it.

They might ask you questions like, “Do you grow roses from seeds or bulbs? What color do roses come in? What’s the best climate for roses? Do roses bloom every year?”

So you eagerly answer all their questions because.

You want to share your passion:

Once you are willing to pass on all you have learned, you have the final requirement for writing a successful non-fiction book. Every one of those questions the friend asked about roses is a potential chapter in your book. It’s really as simple as that. When you write a book, just write from your heart.

Readers will love you for it.

Because when you write with passion, you are showing a true desire to help others in your own way. Don’t worry about whether a chapter is long enough. There is no need to fill it with fluff in order to create more pages.

Just say what you have to say about a specific point and move on to the next. It might take you three or four pages to explain where roses originated. It might take five pages to talk about how many varieties and colors there are.

When I write, I don’t even call them chapters, except for one book of all the ones I wrote. I call them “thoughts,” The first book I wrote had 60 such thoughts. I would write about a certain aspect of the topic and then move on. Some of these thoughts only took two or three pages. But, if you have 60 of them, you end up with a book somewhere around 200 pages.

Writing a non-fiction book in this style is much more personal. The reader thinks you are talking directly to “them.” Well, you are. That’s the whole point of writing non-fiction this way. No matter what your passion is, when you write about it, always imagine that you are sitting with someone and they are asking you question after question about it. When you write, you are simply answering them using all the knowledge you have gained on the subject over the years.


The best way to write your first book is to write an e-book as opposed to a print book. There are several reasons for this. First of all, writing an e-book will help you learn about what is required to put a book together without having to pay for printing. You write your book, create a cover, have your text turned into the proper format for Amazon and it’s just a simple matter of uploading all the info into their ebook creator.

They will walk you through it and if there are issues with your set-up of the text or cover, they will let you know so it can be fixed. Then you re-submit as many times as it takes to get it right. It costs nothing to put your book up for sale on Amazon. They earn their money by taking a certain percentage of your retail price when a book is sold.

I’m sure you are thinking, “well, how do I design a book cover and create an ebook that will pass the Amazon test?”

I wondered that myself when I wrote my first of eight books. You have the advantage of what I have learned about creating an e-book through several years of trial and error.

At first, I was paying up to $500 to have a cover created. Then I was paying $150 to have an ebook created that could be uploaded to Amazon.


I discovered an amazing website almost by accident. It’s a compilation of cover designers, editors, print and e-book creators, and many other amazing features. If you want a cover created, you choose from the hundreds of cover designers from around the world. You will see samples of their work and you will also see reviews of others who have used their services.

The first time I used this site I was looking for a cover designer, an editor to proofread my book and to make sure everything was formatted properly, and someone to put my book in both print and e-book format. What happened next was truly amazing.

I saw some covers this young woman had done and they looked excellent. I read the reviews about her work and they were outstanding, so I paid her what she was asking to create a print book and ebook cover for me. The next day she emailed me from Budapest and said, “here is a link to an image website. You can choose whatever image you would like for your cover and it’s included with the price you paid me.”

how to write a book for Amazon that will change the world
In just 24 hours, a girl from the other side of the world sent me the perfect cover at a bargain price.

I was doing a lifestyle book for seniors and I told her that I had been to several similar image sites, and couldn’t find the right image.

Most of the ones I saw were staged with seniors working out, walking on the beach, or all laughing and having a good time. I wanted something that was fun, and would be suitable for any senior in the world, and would attract attention on Amazon or retail book stores.

So she said, “just leave it with me and I will see what I can find and will get back to you. The next day this girl who lived on the other side of the world sent me the perfect cover.

I have had so many compliments on it at book signings. She did the front back and spine for the print book and a front cover for the e-book. I also asked her to do a large poster size of the cover.

The total cost was around $60 USD for everything. I sent her the ISBN and she even put that on the back cover for me. As I said, I paid $500 for my first cover that was done by a local designer.

The cover this girl from Budapest did was ten times better at a tenth of the price. You have to remember that not every country puts the same value on their work. Sixty dollars to this girl was a lot of money. In North America, people are used to paying a lot for just about anything compared to many European countries.

Of course, there are some who this site who charge more, but you will never pay $500 for a book cover. You should never have to pay more than $100 for cover on this website.

I also had someone from England edit my manuscript and format it properly for a print book. Then I had a fellow from Nigeria create ebook formats for Kobo and Amazon.

I had people from all over the world working on my book. For about $150 I had my print and ebook covers done, my manuscript edited, and the proper ebook formats created. Had I paid $300 it still would’ve been a huge bargain. The beauty of the system on this website is that if someone charges too much, everyone will opt for someone with a lower asking price. That keeps the prices very low.

All I had to do was join Kindle for authors on Amazon and then create my ebook. If you have any problems at all with Amazon as far as the specs they want, you just contact the person who did the work for you and they will fix it at no extra cost, no matter how many times they have to adjust it.

Because I was also doing a print book, I sent the cover and PDF files to a local printer and the book turned out perfect. If you are just doing an ebook you will most likely pay even less than I did to have the work done on a cover and editing etc. Remember, with an ebook all you need is a front cover. That’s why it costs less. There is no spine or back cover. Also, you will not have to pay for printing if you just publish an ebook.

The name of this amazing website is Fiverr.


The talented people who work out of this website will help you launch your first book at a minimum cost to you. Not just that. Fiverr is a great place to go if you want to grow a business. For a book cover, just navigate on their menu to Book and Album covers.

The reason I suggested starting out with just an ebook is so that you could learn what’s involved in putting a book together. At the same time, you are not committing to spending a huge amount of money. Having a book printed is your biggest cost as an author.

Just because you start out with an ebook, doesn’t mean you can’t take that same manuscript and create a print book any time you like.

Say for example, your ebook is a big hit. In that case, you should take the next step into print books. With a print book, you can do book signings, or go to trade shows or anywhere else where your subject is a good fit.

Whatever you do and whatever type of book you decide on, just get writing. Share all your knowledge and experience about something that is near and dear to you.

Especially now that you know how to write a book for Amazon that will change the world.

Would you like to share your thoughts on this topic? Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this page.

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