four best vitamins for senior longevity

Four Best Vitamins For Senior Longevity

In a perfect world, seniors would get all the vitamins they need from the food they eat. Unfortunately, many seniors are not able to do this for a number of reasons. They may have mobility issues that make shopping and cooking very challenging and perhaps don’t eat enough vitamin-rich food. So what are the five best vitamins for senior longevity?


The vitamin supplement of choice to ensure optimum amounts of Omega-3 is fish oil. It has been used for decades as the answer to a number of ailments that haunt seniors as they age.

Like most vitamins, the science behind it is sketchy and scientists are not entirely sure about the total impact it has on senior health. The only thing that does appear certain is that it supports heart health. That in itself should be good enough to warrant seniors including it in their vitamin supplement program.

four best vitamins for senior longevity
Fresh salmon is an excellent source of Omega-3.

Here are a few of the other ailments that Omega-3 appears to help, although its uncertain as to what degree. These potential benefits are still under quite a bit of scrutiny. Hopefully, in time, the full benefits of Fish Oil will be much clearer.

  • Dryness in eyes and in the skin
  • Lowers Triglycerides in those who have elevated levels
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Depression
  • Prostate Cancer


Bone health in seniors is extremely important. Seniors often fall, and brittle bones can easily break. This can have dire consequences for seniors.

Bone decay increases as seniors age and calcium supplements will help prevent this. Bone growth isn’t the issue as it is with kids, but bone health is.

It’s unfortunate, but senior women are more prone to degenerative bone disease better known as post-menopausal osteoporosis.

four best vitamins for senior longevity
Not all seniors can drink milk and require a calcium supplement.

Also, Calcium plays a role in hormone secretion and the functioning of the muscles.

Many seniors become lactose intolerant and have to eliminate milk products from their diet. As dairy is one of the best sources of natural calcium, these seniors can benefit from Calcium Supplements.


Probiotics are another supplement that is not completely understood. However, it does appear to be very helpful for those seniors who have dairy restrictions. When milk and probiotic-rich yogurt are not able to be consumed, a Probiotic Supplement can be very useful.

Their main function is to aid in digestion, bowel movements, and excretory functions.

This supplement can be very pricey but could be well worth it for seniors on dairy-restricted diets.

four best vitamins for senior longevity
Exercise and a great diet work hand in hand to improve the quality of life.


This is another supplement that is excellent for heart health. It’s a natural antioxidant that promotes cellular energy exchange.

Seniors should be aware that CoQ10 in its antioxidant form is called Ubiquinol. Our bodies produce CoQ10 and then convert it to Ubiquinol. This is the form that is required by the body so it can do its job.

The problem arises when we age and our bodies lose the ability to convert CoQ10 to Ubiquinol. So, how do we get past this?

It’s just been in the past few years that Ubiquinol has become available as a supplement. In most cases, it’s an easy-to-use oral supplement.

This supplement can be especially helpful to seniors who are taking statin drugs for their heart health. Unfortunately, Satin therapy impairs the body’s ability to produce CoQ10.

Ubiquinol is very effective in replacing CoQ10 levels that have been impacted by the use of Statin drugs.


Whether a senior is eating all the correct foods with negates the need to use supplements or uses supplements to support their current diet, there is another key element.

There is no diet in the world that does not work better if it is combined with regular fitness. It’s one thing to eat well and take the best supplements, but there is no doubt that optimum health results are realized if a senior adopts a lifestyle that includes exercising on a regular basis.

four best vitamins for senior longevity
Find a source of fitness you love and just keep moving.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or over-strenuous. The key for seniors is to keep moving. Adopt a great diet and find an activity you love and make exercising on a regular basis a way of life.


Ultimately, the ideal method of supplying our bodies with the necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrients for optimal health is through the food we eat.

We can all take a lesson from the people living in the Blue Zones of the world. Almost all of these zones where people routinely live to be a hundred years old focus on variations of the Mediterranean Diet.

They also embrace fitness in a way that fits into their lifestyle. For instance, they work in the garden or walk up and down the hills near their home on a regular basis. Whenever possible, diet for seniors should focus on a balance of complex carbohydrates, proteins, and quality fat.


four best diets for senior longevity
Olive oil is an excellent choice for quality fat and a staple of the Mediterranean Diet.

They have no need for going to the gym. As a matter of fact, they probably don’t have any.

According to the Mayo Clinic, interest in the Mediterranean Diet began as early as the 1960s. It was noted that seniors living in certain areas of the world who adopted this diet had suffered from far fewer instances of heart disease.

The Mediterranean Diet is favored in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and recognized by The World Health Organization as a healthy and sustainable dietary pattern.

Sustainable is the keyword.

Recent diet crazes that include the Paleo and Keto Diets are very difficult to stay committed to and chances are, it would be even more difficult for seniors to stick with. In other words, these diets rank very low in the list of desirable diets for seniors because they are difficult to adopt for extended periods.

The Mediterranean Diet provides an excellent balance of protein, complex carbohydrates, and quality fats. It’s a diet that seniors in the Blue Zones of the world can adopt for decades with no problem.

So really it comes down to two dietary choices is seniors want to improve their quality of life and longevity.

Either adopt a diet that supplies the necessary vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients for optimal health or failing that, find the best selection of supplements available to make up the shortfall.

These are the four best vitamins for senior longevity, but living an all-around healthy lifestyle is the key to a long, healthy life.

Be sure to check with your doctor before making any radical changes to your diet or choice of supplements.

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  1. Omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, probiotics, coQ10, these are all needed by seniors. I know because I have my parents taking them to support their aging bodies. They’re now in their 70s and thank God they’re still active. But aside from the mentioned natural substances, I think you should also include here Chondroitin which is a good substance for joint health.

  2. I’m no senior. At least not yet. But what I can relate to is taking my medicine and the benefits that come with it. So I can only imagine for seniors that it can be severe if they don’t take their medication consistently. Or if they don’t take the right medication. That’s for this article for now I can make sure my love one’s are taking the right meds when they supposed to.

  3. I knew about the Omega 3 fatty acids, calcium and probiotics but I had never heard about C0Q10. Nice to learn about it and its heart health benefits. I agree with you, it is important to eat a balanced diet consuming from the 5 food groups (proteins, grains, vegetables, nuts and dairy) and stay active. I am French/Italian and I was lucky to have been raised on the Mediterranean diet. Both my grandmothers have lived past 90yrs old!! Very informative article, thank you!

  4. Thanks for sharing this information, as we grow older and we all do sooner or later, we will increasingly find it more necessary to fuel our bodies and mind’s with the proper nutrient filled food’s to sustain our health and longetivity. You are absolutely right that the diet should contain enough of the right stuff to give us the nutritional fuel without having to supplement our diet.

    It isn’t always easy to get the adequate nutritional value in food’s alone, but I think that you are right on the money with the best supplementation  products a person can take to make up for any deficiency ones diet may be suffering, especially for the aging because their are certain requirements their body’s, skeletal systems and mind’s need.

    1. Thanks very much, Neil for your comment. I agree that it’s very important to keep on top of our nutritional needs as we age.

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