Best Senior Travel Destinations:{you maybe never knew about}

Best Senior Travel Destinations:{you maybe never knew about}

There’s no doubt that senior travel tours no matter where they are in the world can be very rewarding. What a great opportunity to search out the many unique educational and cultural experiences that are just waiting to be discovered. Ready for a special holiday? Check out these best senior travel destinations you maybe never knew about.

What is your main interest when it comes to traveling? Perhaps you’re a big fan of cruising the Caribbean, enjoying a European River cruise, or an African safari. Perhaps you want to know more about the history of a country or city. Whatever it is you’re after when it comes to a vacation, there is most likely a travel tour focusing on your dream vacation.

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Maybe joining a tour group for a trip to Rome, Switzerland, or the Columbia Ice fields are in your future plans.

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For many seniors, this might be their one and only chance to get up close and personal with a glacier. The breath-taking journey from Banff to the Ice fields Parkway takes about 2.5-hours.

On arrival at the Athabasca Glacier, it’s all aboard a giant ice explorer for the unique 80-minute journey of your life.

During that journey, passengers will get to see some amazing geological features and at the same time will discover how glaciers are formed.

best travel vacations destinations you maybe never knew about
Take a walk above a Glacier.

The Ice Explorer will take you to where you can walk on, feel and drink from the Glacier. You can even take a jaw-dropping walk along the glass-floored Skywalk at the cliff’s edge.

This adventure to the Athabasca Glacier is in operation from mid-April to mid-October(weather permitting)

The Glacier Discovery Center is on the boundary of Banff and Jasper National Parks. The center features interpretive scenic walks, self-guided trails, cafeteria, dining room, gift shop, and if desired, overnight accommodation.

And don’t forget about the skywalk. You won’t find anything quite like it in the world. Walk above a giant glacier-like you are suspended in mid-air.

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The first thing that will strike you about Lausanne is the stunning backdrop of the huge lake and the incredible Alp Mountains. Much like Nylon and the rest of Switzerland, the city was sparkling clean. Should you decide to stay in Lausanne for a few days, choose the Hotel de la Paix.

The hotel has huge balconies and there is nothing like getting up in the morning and taking your morning coffee with an absolutely stunning view. As the sun rises, the view changes the landscape.

Just like Nylon, Lausanne has a castle in the middle of the city. The Cathedral of Notre Dame of Lausanne was constructed in around the 12th century and boasts an organ made in Boston that weighs in at six million dollars.

You just have to try the helicopter tour for stunning views that will stay with you forever. The company is called Heli-Lausanne. The company offers a ride of about 20 minutes that will take you over Lac Leman and the city.

It then plots a course over Lavaux vineyards. The vineyards are actually a UNESCO world heritage site. Should you want to try something truly spectacular, the company will fly you to the mountains for a fondue picnic!

There is so much to do and see in Lausanne.

Of course, the lake offers dozens of options to entertain yourself. There are beaches, bars, restaurants, short eco-cruises Should you want to get out on the lake you can try one of the solar-powered boats. You can even take a dip if the captain will allow it.

Talk about food! Lausanne, like much of Switzerland, is famous for chocolate, wine, and cheese. Be sure to visit the street food festival and farmers market. The L’Espace Chocolat is a great place to visit because they stick an apron on you and you get to make some chocolates.

When it’s time for dinner try Pinte Besson, one of Lausanne’s oldest restaurants. You can’t go wrong with the Swiss cured meat and cheese fondue that is a compilation of Gruyere, raclette, white wine, and garlic.

best travel vacations destinations you maybe never knew about
Lausanne District Court. There is amazing architecture all over Switzerland


Make a point of trying the local wine grown at the Lavaux Vineyards. The vineyards are huge and follow the shoreline of Lac Leman for 30 kilometers! The hand-harvested grapes are used to produce a white wine that compliments cheese fondues.

I just had to go to the Olympic Museum. It has the most complete collection of Olympic artifacts in the world. Although it’s quite expensive by North American standards but well worth the money. Although it’s very modern and has interactive technology.

I would highly recommend Lausanne as your central location, especially if you plan to take in the six-day Festival. Take the short train ride to Nylon and Geneva and even if you just visited those three locations you would have a fabulous holiday.

An alternative would be to stay in Geneva and make it your jumping-off point to Nyon, Lausanne, and many other cities. The one advantage of Geneva is the tours that use the city as a jumping-off point to destinations a bit further away.


Chances are very good that you have never heard of Basel, Switzerland, but what an amazing city it is. Although it’s a favorite stop on some European River Cruises.

Basel is Switzerland’s third-largest city and of course, is on the Rhine River that this seven-night cruise traversed from Amsterdam to Switzerland.

Basel is in Switzerland’s Northwest close to the country’s borders with France and Germany. It would be worth just visiting its 12th-century Gothic Cathedral and its 16th-century red sandstone town hall.

Basel is well-known for it’s yearly Fasnacht festival that is a must-see. Although it’s a three-day-long carnival that begins at 4 a.m. with masked musicians and continues for three days with parades and plenty of beer and food. The festival falls on the first Monday after Ash Wednesday every year.

best travel vacations destinations you maybe never knew about
Basel, Switzerland skyline.

The citizens of Basel love art and in 1967 voted to try to buy some Picasso paintings. When the famous Spanish artist found out he donated three of his works to the city, cost-free.

There are also some amazing food markets at Marktplatz in the city’s old town where you can pick up all the fresh food you desire. Then there is Basel’s Indoor Market that features specialty foods from all over the world.

For those who are tennis fans, Roger Federer was born in Basel and if you like warm weather you will love Basel as it boasts about 300 days of sunshine every year.

The Basel Zoo is one of the best in the world and had its beginnings in 1874 and is one of the largest and oldest in Switzerland. And how about this? Should you like Teddy bears, one of Basel’s 40 museums(yes, not a typo. 40 museums) is dedicated to the world’s largest collection of Teddy Bears.

Or how about walking through a museum that will take you through the history of pharmacies or a first-class natural history museum?

Should you like theater, Basel has some of Switzerland’s largest and most eclectic theaters that include drama, opera, ballet, and colorful stage productions.

Should you are a fan of Christmas, you might like to spend a Christmas in Basel. The city is illuminated by fairy lights and its streets are adorned with over 100 Christmas trees.

The Freie Strasse is turned into one of Europe’s longest displays of Christmas decorations if you want to enjoy a magical shopping experience like no other.


Aruba is one of the three Caribbean Islands along with Curacao and Bonaire that make up the ABC Islands. Aruba has some of the finest beaches in the Caribbean and is a favorite destination for many travelers searching out all-inclusive Caribbean resorts.

There are plenty of all-inclusive resort hotels on Eagle and Palm Beaches in Aruba. They are two of the most popular beaches of all if you like powdery soft white sand up to your ankles and the beautiful blue-green water of the Caribbean Sea.

There are many hotels on these beaches that would be ideal for your land stay. You will find that they cost a fair bit, but that’s because they are wildly popular. Chances are you will have to book your stay quite far in advance.

There are also many local attractions to visit, and likely you won’t be able to squeeze them all into a one-week vacation. Should you like casino action, or just want to get out of the heat for a while, the Hyatt Regency Casino comes complete with at least 13 gaming tables, over 200 slot machines, and 19 video poker machines.

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There are many, many sensational holiday destinations in the world. These are just a few of the best senior travel destinations you maybe never knew about.

Should you would like to share your thoughts on this topic feel free to make a comment at the bottom of this page.


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