Cruises a Seniors or Family Group Might Like

Cruises a Seniors or Family Group Might Like

A great way for seniors to cruise is to go with a group of family and friends. After looking at many satisfied customer reviews, Princess Cruise Line seems to be the best suited for groups of travelers. They will go out of their way to accommodate groups of family or friends. Here are just a few cruises a seniors or family group might like.


Princess is one of the best-known names in cruising and the first set sail in 1965. They have continued to grow ever since, and now Princess has become the third largest cruise line in the world. They are very well-known for their innovative ships and outstanding customer service. Alaska is just one of their many cruise destinations.

A cruise to Alaska should be on every senior’s bucket list. The unique sights and sounds of Alaska are spectacular, to say the least but Princess takes it on step further.

Cruises a Seniors or Family Group Might Like
Cruise Alaska on the beautiful Royal Princess.

Because they are in partnership with the Discovery Channel, some Princess Alaska cruises will feature interesting lectures and guest speakers who go out of their way to enhance the Alaska experience for their guests. The overwhelming response from people who have reviewed the cruise they were on with Princess seemed to focus on the crew of the ship.

In almost every case, happy travelers said the crew of their Royal Princess ship bent over backward to ensure they enjoyed their cruise experience. Even those traveling with groups had nothing but good things to say.

Here is a review from a passenger who sailed to Alaska on the Royal Princess.

With six people, came six different ideas of what “fun” meant and yet each of us found exactly what we needed on this cruise. I will sail Princess from now on. They not only offer great locations but they back up their offerings with great service and that makes a great vacation for everyone!


Many senior passengers claim the Duck Tour was amazing. For those who are not familiar with a Duck, it’s a vehicle that can go on land and water. Most reviews claim this was an excellent tour because they kept things funny and interesting.

As the tour made its way through the Alaskan town, the crew went out of their way to talk about the history behind what the passengers were viewing.

This is what one passenger had to say about how the crew dealt with one of their group who was blind.

One of our members is blind and has recently required a wheelchair due to instability rather than walking problems. This excursion worked perfectly for him. The crew was on top of all of his issues and got him on and off the vehicle without a single moment of stress.

Be sure to check out the Princess Cruise Line website to see what amazing cruises and offers they have coming up. Princess Cruises Offers


Need a short break? Why not take your group on a three-day cruise from Vancouver to San Francisco? The two available dates are Wed. Sept. 25, 2019, on the Golden Princess and Thu. April 30, 2020. The three-day cruise includes one Port of Call in Victoria.

Cruises a Seniors or Family Group Might Like
Take some time to visit Vancouver if you’ve never been there.

This Pacific Coastal Cruise begins in Vancouver with a stop in Victoria on day two, before heading down the coast to San Francisco. There are excursions available in all three cities.

Keep in mind that Princess offers flights via Princess EZAir if you need to make arrangements to fly to Vancouver and back home from San Francisco.

If you require a hotel stay in Vancouver before you embark or decide to stay in San Francisco for a few days, Last Minute Travel has access to excellent prices on over 30,000 hotels, flights, and activities.

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Princess is the leader when it comes to Panama Canal cruises. They have been circumnavigating the canal since 1967 and have it down to a science.

They have ships custom-built to sail the massive Panama Canal locks and onboard programs and excursions onshore. Because they have been sailing the canal for so long they have more itinerary choices and departures of the cruise lines in the region.

Cruises a Seniors or Family Group Might Like
The Panama Canal is truly remarkable.

This itinerary is ideal as a learning experience for family groups. The whole purpose of cruising the canal is to enrich the experience of the guests. Visit Dutch and Spanish cities that date back centuries. Experience tropical rain forests, stunning white-sand beaches, volcanoes, and even UNESCO Heritage sites.

Better still, guests will be able to enjoy live narration from the bridge while transiting the locks. This is one of the reasons Princess Line was voted Best Cruise Line for Enrichment by Cruise International.


Take your pick. Cruise Australia & New Zealand, Canada & New England, Europe, Hawaii, Japan, Mexico, Tahiti, or enjoy a world cruise. Or how about a Mediterranean, Scandinavia, British Isles, or Norway and Iceland cruise?

Maybe a European River Cruise is something you might like to try one day as well.

There is a multitude of cruises a seniors group might like.

Take advantage of the Princess Cruises LANDMARK sale that offers up to a $1000 onboard credit + $50 onboard credit for 3rd and 4th guests.

How To Plan For a Group Cruise

(1) Pick a time when you can get everyone together whether it’s a family or group of friends planning a cruise together.

(2) Before you even gather to discuss your cruise holiday be prepared with a list of possible cruise destinations. Be sure you have important information on hand. For instance, how long is the cruise? What city does the cruise leave from and where does it end? Some cruises go out and back from the same port, and some begin and end in different ports. What are the ports of call, and the dates and prices of the proposed cruises?

(3)The next important thing is to decide what time of year you would like to travel. For instance, Mexican and Caribbean cruises typically go all year long, but Alaska cruises are basically late Spring, Summer, and early Fall cruises.

(4)Once all the information is gathered, it’s best to contact a vacation planner who can work out the best price for your Princess cruise.

You can even make arrangements to celebrate any special occasions — such as a birthday or anniversary — during your voyage. You won’t need to do anything else to plan a vacation, regardless of how many family members or friends are going.

If you would like to share your thoughts on this topic feel free to make a comment at the bottom of this page.

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