gifts for elderly men that will enhance their independent lifestyle.

Gifts Elderly Men Could Use: To Enhance Their Independent Lifestyle

Sometimes people think that because someone is getting up there in age that they have pretty much everything. In their minds, it’s almost impossible to shop for the man who has everything. Hold on! Not so fast! There are plenty of excellent gifts elderly men could use to enhance their independent lifestyle.

Sometimes you just have to think outside of the box and realize there are more gift choices out there for senior men besides a tie or aftershave.


The older people get, the more they discover the need for proper footwear. A senior man might have shoes for going for long walks, gardening shoes, and Sunday “go to meeting” shoes, but doesn’t have a comfortable pair of shoes to wear around the house.

The trick is to find indoor shoes that are comfortable and soft. If possible, they should have soles that are non-slip to help prevent slips and falls. Falling is a major concern among seniors.


Many seniors are avid golfers and this next gift would be perfect to enable them to hone their putting skills whether at home or in the office.

An indoor putter is perfect for working on putting skills. It even has a return ball function that makes it even more enjoyable to use.

Good putting is rewarded by having the ball returned to you after each successful putt.

The kits usually include putter, ball, hole, and carrying case. In a matter of minutes, you can be set up and putting to your heart’s content.


This is definitely an excellent gift for the senior that has everything.

Stress-Free clocks like the Reminder Rosie Alarm Clock reminds you when to get up, go to lunch, or to go to certain activities. You can even have it reminds you when to take prescription medication.

This is especially important for those with limited vision or suffering from dementia. It can be a blessing in disguise for many seniors.

This is an excellent review of this product that puts into perspective just how valuable it can be.

“I cannot say enough good things about this device! My mother is 94 and in a progressive care facility but suffering from dementia. I credit Reminder Rosie with allowing her to keep her independent living apartment. Her short term memory is almost non-existent but she can follow instructions very well at the time they occur. I find the device fairly easy to program. When in manual mode this requires pressing down on the clock to record reminders and/or to turn them off. The latter has proven to be a good thing because Mom has to get up to turn off the reminder and because she is already up, she is much more likely to complete the task. When I visit each week I record reminders for any activities in her retirement center taking place that week. She used to miss most of them because she would forget. I know it is very comforting for her that the reminders are in my voice. She always says, “I do everything you tell me to do.”

Reminder Rosie will play up to 25 messages or reminders and has proved invaluable to seniors suffering from dementia. In many cases, it has allowed seniors to keep their independent lifestyle.

It’s also excellent for the caregivers involved as they will not be as worried that their senior might forget to take important medication. Also, it’s a very cool feature that the caregiver can record the reminders in their own voice. This can be a source of comfort to the senior who is living on their own.

This sleek clock has a modern design and a very reasonable price, especially considering its many benefits.


A memory phone is perfect for seniors living on their own who suffer from some memory or hearing loss.

For example, the Serene HD-40P High Definition Amplified Photo Phone features an amplified speakerphone, and nine very large one-touch memory photo buttons.

This telephone also incorporates technology that eliminates distortion, echos, and static. The end result is crystal clear conversations. It will even play music if a caller is placed on hold,

The phone has a super loud ringer with ringing volume and tone controls that are adjustable. When a person has severe hearing loss there are two ring flashers that will give visual call alerts. Many people have purchased this phone because of this feature.

The handset is hearing aid compatible and helps to prevent interference and produce high-quality speech amplification for any user. The phone is powered by a standard telephone line and requires no AC adapters in order to function.

There are four digital tone settings that can be personalized and adapted to each individual hearing abilities. These settings are very important as they can make difficult to hear words fully intelligible. It also makes lower pitched sounds easier to hear.

You can even insert pictures of the people the senior will be calling the most.

The phone includes a phone base, Handset with a hook, Phone cord, telephone line cord, and a user manual.


Whatever gift you choose for the senior in your life, it would be a great idea to pick a gift that can make their life easier and more fun.

Almost one-third of seniors in North America live alone. The right gift, however small or large can make a world of difference in the life of a senior who often finds day-to-day living a struggle.

Of the four gifts I mentioned here, my all-time favorite is the Memory Phone. What an excellent gift for seniors with disabilities that make an everyday action like making a phone call more difficult than it has to be. The large numbers are excellent for those with arthritis, and the flashing call lights are perfect for those with hearing issues.

Even if a senior appears to have everything, there are always gifts elderly men could use to enhance their independent lifestyle.

If all else fails, consider getting your senior a subscription to Iamfine. This is an organization that will call your senior at a pre-determined time every day to ensure they are okay. If they cannot be reached, a designated caregiver will be notified. This is an outstanding service for seniors who live on their own.

Iamfine can make it an even better situation with the peace of mind they can provide. In decades past, aging in place often meant that a senior had nobody to rely on but themselves. One of their biggest fears was being incapacitated or even dying without anyone knowing about it.

Modern technology has made such a huge difference and Iamfine is part of that technology that has changed the face of aging in place.

Currently, Iamfine is offering a free 14-day trial. Every senior who is living on their own should give the service a try. Chances are, they will love it.

Looking for a gift for a senior woman? A few I mentioned here would be perfect choices for a man or a woman.

For more gift ideas for senior women also read Gifts Elderly Women Will Love.

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