Best Mattress For Seniors-The Puffy Mattress Is Ranked #1

Best Mattress For Seniors-The Puffy Mattress Is Ranked #1

If you are trying to find the mattress that will make sleeping a joy again the best mattress for seniors, the Puffy Mattress, is ranked #1 for 2019. It has taken the sleep world by storm and continues to get five-star reviews from very happy customers. As a senior myself, I’ve come to discover how good or bad night’s sleep can have a huge impact on how the day turns out.

Sometimes, I wake up three or four times a night and basically, that’s enough to make the entire day a struggle. However, when I do manage six or seven hours of uninterrupted sleep in a night, from the moment I wake up I have more energy, feel less depressed, and enjoy the day 100% more.

Best Mattress For Seniors-The Puffy Mattress Is Ranked #1
A good night’s sleep is a great way to start the day.


These happy owners of a Puffy Mattress have nothing but praise for the positive impact it has on their sleep.

DEBRA-I love this mattress…it is so comfortable and I sleep all night and so does my husband. I would recommend this mattress to anyone. I love my Puffy mattress!

ROBERT-After years of dealing with a sagging and slacking sleep number we bought a Puffy mattress last month and we absolutely love it.

SHELZ-Only 60 days into our king-size puffy mattress trial and we’ve already decided to keep it! My husband and I are definitely different style sleepers, plus he has back and hips problems which cause him to sleep restlessly. With the Puffy, his pain is greatly lessened, and sometimes totally relieved. I am also enjoying a very restful night’s sleep, the mattress is like a cloud! Neither of us notices when the other moves or gets in or out of bed. It sleeps a little warmer than our previous mattress but still worth the rating. We hope to try the mattress cover, pad and comforter next!

SALENA-After spending weeks on reviewing several mattresses I pulled the trigger on the puffy mattress. I am so glad I did!! My husband and I who don’t sleep well, are sleeping better because of this mattress. You won’t regret it! You are worth it!

RICKIE-(On the Puffy Lux Model) We love it. It’s soft yet firm and supports your back and hips. Also, it’s fine for sleeping on your stomach. It’s the most comfortable bed we ever been on. Thanks, Puffy. Great quality too.

ANTHONY-Wow what a mattress !!! I have a bad back and you sink in this wonderful mattress and never want to get out its so Comfortable !!! They rated #1 for a reason.

There are over 5000 reviews for the Puffy Mattress and try as I might, I can’t seem to find any that have a negative comment to make, or I would gladly post them to provide the pros and cons to enable you to see both sides of the story.

Puffy Lux

I did, however, discover this about the Puffy Mattress that’s important to know if you weigh over 230 pounds.

Puffy is a solid choice for side sleepers and for light to average sleepers. This mattress is not recommended for heavier sleepers as the softer foams likely won’t offer the needed support. The tipping point seems to be 230 pounds. If the sleeper is heavier than that, this mattress may not be ideal for them.

Best Mattress For Seniors-The Puffy Mattress Is Ranked #1
A good night’s sleep is very important, especially for seniors.


(1)It’s encouraging to know that the Puffy Mattress is ranked the Best Mattress for sleepers of all types. This is because of its excellent spine alignment support.

(2)Shipping is free and is delivered directly to your door at no extra charge in two to five business days.

(3)It doesn’t really matter what type of frame or surface you use for the mattress. This includes the floor, adjustable frames, slats, and box springs. Mine is going on my California King waterbed frame. Yes, I did say waterbed. A blast from the past for sure. I don’t want to give up the sheer size of the California King and was thrilled that Puffy Mattress carries the size.

(4)This is a very cool feature perk of the Puffy Mattress. You can try it for 101 days, and if you are not happy with it, you can return it free of charge for a full refund. So really, you have nothing to lose by trying it! However, all the positive reviews are to be believed, I doubt that many are returned.

(5)You will also get a lifetime guarantee with the mattress, and every component of the mattress is made in the USA.

(6)The mattress is breathable and cooling as the Puffy cooling cloud draws heat out with its Cloud Gel layer in order to keep your body at an optimal temperature for comfort.

(7)The mattress actually adapts to seasonal temperature swings. It will sleep warmer in the winter and cooler in the Summer.

(8)The Cooling and Firm Core system is an excellent feature for seniors. The foam will adapt to every point of your body. It’s designed to keep your spine aligned while at the same time eliminating pressure points. This makes for a far better option than trying to find an adjustable bed that actually works.

(9)I love this feature! The Puffy comes with an all-new Stain Resistant Cover. It’s quick and easy to wipe spills and it leaves the cover white and clean. The cover is a Zip-N-Wash which makes it easy deep cleaning to remove dirt and germs from regular use.

(10)Puffy makes a point of donating to children in need of a bed. They have donated 1000’s of the mattress to children in need.


Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep. This is especially true for seniors who have enough issues to deal with on a daily basis. Rheumatism, Arthritis, aching back, sore hips, and the list goes on and on. If you can have a bed that will ease these issues and allows you to sleep better than ever, then it seems like a no-brainer.

Here is your chance to get $300 off of your purchase. Visit Puffy and pick out your very own amazing Puffy Mattress.

Puffy Lux

I have a great appreciation for any product that offers a long trial period. Regardless of the product, it gives you time to decide if it works for you or not. Well, Puffy gives you 101 days to decide.

I look at it as an opportunity to see if you can change the way you sleep for the better, forever. If it doesn’t work for you, it can be returned for a full refund.

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  1. I love the sound of the puffy mattress, although I must admit that I have never heard of it before. It does seem to have all the good points that I would look for when buying a mattress. I also love that it is possible to have a free trial.

    However, as I live in the UK, do you happen to know if it is available here? I will be most disappointed if it is not!

    Thank you so much for this great information.

    Chrissie 🙂

  2. Hey there Ray, 

    I have to say that this mattress has almost everything going for it, except for the weight limit part. The trial period and the features are just fantastic. 

    A friend of mine told me about it and I had to do my due diligence to make sure everything he said was true before getting it. After this assuring review, I am so getting it after this!

    Quick question too, what mattress would make the equivalent of the puffy mattress for people over 230 pounds?

    1. Thanks for your comment Dave. I don’t believe this type of mattress, whichever brand you purchase, would be suitable for people weighing over the Puffy Mattress limit.

  3. The puffy mattress looks good.  Makes you want to jump around on it and relax.  Never heard of the puffy mattress before.  Anything which improves on a good night’s sleep is certainly welcome.

    More energy and enjoyment is the way to go.  There are a lot of good reviews about this mattress.  Not being able to find any negative reviews is a good sign as well.

    Free shipping adds to the desirability of this product.  The flexibility of frames is a plus also.  I like the free trial period.  It’s the old saleman’s “Puppy Dog” close.  Try it and it will never give it back.  Good approach.  In addition they have a great business model which includes giving children in need a bed.

    I appreciate very much this informative review of the mattress.

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