Cheap Cell Phone Plans For Seniors {that won’t break the bank}

Cheap Cell Phone Plans For Seniors {that won’t break the bank}

Cell phones haven’t been around all that long, but today’s world makes them almost necessary if one wants to keep up with the world around them. Seniors might have a hard time keeping up with technology as high tech advancements are taking place at breakneck speed. Despite everything, seniors have been quick to grasp the important role cell phones can play in their everyday lives. Here’s a look at some cheap cell phone plans for seniors that won’t break the bank.

There are many to choose from, so it’s important to take your time in picking out the right cell phone plan for you. They come in all shapes and sizes and taking your time in deciding on a cell phone plan could save seniors a lot of money.


First of all, it’s important to decide if you want to have a basic phone or a phone that will connect you with the internet and the world around you.

In other words, will you make use of a data plan or do you just want a phone around as a way of keeping in contact with family and friends?

Best cell phone plans for seniors that won't break the bank
Cell phones are great for keeping touch with the grandkids

Will you be making long-distance calls to the other side of the country or to the other side of the world? These are all important considerations.

Some seniors just want the basic calling features of a cell phone without all the bells and whistles. It’s more of a safety feature of life-line in the event of an emergency. This is especially important for seniors who still drive. In the event they have a mechanical breakdown or are involved in an accident, a cell-phone is a great resource to fall back on.


If you buy a new phone through a service provider they will normally incorporate the cost of the phone into your monthly bill. Most plans are two years, so for two years, you will be for calling, texting, and the cost of your phone.

You have to be careful and read the fine print, however, because even if you have the phone paid for after two years, some providers will still keep charging you the same amount for your plan because that’s what you signed up for.

I’ll give you an example of what I experienced with some Canadian providers. When I was first with Telus, I purchased an iPhone 5 along with a two-year plan. I was paying around $80 a month with basic service and their “five friends” option.

In other words, I could compile a list of five friends anywhere in Canada and I would not have to pay any long-distance charges no matter where they lived in the country. However, when my plan was up, the cost of the phone was not dropped and I kept right on paying the same amount. I just thought that was the way it was. I was new to the whole cell phone thing.

Best cell phone plans for seniors that won't break the bank

It wasn’t until I needed a new phone that I changed providers to Koodoo. It seems like a great move so far as they doubled my data plan, and only charged me $60 a month over two years, including the cost of my new iPhone 8.

I chose this phone even though the 10 was available and this kept the cost of the phone down.

The best part is that the plan I have reduces my phone bill by $15 after two years once the phone is paid off. So ultimately, I will only be paying $45 per month.

What I didn’t realize with Telus was that after my two-year contract with my iPhone 5 was up I could’ve moved to another carrier and taken my own phone and just paid for the call, text, and data plan. I could have found a plan for around $45 a month and because I had my own phone would not have been making payments on the phone because I already owned it.

I paid $80 a month to Telus for at least five years when for three years of that five years I could’ve gone elsewhere with the very same phone and paid around $45 a month. That’s an incredibly huge difference. It breaks down to $35 X 36 months with computers to $1260 that I overpaid because I had no idea how it worked. I assumed it would’ve been the same everywhere.

If you bring your own phone when you sign a contract you will save a lot of money. In the event, you are getting yourself a new phone and a new provider, make sure it’s a plan like Koodoo that lowers your monthly payment once the phone is paid for.

Maybe a Satellite Phone is what you really need, especially if you often find yourself in areas where there is no cell phone signal. Excellent for hunters, hikers, and fisherman who are often traveling in the backcountry.


Koodoo is great, but since signing on with them I have found a plan that outshines even them.

After looking at Telus, Virgin, Bell, Rogers, and pretty much every other cell phone plan available where I live I discovered that hands down, the best provider is Freedom Mobile. What I kept forgetting to do was looking past the actual cost of the plan to search out what other benefits each phone plan included.

Best cell phone plans for seniors that won't break the bank

What makes Freedom Mobile the best deal around is that for $50 a month I could have had unlimited data, unlimited calls, and free calls across Canada and the USA. That’s truly a remarkable plan and the one I will be switching to once I have completed my two-year plan with Koodoo.


The best thing about most USA cell phone service providers is that there are no longer plans that lock you into one provider for up to two years like Canada whether you bring your own phone or not.

If you plan to use your phone for mostly talking and texting Good2Go Mobile has an amazing plan. The cost is $20 per month for someone who does not need a lot of data. However, 3GB of high-speed data is still included.

For just $5 a month more you can get free calling to 60 countries. That’s very hard to beat and I wish there was a plan like that in Canada. There is no contract, but keep in mind that this is if you bring your own phone.

If you are big into data use and are willing to pay more, T-Mobiles Magenta Plus might be an excellent choice. It will cost you $85 per month plus $25 upfront, but the features are outstanding.

The plan includes a generous 20GB hot spot allowance, unlimited data, and texting in 210 countries, unlimited in-flight WiFi on Gogo-enabled flights, and a very big 50GB data deprioritization threshold.

This includes all taxes and fees. Keep in mind that most plans will often add on these costs onto a plan price.

T-Mobile Magenta 55+ claims to have one of the best plans for seniors. It’s an unlimited top tier plan with many great features.

The unlimited Data and No Contract make it an excellent bargain at $50 per month. Calls and Texts are unlimited to and from the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Domestic and International Text is unlimited.

Best cell phone plans for seniors that won't break the bank

Keep in mind that these plans are if you Bring Your Own Phone. However, depending on the phone you choose, the added cost does not have to be that great. For some phones, you can pay upfront. For instance, the Alcatel Go Flip is just $75 upfront.

If you don’t mind having a two-year plan you can get the same phone for $3 a month.

Once you start getting into the I-Phones the cost will go up considerably whether you buy the phone upfront or on a 2-year plan. If you decide to get the latest and greatest Samsung or I-Phone you would end up paying $31.25 a month with a 2-year plan.


If you just want a reliable phone for texting and calling family and friends there are many great deals to be had. Most seniors are not into all the social, internet, cameras, and apps that tons of data allows them to access.

Remember that just 5GB of data will go a long way if you don’t plan on using it all that much. Good2Go Mobile with an added 3GB of data for $20 per month with no contract might be perfect for you if you live in the USA.

Maybe you might find a One Year Prepaid SIM Card like the one SpeedTalk Mobile provides perfect for your needs.It includes monthly 250 talk, 250 text Or 250MB Data/Text with no contract on their 12 month plan.

If you are a senior living in Canada, then Freedom Mobile seems like an excellent choice.

Whatever you decide, be sure to check out all the various plans. Before you visit the different providers, make a list of the options you will need. For instance, how much will you be calling and texting? How much of it will be international? Do you plan on being connected to the internet and using a lot of data?

Do you have a phone or will you be buying one? Remember that you can buy phones up front to keep your monthly costs down and have no contract, or you can buy a phone with your plan and make payments monthly over a two-year period.


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