Diet and Weight Loss{For Seniors Who Want To Be Slim Again}

Diet and Weight Loss{For Seniors Who Want To Be Slim Again}

So what are the secret to diet and weight loss for seniors who want to be slim again?

There are lots of reasons for seniors to want to lose weight and regain that amazing physique they had when they were twenty-five. Is possible? It sure is. The body is quite capable of shedding pounds as it is putting them on in the first place.

It all depends on how bad you want it. Let’s face it, besides looking and feeling better about yourself, seniors who lose all the extra weight they are carrying around are doing themselves a huge favor when it comes to their everyday health, quality of life, and longevity.


It should be pointed out that the majority of organs in the body are negatively impacted when a senior is obese. Here are just a few of the health problems seniors are more exposed to if they are obese.

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • High cholesterol
  • Heart disease
  • Cancer

That’s a list of medical issues that would be best avoided no matter what as most of them can become serious very quickly. It’s not to say that seniors should avoid carrying around any excess weight at all if they so choose. There’s nothing at all wrong with what scientists call some protective weight.

It’s still being studied, but it does seem that some diseases incurred by seniors are more survivable if they have a bit of extra weight. Scientists are still trying to figure out why this is, but some feel it’s because seniors who are obese may have dealt with medical issues due to obesity earlier in life, and as they age they have some resistance if it crops up in later years.


If a senior is in the hospital dealing with an illness, they will almost certainly lose weight during their road to recovery. It’s unfortunate, but when seniors get ill they are often looking at a longer recovery time than someone who is much younger.

The more time they spend trying to recover, the more muscle mass they tend to lose. Losing muscle mass is not a great outcome for seniors as often it is difficult to regain the strength they enjoyed before becoming ill.

With Alternate Day Fasting waist fat will be reduced.
The risk of heart disease can be reduced with proper weight loss methods.

Muscle loss during illness probably will happen no matter what degree of obesity you have.

So it makes sense that extra attention should be paid to a senior’s nutrition once they are out of the hospital. It’s important they regain the muscle loss that was lost when fighting the disease.


So what is the best diet for obese seniors? It seems to make sense that a senior should look for a diet that will help them reduce some excess fat they are carrying around while still maintaining their muscle mass.

This is not always possible with a calorie-restricted diet. The main issue with going on diets that have you counting calories every single day is that most people lose muscle mass as well as fat.

This is not preferable for seniors. What they really need is a diet that is easy to maintain and helps them lose excess inches without compromising their overall strength.

What diets won’t work best for obese seniors?

The Keto Diet– Probably not, because it is just too restrictive and very hard to stick with for most people whether they are seniors or not. I know, because I tried it. A person can only eat so much protein and fat before they lose interest and give up. However, there is a small minority of seniors it might benefit if they can stay with it.

Diet and Weight Loss{For Seniors Who Want To Be Slim Again}
A person can only eat so much protein before finally giving up on the Keto Diet.

The Atkins Diet- There are a lot of similarities between the Atkins and Keto diets. Both diets look at complex carbohydrates like the plague. This makes no sense to me. Complex carbohydrates are what we need to produce glycogen. And we need glycogen as it is the main energy source for people.

Vegan Diet– This another diet that would be difficult for most seniors to maintain. Just the acts of shopping for and cooking the ingredients allowed in a vegan diet can be difficult for seniors. They need a diet that allows for more food choices.

Grapefruit Diet- There are a lot of diets that leave out far too many food groups and the grapefruit diet is one of them. Seniors need to have a balance of food groups in their diet to ensure their nutritional needs are being met. Worse yet, restrictive diets are too hard to follow and people soon give up. You can only eat so much of the same foods day after day.


I have tried many diets over the years. This was especially true when I was a highly competitive endurance athlete. Some diets will give you a competitive edge, but I also found that some diets will hinder your progress

I was looking for diets that would increase my strength and endurance without adding any unwanted weight. There is a quite an impact on performance if a runner can shed ten pounds while at the same time retaining their strength. Imagine running 26.2 miles carrying a ten-pound bag of potatoes on your back and the next race it’s not there?

Diet and Weight Loss{For Seniors Who Want To Be Slim Again}
Losing excess weight is a big advantage for runners.

For me, that diet ended up being the Hass Eat to Win Diet that Dr. Robert Hass formulated in the early 1980s. He helped athletes like Martina Navratilova extend her career for years while beating pro tennis players much younger than she was.

It was a diet that was ideal for me at the time because it was based on eating copious amounts of complex carbohydrates. The diet worked because I could eat all the carbs I wanted and never gain weight because my training burned huge amounts of calories.

I wanted to lose weight recently because at 71 I was getting the dreaded love handles that tend to expand with each passing year. I wanted to lose inches on my waist while still maintaining my strength and Alternate Day Fasting worked like a charm.

In one month I went from a 33″ waist to a 30″. I was amazed because the excess weight around your waist is often the hardest to lose.


There have been many successful studies on alternate day fasting and as I researched it some time ago, I knew it was a diet I just had to try.

Basically, alternate day fasting is exactly what the name implies.

One day you don’t eat and the next day you do. It’s not a big deal to go a day without eating. The problem is, we have become so accustomed to eating three meals a day that it’s more habit than anything else.

People can live 30 days without food, so one day isn’t all that difficult. Studies have shown that people who have been on this diet can stay on it for months with no ill effects.

Diet and Weight Loss{For Seniors Who Want To Be Slim Again}
If you like you can eat a small meal that is under 500 calories on fasting day.

Here’s how it works. On the first day, you don’t eat anything. You can drink water and tea etc., but no calories. At first, this is pretty difficult for some seniors and an alternative is to eat just 500 calories on the non-eating day.

People still showed good results in choosing this option, but eating nothing at all will get you where you want to go much faster. If you do decide to eat 500 calories on your fasting day, there are plenty of 500 calorie meals that come up on a Google search.

The beauty of this diet and what makes it so sustainable is that on your eating day you can eat what you like and don’t have to count calories. However, the best part is that with the Alternate Day Fasting Diet you will lose fat and inches and will retain your muscle mass.


Most diets, like the ones I mentioned above, are simply too restrictive and too difficult to stay with for most people.

After a while, they just find it too difficult to eat the same narrow range of food day after day. However, a diet where you can eat whatever you want every other day is much easier to stick with.

When you wake up in the morning on an eating day it’s kind of exciting planning what you are going to eat. The sky’s the limit!

At first, it might be difficult to adjust to, but once you see the results in a few short weeks it becomes easier to stay on the diet.

The diet works because if there is one truth about diets that is pretty much universal, whatever diet you go on the key is to burn more calories than you eat.

The alternative requires your body to store excess calories you don’t burn into fat. And usually, it ends up around your waist first. The best part is that on this diet it’s the weight around your waist that you lose first.


I would recommend this diet for seniors and anyone else who is looking for a diet that works without day after day of not eating any of the food they love.

Seniors might want to run it past their doctor first, but personally I just went ahead and did it on my own because I was pretty certain there was nothing dangerous about it.

Diet and Weight Loss{For Seniors Who Want To Be Slim Again}
Seniors who control their weight seem to be far happier and have improved quality of life.

Look at it this way. You are pretty much cutting your calorie consumption in half and that’s huge! You may tend to eat a bit more at first on your eating day, but there is no way you are going to eat enough calories to make up for the day you ate none or very little.

So, it’s a no brainer that cutting back your food consumption this much will result in weight loss. On the days you don’t eat your body will access your fat stores for energy to get you through the day.

It does this because there are no calories coming in so it looks elsewhere for energy, and so you lose weight and inches around your waist.

I go further in-depth in another post about how to get started on an ALTERNATE DAY FASTING DIET.

You have nothing to lose except pounds and inches if you give it an honest try. Weigh your self and measure your waist when you begin the diet. Tell yourself you will try it for one month to the letter and I’m almost certain the results will amaze you as they did me.

One extra benefit that I really noticed is a very reduced grocery bill. After all, you are only eating half as much.

Would you like to share your thoughts on this topic? Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this page.

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