How to Search With Google {for seniors in the dark}

How to Search With Google: For Seniors in the Dark

If you were late becoming acquainted with the online world, then much like myself, you struggled mightily to figure out how things worked. After about 15 years I think I have much of it figured out and perhaps I can pass on to you how to search with Google for seniors in the dark, much like I was for so long.

As far as I’m concerned, Google Search is most likely the most important tool you can use on the entire internet.

Basically, it’s your window to the world and any information you need from apples to zebras and everything in between is at your fingertips.


Retirement is a good place to start for seniors looking for relevant information.

You are all set to retire and you want to look at all the options available for things like travel, part-time work, or volunteering. These are perhaps the three most sought after areas of information newly retired seniors are looking for.

Most likely you head on over to Google search and begin poking around, but you are not entirely sure where to start.

The main key when searching for information of any type on Google is to be as specific as possible.

How to Search With Google {for seniors in the dark}
Doing a Google search for a cruise. Put in where and what cruise ship line.


If you type in vacations for seniors you will be inundated with 100’s of thousands of vacation ideas from African Safaris to hiking in the Andes. The trick is too narrow it down.

Great, so you want to go on a cruise, so you type cruises into Google Search. Every cruise line and vacation website in the world will have a cruise just for you. There will be USA River Cruises, European River Cruises, Mexico Cruises, and Caribbean Cruises, Last Minute Cruises and many, many more.

Let’s say you narrow it down to Caribbean Cruises. Now, you will still get tons of ideas for Caribbean Cruises because most of the major cruise ship lines sail the Caribbean.

You can narrow it down more by searching Carnival Cruises for instance. Then you will get all the cruises that Carnival offers everywhere they sail. But what if you want to cruise the Caribbean and nowhere else? Then type in Carnival Caribbean Cruises.

You will get all kinds of websites that will list all the Carnival Caribbean cruises available. But you can do one better. What if you want to go on a Caribbean Cruise in February 2020?

Type in Carnival Caribbean cruises February 2020. NOW you have really narrowed it down and can get the information you want on all the Carnival Caribbean cruises available for the month of February 2020. You have come all the way from typing in Vacations for seniors and getting millions of suggestions to the information you truly want.

How to Search With Google {for seniors in the dark}
Searching for pet-sitter work. Be sure to mention what city and a specific type of pet.


So you are retiring from the job you had for most of your adult life and are looking for something more laid-back that you can do on a part-time basis with all that spare time you will have on your hands.

The last thing you want to do is type in part-time jobs for seniors into the search bar. You could end up finding a job opportunity as a part-time bartender in a strip club in Amsterdam.

That search didn’t work so well for you and so you wisely decided too narrow it down and typed in a part-time pet-sitting job for seniors. That narrowed it down quite a bit and the pet-sitting job in Manchester, England looked really interesting, but you happen to live in Texas.

Nope, still not narrow enough.

Part-time Pet-sitting jobs for seniors in Houston, Texas. Now you’re getting somewhere. You could even narrow it down further to your city district or what kind of animal you want to be a pet-sitter for. For example dogs or cats.

The more you narrow down your Google Search, the more relevant the response you will get.


Few things are more fulfilling than volunteering your time and experience to help others. The great thing about being a senior is that you most likely have years of experience in certain fields that would make you an ideal volunteer.

For example, if you are handy with tools why not volunteer with Habit For Humanity?

Perhaps you were a school teacher for most of your adult life. Why not teach new Canadians how to read or speak English? There are thousands of volunteer jobs available all over the world.

You head over to the computer and type in volunteer opportunities for seniors. Great! There are tons of them. There’s one where you can help out at an animal rescue shelter in Toronto, Ontario. Too bad, you live in Victoria, B.C.

how to Google search for seniors in the dark
If you want to volunteer to help kids. Just do a Google search.

Once again you have too narrow the search down, so you type in volunteer opportunities in Victoria, B.C. That’s better. There’s just 10,000 of them to look through. Better pack a big lunch.

What you really want to type in the Google Search bar is a volunteer job working with animals(or kids, or seniors) in Victoria, B.C. Now you have really narrowed it down from millions to perhaps a few dozen volunteer opportunities that are perfect for you.


Google search is an amazing tool. Once you figure out how to use it to your best advantage, it’s a great resource for seniors.

You can find practically anything you want on Google. Do you want to know the best exercises for balance for seniors? Just type it in the search bar.

Are you trying to find out more about Assisted Living? Just type it in the search bar along with the area you are interested in.

Or maybe you are seeking information on how to combat Dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Don’t let modern technology frighten you off. If you need more info, check out this book on How Google Works or this one on The History of Google.

Once you figure it out it’s very easy to use and the Google Search Engine is actually your window to the world. You can find out pretty much anything you want about all the possibilities there are of improving your quality of life.

Once you learn how to search with Google for seniors in the dark, a world of opportunity will be open to you.

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