Best Senior Independent Living Communities In Toronto {and what's best for you}

Best Senior Independent Living Communities In Toronto {and what’s best for you}

Toronto is Canada’s second-largest city and a popular retirement destination for many seniors. The city has an amazing variety of independent living opportunities for seniors to choose from. If Toronto is your choice what are the best senior independent living communities in Toronto and what’s best for you?


When it comes to making decisions about leaving the family home and opting for a retirement community, its those who can make decisions for themselves. In other words, they have the ability to examine all the choices available to them and make decisions based on their own research.

senior independent living in toronto and whats best for you
Spend time together. You are never alone.

Seniors in this position are quite capable of taking care of their own everyday needs. However, for a variety of reasons they decide to make the move into a retirement community. Maybe the decision is made because of the loss of a spouse, or perhaps its just too expensive to be able to continue to live in their own home. Homes can also be difficult to upkeep as seniors age.

Loneliness and lack of a social structure also play a major role in the decision. An independent living community can offer seniors a very active independent lifestyle. Better yet, they can provide social opportunities that enable seniors to connect with other people in the same age group and with common interests.

The biggest plus of an independent living arrangement is that seniors can really get to enjoy their retirement as opposed to having to deal with making meals, housekeeping, and laundry. The free time is used to concentrate on their social life and enjoying the finer points of no longer having the responsibilities of owning a home.

Features found in an individual independent living space normally compare to what one might see in a small apartment. This normally includes a full-service kitchen for those who would like to entertain or make some of their own meals.


Assisted living is far different from independent living. There are many seniors who may be cognitive of physically unable to manage life on their own. They may be living with chronic health conditions like heart disease or diabetes for instance. Possibly a cognitive decline caused by Alzheimer’s or several other forms of dementia have made living on their own untenable. In instances such as these, assisted living is the best option for older adults.

In assisted living, the senior might have either a private or semi-private apartment-style set of rooms. The main difference is that they are able to access more care and assistance when they need it. The staff is available around the clock to help seniors with the basics. This might include assistance with dressing, grooming, and transportation.

Despite the act that this extra care is available, whenever possible the senior is encouraged to be as independent as they can be. In an assisted living situation, communities will often staff full-time medical personnel who are trained to provide emergency care in the event it becomes necessary.

There is normally a section of the community for those with more advanced cognitive issues. In this case, there are more advanced security measures in place and in most instances, these units will not have kitchens.

If you would like help in finding the perfect senior community to meet your specific needs be sure to contact **CARING FOR A PARENT** In order to find senior care and senior living options near you.


Mississauga is pretty much a city unto itself even though it’s part of Toronto. It has its own police force and Mississauga General Hospital where my son was born 42 years ago. It’s about a twenty-minute drive on the 401 to downtown Toronto, but Mississauga is a lot more laid back than Metro Toronto.

All-in-all, it would seem to be a great place for a senior to find an independent living community to become part of.

Best Senior Independent Living Communities In Toronto {and what's best for you}

Viva Mississauga might be a great choice. This facility was founded in 2011 and offers a lot of very cool amenities. They have an indoor salt-water pool which is excellent because swimming is rated as one of the top exercises for seniors for improving balance. This, in turn, minimizes the chances of falling which is of serious concern to all seniors.

Viva also has fitness studios, a garden with raised flower beds, a movie theater, and much more. There are independent and assisted living options available in studios, one and two bedrooms. Fresh meals are prepared three times daily and there are many options available.

Health Services Include:

(1)Vitals Monitoring
(2)Ostomy Care
(3)Catheter Care
(4)Cognitively Impaired Residents
(5)Physically Challenged Residents
(6)Feeding Tube Assistance
(7)Oxygen Assistance

All of these medical services are carried out with special assistance except for catheter Care.

The independent living residents are normally seniors who want to live in a community of people their age and with similar interests.

Many seniors choose independent living as opposed to aging in place for the sake of having company and friends to share common interests with. For the most part, all they need is some assistance with tasks such as laundry and transportation.

The costs are from $3,400 a month and include three meals a day in a designated dining area. The list of amenities is extensive. Some main ones include arts and crafts, computers, games room, hobby kitchen, party room, pet-friendly, private bus for outings, spa and beauty salon, wellness center, library, and private dining room for friends and family.

The numerous programs include billiards, movie nights, card games, continued education, parties, theater, and much more. All the independent living quarters have kitchenettes.

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Scarborough and Mississauga are on opposite sides of Toronto. The Scarborough center was founded in 1989.

There are several options for care besides independent living. There is also Assisted Living and Respite Care, Private home-care allowed, and Palliative Care available.

Best Senior Independent Living Communities In Toronto {and what's best for you}
You are close to many amenities in Scarborough.

The cost begins from $2,865 per month and the facility has 124 suites. The facility is a family-owned and managed residence that’s the main function is to allow seniors to maintain their independence as much as possible.

Seniors will enjoy chef-prepared meals, physiotherapy, fall prevention programs, air purification, and daily life enrichment programs.

The two-room types available are studios and one-bedrooms and both are rentals. The studios have kitchenettes and the one-bedrooms have full kitchens.

The residence just steps away from churches, shopping, banks, convenience stores, and public transportation.


The Evergreen is in Mississauga as well. This facility features independent and assisted the living. The total number of suites is 140 with cost beginning at $3,400.

They have a full range of accommodation options that include studios, one-bedroom, one-bedroom +den, and two-bedroom. All the independent living options have kitchenettes, cable t.v., and a call bell system.

Best Senior Independent Living Communities In Toronto {and what's best for you}

The three meals a day are buffet style with open seating. Special diets include Gluten Free and Diabetic. Snacks are also included.

The front registration desk is manned 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. There is also a 24-hour emergency response system and emergency pendant.

Some many amenities included are a therapy pool, gym, bar, games room, library, and bowling alley. (I believe this is the first independent living community that I have written about in the USA or Canada that has a bowling alley).

For those humid summer days there is a beautiful garden to work on, a walking path, and a walking program. Walking on purpose for health can be extremely beneficial for a senior’s cardiovascular fitness.

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