Best Golf Driver For Seniors{Who want to feel like a pro}

Best Golf Driver For Seniors: Who Want to Feel Like a Pro

Seniors who love golf are pretty lucky because they have a pastime that will keep them active, healthy, and happy. There’s nothing like sunshine and fresh air to boost your spirits. Although some seniors aren’t as spry as they once were, many are still excellent golfers. Having a driver that suits you is crucially important if you want to stay on top of your game. The best golf driver for seniors who want to feel like a pro should have a few unique features just for the senior golfer.


There are three main elements that age impacts when it comes to golf. These include less agility, less range of motion, and slower club speed.

First of all, as the years pass the senior golfer will have less agility and will have to compensate by purchasing golf equipment that will lessen the impact of age-related stiffness.

Best Golf Driver For Seniors{Who want to feel like a pro}
Do you have the best driver possible in your bag?

Having less agility will impact a senior’s range of motion when it comes to the actual golf swing. There will also be less power behind the swing as muscles grow a bit weaker. Having a lower swing speed will greatly impact the direction and distance of the ball.

This is nothing to be concerned with as it’s perfectly normal for a person’s golf game to change as they age. Senior golfers are quite a large demographic and make up a large percentage of active golfers. This is not lost by golf equipment manufacturers.

This is why there have been several drivers configured just for seniors.

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Technology has meant huge improvements in almost every aspect of golf equipment including balls, drivers, putters, golf bags and many other pieces of equipment that will keep seniors in the game well into their senior years.

Materials, research, and development, testing methods, as well as advances in technology, are all reasons why there have been so many positive changes made to golf equipment in the past couple of decades. Luckily for seniors, much of the improvement is pointed in their direction.

Best Golf Driver For Seniors{Who want to feel like a pro}

Seniors should be using these advances in development to keep their game at it’s highest level. Certainly getting the best equipment to improve their swing is the number one priority. The whole idea is to find a club that is manufactured in such a way that enables seniors to hit the ball a greater distance with less effort.

Fortunately, there are quite a few excellent golf clubs that can be purchased that will give you the best possible on a slower swing.


First of all, it’s important to remember that the slower the golf swing, the greater the launch angle your club should have. In the event, you are swinging at the lower range of speed you would probably require an angle of around 13 degrees. However, your swing speed is still up around 100 miles per hour, you would require less of an angle. 10 or 11 degrees would probably work just fine.

As far as club modifications for seniors, it makes sense that the biggest changes would be found in the shaft. Manufacturers have worked hard on coming up with a shaft weight that is light enough for seniors. It all comes down to the new materials and technology that is available.

Best Golf Driver For Seniors{Who want to feel like a pro}
Get the most out of your club speed regardless of your age.

Some shafts are as light as 60 or 50 grams and this will allow for more control over the club. When it comes to flexibility, there is a basic rule of thumb.

The faster your swing the stiffer your club shaft should be. As a person ages and their swing speed diminishes, a more flexible shaft would make more sense.

If a senior is an above-average golfer he might consider a longer shaft. This allows for more swing speed that computes to a greater distance. However, most seniors should stick with a regular-sized club shaft.


Usually, you can’t go wrong with anything manufactured by Titleist. Titleist 917 is one of the best clubs they created specifically for slower club speeds which makes it ideal for seniors.

This driver has a shaft material composed of Mitsubishi Diamana Blue Graphite.

These are some key features:

  • SureFit Tour Hosel – sixteen unique loft and lie combinations deliver the most precise fit available.
  • Use the SureFit Tour Performance Guide for help to find the proper setting to improve your ball flight.
  • For best results, visit a certified Titleist fitting professional.
  • Optimized clubhead shape and structure produces Tour-inspired sound and feels at impact

This driver is one of the top-rated for senior golfers because of it’s many unique innovations. Perhaps your swing no longer touches the 100 mph mark and is more like 75 or 80. If that’s the case, this is the ideal driver for you.

This is most likely the longest golf driver available for seniors. They make use of Active Recoil Channel technology. This causes the bottom of the face of the club to flex. When it connects it will improve energy transfer and that equates to greater speed and as a result, greater distance.

This club is very forgiving. Even when the ball is not struck perfectly, it’s still possible to get plenty of distance.

best golf driver for seniors who want to feel like a pro
This TaylorMade has all the functions seniors need as well as an excellent price.
  • Shaft: TaylorMade 57g
  • Grip: TM 360
  • Swing weight: D2
  • Head size: 460cc
  • Length: 45.5″

This might just be the ideal driver for seniors. It has pretty much everything you need in a driver including an excellent price. This driver features a mix of forgiveness and distance. It’s actually configured to have the best results for those golfers with slower club speed. This makes it an ideal choice for seniors.

This club features excellent adjustability, a low spin rate, and if very forgiving. Perhaps the only downside is that it tends to be a bit on the heavier side as compared to the Titleist.

Still, all things considered, this might just be the perfect choice for seniors who want performance that suits their swing speed as well as a lower price point.


Golf equipment manufacturers have put a lot of work into building the ideal golf clubs for senior golfers. They are well aware that seniors make up a huge percentage of golfers across North America.

They have researched the more senior golfers extensively. As a result, they have used the best in technology and equipment to create drivers that will allow seniors to get the most out of the game despite the decrease in club speed that is a natural occurrence with the increase in age.

In the event, you want to get the most out of your game it only makes sense to purchase the best golf driver for seniors who want to feel like a pro.

Feel free to comment on the driver that works best for you.


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