How and What to Sell On Amazon{and earn a fortune}

How and What to Sell On Amazon{and earn a fortune}

So you want to know how and what to sell on Amazon and earn a fortune? Some people really have this figured out and make a lot of money on Amazon. There’s quite a bit to learn before you become a seller, and it’s best to have a good understanding of how it works before testing the water.

Something to keep in mind. You are required to make a sale in the first 180 days your account will be canceled, so make sure you are all ready to go and have a good understanding of how it works before signing up.

There are a few things you have to do in order to become an Amazon affiliate.

You will need to create a website, visit the Amazon Associate page, build your Amazon profile, and create Amazon Affiliate links.

Ever think of becoming an Amazon Prime Member? Some excellent perks.


There is no cost to sign up for Amazon. It’s free for those with a website. So if you don’t have a website, you will have to create one in order to get started. Obviously, you need to be able to put your Amazon link to products somewhere and that’s where a website comes in.

Most websites are about a certain niche. In other words, it’s about something you know about and enjoys passing on what you know to others.

Say, for example, you have a website for all things to do with camping. The idea is to log in to your Amazon account. There will be a search bar there that asks for a keyword or ISBN. You don’t have to worry about the ISBN unless you want to sell a particular Amazon book to your visitors, as the ISBN identifies the book and every book has one.


It’s a simple matter of doing a Google search for the Amazon Affiliate Program and it will take you right to the sign-up page.

New members have to create a profile page. This is important because it has info like your name, phone number, and address of the payee.

Enter your preferred store ID (usually the same as your primary website name), explain what your websites hope to accomplish, and select Amazon topics your links will likely target.

How and What to Sell On Amazon{and earn a fortune}
You can earn money as well as anyone else once you learn how.

If you are new to Amazon you sign up on that page and if you are already an Amazon member you sign up with your existing Amazon username and password. That’s pretty much it as far as a basic account. You will get a message from Amazon thanking you for joining the program and they will issue you your very own Amazon sellers ID.

Every time you get a sales banner or link to put on your website your Amazon ID will already be embedded in the banner or link code. That way if anyone uses your link to go to Amazon and they make a purchase, you will get the credit.

You will also see this message.

You may occasionally need to provide your Associate’s ID to verify your account with us. Your application will be reviewed shortly after you’ve referred your first sale to In the meantime, you have been granted full access to Associates Central 24 hours a day. If your
affiliate links have not referred a sale after 180 days, your application and access to Associates Central will be withdrawn.


  1. Choose either “Quick Links: Search for Product” or “Browse for Product”
  2. “Quick Links: Search for Product” allows you to search for a specific product keyword
  3. “Browse for Product” allows you to search for products via categories like “Video,” “Health & Beauty,” and “Books”
  4. Once you find a relevant product, click the “Get Link” button
  5. Customize your link by choosing an ad with text and image, text only, image only, or widget
  6. Depending on the link type, customize background color, title color, and image size.
  7. Preview of the link before adding it to your site
  8. Copy and paste the link, short link, or HTML copy and place it on your site

So let’s say on your most recent website post you are writing about sleeping bags. All you do is put sleeping bags into the Amazon search bar and click the magnifying glass and it will take you to dozens or perhaps hundreds of different sleeping bags to choose from.

When you click on one of the sleeping bags it will open up a new window. It will show you the information on that particular sleeping bag including the price. You will be prompted to get the code for the sleeping bag you chose to sell to your visitors. You can choose more then one if you like. (Be sure to get the HTML code)

Copy the code to your website page and create the link to the product and you are all set. In the event, you are not sure how to create a link you might have to do some research on it, but it’s not that difficult once you get the hang of it.

Here is some info on installing the code.

How and What to Sell On Amazon{and earn a fortune}
People are making thousands of dollars on the internet

It’s best to lead into the product you are hoping to sell on your post. This is an example of what I mean.

Write a sentence like this:

In the event you are camping when it might still be cold at night be sure to get a sleeping bag that is meant for cold weather.

What you would do is highlight get a sleeping bag that is meant for cold weather.

Then you would click on the chain link on top of your post and it will open up a window for you to create the link. It will have a spot for you to put the item HTML code you copied from Amazon. (hopefully for a sleeping bag that is good for -20 or colder. It will tell you in the description). Put that in the link box and check the box that says open in a new window. That way visitors will see the item, but stay on your Website.

The link will turn blue if it’s done properly. Be sure to update your post and then click “view post” and test the link and see if it takes you to the item on Amazon.


Once you have everything set up it’s a matter of waiting for your first sale. You can determine this by logging into your Amazon Associates page. You will find your performance dashboard there and it will let you know if you have any clicks to Amazon. That means people clicked on your link. Should they purchase anything you will also see that on your associate’s page.

The key to having a website that can create sales for you is to write excellent content that will rank you high on Google search. It will also make your visitors want to stay on your site and read your content.

So after they read what you had to say about tents, they might check out your post on camp stoves or tents. Hopefully, you will also create Amazon links for those items as well.

You don’t want to have dozens of Amazon links on one post. Two or three is about right. In the event, you write plenty of content you will have lost of Amazon items you can link to.

Creating a website and figuring out how everything works can scare a lot of people off because it seems so difficult. It can be daunting if you are new to it, but there is a terrific website that will get you started. I’m a member myself and I love it.

There is plenty of excellent training and a lot of people who will be more than happy to help you out.

How and What to Sell On Amazon{and earn a fortune}
There are lots to learn and Wealthy Affiliate will help you get there.

They will most certainly help you figure out how and what to sell on Amazon and make a fortune. It won’t happen overnight because this website is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s actually one of the best affiliate websites on the internet with thousands of members. You will have to work at creating your very own website with a great niche you know something about and possibly have a passion for.

It makes it far easier to create quality content if you know your subject well and wants to pass on the info to your visitors.

As I said, it takes time to build a following but eventually, once it gets rolling, you stand to earn a lot of money.

The name of the website is Wealthy Affiliate and it’s free to get started. You don’t have to give them any credit card info to get started for free. In the event you like it, you can decide if you want to sign on as a premium member later on. The training is excellent and would cost you thousands of dollars in the real world, but on Wealthy Affiliate, it’s included in your membership.


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