exercise videos seniors can benefit from

Exercise Videos Seniors Can Benefit From

It’s not always convenient for seniors to go to the local gym or seniors fitness facility in order to exercise. They may not have transportation available on a regular basis. Or for some, they might feel a bit self-conscious as they decide to set up a fitness routine. For many, it would be much better to be able to make use of exercise videos seniors can benefit from in the comfort and privacy of their own homes.

Exercise videos come in all shapes and sizes and for all different age groups and levels of ability. Here are a few suggestions that might fit the bill for seniors in search of videos to help them along the road to fitness. Seniors who are making the effort to increase their level of fitness should be commended.

exercise videos for seniors
Sporty females doing physical exercise at home

In this day and age, medical science is keeping people healthy for far longer than past generations. It only makes sense that if we are all going to have the opportunity to live longer, that we enjoy those years. Fitness on a regular basis is the best way to ensure quality of life and increased longevity.

Here are a few examples of videos that seniors can benefit from.


This video is formulated for seniors and is mainly for balance and strength. One of the pitfalls of being seniors is that we trip over everything in sight.

It makes perfect sense to work on your balance as falling can lead to a host of medical problems that seniors should not have to deal with.

There are 9 practices that feature Traditional Exercises. You will also find traditional Tai Chi as well as movements based on Dance and Yoga.

The Seniors Balance and Strength video might be a perfect choice for you.


If it’s the strength you would like to gain than this is the video for you.

This video set will benefit seniors in many different areas. This video features a Chair Exercise Program.

The areas that are targeted are Stretching and Aerobics, as well as Balance and Strength Training.

Ultimately, you will improve on many levels, including muscle and bone health. But that’s not all. Your circulation, heart health, and stability will all benefit if you follow the steps on these videos on a regular basis.


Core and abs are featured in this video.

The advantage of the core and ABS video is that it shows all exercise in a seated standing position. As well as core and abs, this video is excellent for your Coordination and Aerobic Heart Health.

Have a look at this Core and ABS videos on Amazon.


Regardless of what video you choose, the most important thing for seniors to remember is to always keep moving. The act of moving and exercising sends the message to your body that you are not done. There is still work to do.

We are the bosses of our bodies. They will respond to the demands we make on it. It the body senses that you are moving, stretching, and making use of muscles that have been ignored, it will make them stronger. It will sense that you are not done and that there are lots left to do.

Where seniors run into problems, is when they choose to do nothing. Once you stop moving and using muscles, they tend to grow smaller and weaker. Here is the Top Ten Reasons Exercise is Important for Senior Health.

Your body thinks, “well I guess these muscles are not needed. What’s the point in keeping them strong and vibrant.”

That goes for your heart as well. If It’s not needed very much to pump blood to working muscles, it will accommodate you and grow weaker. After all, that’s the message you are sending by being sedentary.

I recently wrote a book for seniors that has proved beneficial to many people. All of my books provide motivation and inspiration. When I wrote Seniors On The Move my intention was to get seniors to realize the importance of constantly challenging their body to stay strong.

It doesn’t take a lot. Find what activity you have a passion for and do it. It can be running, walking, swimming, biking, exercising, mall-walking with friends, or exercising in the privacy of your homes with the help of videos like I mentioned above.

Maybe a Compact Treadmill would be an excellent addition to your training regimen.

Another reason I wrote it is that our generation is living longer than past generations because of medical science. If we are living longer, why not have that quality of life and increase your longevity?

I enjoyed a long career in endurance sports. It all started out way back in 1976 when I was 27 years old. It was then that I decided it was time to quit smoking and drinking and take up running and finish a marathon.

While I finished that marathon five months later and it set me off on a new course in life. Over my career, I finished over 30 marathons, a couple of 50-mile races, over 100 10km races, and was one of the first Canadians to finish Ironman Hawaii way back in 1984. I ended up finishing 11 Ironman Triathlons.

I’m 70 years old now and I have no doubt that the key to a long and vital life is to keep moving, always moving. My racing days were over about 12 years ago, but I still continue to run at a nice easy pace a couple of days a week and continue to do resistance training at home(weight lifting).

Being an athlete meant learning a lot about diet and fitness over my career that spanned over a quarter of a century. I still embrace the fitness lifestyle.

I will leave you with a link to my book. I believe I was more than qualified to write it and to pass it on to other seniors. I hope you take the opportunity to read it and be encouraged by it.

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