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Best Gin Drunken Raisin Recipe For Arthritis-You’ll be playing piano like Jerry Lee Lewis

Arthritis can be very debilitating for seniors and often will limit their ability to use their hands for things like gardening, grooming a pet, or simply cooking a meal. If you have tried all the standard prescription drugs with no success, maybe it’s time to think out of the box.

Check out the best gin drunken raisin recipe for arthritis. In about a week you just might be playing Piano like Jerry Lee Lewis.

Chances are, you have never heard of this odd cure for arthritis. Well, you’re not the only one, I’m sure.


The idea is to soak the golden variety of raisin in gin for about a week, or until the gin has evaporated. This is not a new idea. This has been around for decades and there are many people with arthritis who have tried it and swear by it.

Best Gin Drunken Raisin Recipe For Arthritis-You'll be playing piano like Jerry Lee Lewis
The juniper berry found in gin is the key to arthritis relief.

The key element is the juniper found in the gin, as the juniper berry has anti-inflammatory qualities. So, the higher the juniper content of your gin, the better.

The golden raisin(sometimes called the white raisin)is preferable because of the sulfate it contains. Sulfate is well-known to have anti-inflammatory properties.

The Juniper from the gin and the sulfate from the golden raisins are the key elements for battling inflammation that causes arthritis.


It’s best not to vary from the golden raisins if you want to give this recipe a very good chance of working. As I mentioned, the golden raisin simply has more anti-inflammatory properties than the regular dark raisin.

If you think both types of raisin come from different grapes, you’re 100% wrong. They both come from Thompson Seedless grapes. What makes the raisins so different is the way they are processed and dried.

Normally, raisins are spread out on paper and dried in the sun for about three weeks. This causes browning and it can be accelerated by using higher temperatures.

Best Gin Drunken Raisin Recipe For Arthritis-You'll be playing piano like Jerry Lee Lewis
Dark raisins don’t have the same antioxidant benefits as the golden raisin.

However, the golden raisin is not sun-dried. They are dried in dehydrators at carefully controlled temperature and humidity levels. They are also treated with the antioxidant sulfur dioxide. The sulfur dioxide provides the health and anti-inflammatory properties that the dark raisins or other fruit do not.

Besides that, you end up with a far juicier and plumper raisin.


There are a lot of gins out there to choose from.

The goal is to find the gin that has so many juniper berries used in its formulation that is has a distinct juniper taste that’s hard to miss. The gin almost tastes like the berries were plucked right off the tree.

Be very sure that it’s a London Dry Gin. This is your best choice when it comes to creating your drunken raisin recipe.

How about this one. I bet you didn’t know that Sipsmith V.J.O.P stood for “Very Juniper Over Proof.” Well, now you do, and it’s an excellent choice for your needs. They actually use triple the amount of Juniper berries as opposed to their standard gin. Their goal was to provide the ultimate gin for juniper lovers.

Best Gin Drunken Raisin Recipe For Arthritis-You'll be playing piano like Jerry Lee Lewis
Sipsmith VJOP is one of the more expensive gins, but it’s loaded with Juniper.

Beefeater London Dry is much less expensive than the Sipsmith, but also has a fair amount of Juniper berries used in its formulation.

Tanqueray London Dry is a classic that is also on the less expensive side. The juniper really shines because it only has three other botanicals in the recipe.

Portland Dry Gin might be the best choice of all. It’s priced in between the Sipsmith and the Beefeater and Tanqueray gins. there’s no citrus or cardamom in the recipe, just juniper. the problem is, it’s very hard to find outside of the Pacific Northwest.

Regardless of which gin you choose, be absolutely sure that it’s a dry gin.


Once you have the perfect raisin and the perfect gin, you are all set to create your drunken raisins.

You will need a shallow glass bowl. An oval shape seems to work best.

Put one cup of golden raisins in the bowl. Remember!  Don’t substitute with a dark raisin or any other fruit. This is very important.

You will need one to two cups of gin. Pour in enough to just cover the raisins. Cover the bowl with cheesecloth and let it stand for about one week. Room temperature is best for this. In a week or so the raisins should absorb all the gin. Wait until all the liquid has evaporated. Once that’s done, you’re all set.

Best Gin Drunken Raisin Recipe For Arthritis-You'll be playing piano like Jerry Lee Lewis
The main ingredients. Golden raisins and Dry Gin.

The correct amount to take seems to be nine raisins for some reason. Take them just before bed every night. It could take 4-6 weeks to work and may require some patience. Some people have noticed results in three or four days.

Store them in the refrigerator once the gin has evaporated. They won’t spoil at room temperature if you prefer them warm. It’s all about what you prefer, cold or warm. Be sure to start another batch when you are down to about a week’s supply.

If you want to kick it up a notch, you can put some honey and cinnamon into the gin mix. It won’t hurt the effectiveness.


There are many people who swear by the drunken raisin as an excellent way of easing inflammation and as a result, managing the pain associated with arthritis.

There are those who say it’s a placebo effect, but so what? Even if it is, and you feel less pain, who cares? The mind is very powerful and can have a  huge impact on how you are feeling at any given time.

But on the other hand, the majority of people who give this treatment an honest try swear that it works. What can you lose if you have tried everything else without success?

Try this best gin drunken raisin recipe and soon you’ll be playing the piano like Jerry Lee Lewis.

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  1. Hi, thank you for this interesting post. I am researching for some ways to help my mother’s arthritis pain. I haven’t heard of the drunken raisin, but will try this to see if she will see some relief. I wonder if she’ll be able to tolerate the taste? Do the raisins have a strong alcohol taste?

  2. Hello Ray,

    I have known about this trick for many years (my grandparents sent us their old tips and tricks) but have not given it a fair try. I have a variety of health issues and auto-immune conditions which cause pain and stiffness. Sulfur is supposed to help some of them. At various points it was suspected I have psoriatic or another form of arthritis. I think I tried this once with dark raisins. I will have to try it again with golden raisins. 

    I like gin (in very small amounts) anyway and know that tonic water which contains quinine is supposed to be helpful for some of my conditions as well. So, gin and tonic for me!

    I love these old fashioned but effective tricks. They really work but are becoming forgotten over time. It would be much healthier for people to use recipes like this rather than taking prescription drugs and suffering the associated side effects. 

    Thanks for this and I hope you have more great tips in the future,


    1. Thank you for your comment Jessica!

      If someone has tried everything with no luck, I think this might be worth a try.

  3. Dear Ray,

    Thanks a lot for the informative and helpful article. I must say I found your article highly uplifting & educational and I can tell you I have taken some great insights from this article.

    My Aunt is struggling with Arthritis quiet for a while and I was doing some research online to find helpful information and found your informative article. The difference between the dark and golden raisin is an eye-opener for me and I was thinking both are the same.

    The recipe is very easy, simple and doable. The best part is it’s a natural remedy which is awesome. I am going to share this article with my aunt and I strongly believe she will try it. She is struggling with arthritis for years so 4-6 weeks time is not a big concern. Great information, you have really given a lot of value here.

    Much Success!


    1. Thank you, Paul, for your kind words. I sure hope this helps your Aunt and everyone else who decides to give it a try.

      As it is a  natural remedy without harsh pharmaceutical drugs, it can’t hurt to try when all else has failed.

  4. This is not a recipe for disaster rather one that will provide some much-needed relief from those suffering from arthritis. I had a grandmother that made something similar to this and she used to give it to all the relatives that had mobility problems. I never tried it as I was a young lad, but it makes a lot of sense now that I read this article.

    I did not know that the golden raisins were actually the same as the dark ones other than the processing. Now that to do know, I will likely stick to the light ones from now on. You are right that they have a better taste and are juicier than the dark ones.

    The gin I can use for my first recipe will be the Beefeater London Dry as that is what I can get here in Dubai. That will do even though as you say it is not the best. It has enough junipers to make this recipe work it appears. So 9 per day will do the trick once the raisins have soaked up the gin? That sounds like it may not be enough, but I will give it a go.

    Thanks for bringing back my  Grandmother’s remedy to me, it has been so long since I even thought about that time. The difference is today I can make this myself using your recipe plus I am old enough to actually get some good out of it too. Great read and remedy you have shared with us!

  5. It’s good to do experiments like you did. What got me curious is, how does the drunken raisin actually treat inflammation? What specific substances or by-product substances that are produced in rinsing raisins in gin? I’d like to know if any chemical reaction or specific action of the active ingredients on the inflammation. 

    I apologize for the tough questions as I am a pharmacist and people like us often demand detailed and scientific explanation as to how this preparation actually helps relieve inflammation. But I like your creativity, we didn’t think it’s possible. Let me try do it myself, and prepare my own drink drunken raisin preparation.

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