Benefits of Olive Oil For Health {Especially For Seniors}

Benefits of Olive Oil For Health: Especially For Seniors

It’s amazing how what we eat over the course of our lives dictates the direction our health goes. Poor food choices lead to obesity, heart disease, and Type 2 Diabetes and many seniors have to deal with these health issues and many others due to poor nutrition choices. However, it’s never too late to make changes. Benefits of Olive oil for health especially for seniors is a great place to start.

Along with coconut oil, olive oil could make for a very dynamic duo for seniors to include as everyday ingredients for their cooking and baking needs.

Benefits of Olive Oil For Health {Especially For Seniors}
Olive oil is a staple of the Mediterranean Diet.

There is a very long list of the health benefits of olive oil and seniors should seriously consider substituting olive oil in cooking in baking when a recipe calls for margarine or butter. Also, there are few oils better for drizzling on your salad.


It was Spanish researchers who wanted to ascertain the impact of olive oil on seniors once it was introduced into their diet.

The study published in the Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics included seniors aged 65-96.

Participants were divided into two groups. One half continued on with their regular diet without olive oil and the other half used three tablespoons of EVOO(extra virgin olive oil) as their only fat. The time period for the study was six weeks.

The participants who consumed the olive oil showed a significant reduction in total cholesterol, but also an increase in HDL(the good cholesterol). Basically, the study concluded that people incorporating olive oil into their diet on a regular basis improved the health of the elderly.

Benefits of Olive Oil For Health {Especially For Seniors}
Olive oil is very versatile.

This study and many like it add to the success of the Mediterranean Diet that is regarded by a good deal of health care circles as the best diet in the world for overall health and longevity. This would well be why people in the Blue Zones of the world tend to live to be a very healthy 100 years old on a regular basis.

Another study published in Neurology used data from over 15,000 people over the age of 45 to conclude that those on a Mediterranean Diet suffered less memory loss, improved heart function, and protection from age-related chronic diseases.

The list of health benefits from daily consumption of olive oil is quite extensive.

Olive oil is excellent for cooking and is quite resistant to high heat.


This is considered a good fat. The main fatty acid in olive oil is a monounsaturated fat called oleic acid. This fat makes up 73% of the total oil content.

Studies have shown that oleic acid may reduce inflammation and may even benefit genes linked to cancer.

One of the main reasons olive oil is so handy in the kitchen is that it’s quite resistant to high heat and this makes it a very healthy choice for cooking.


Not only is olive oil nutritious and great to cook with, but it also contains vitamins E and K and large amounts of powerful antioxidants.

As antioxidants are biologically active they might reduce a senior’s risk of chronic disease. For that reason alone, consuming olive oil on a regular basis seems like an excellent choice.

Antioxidants battle inflammation and at the same time help protect blood cholesterol from oxidation. These two benefits have the potential to lower the risk of heart disease.


A disturbance to the blood flow to the brain is ultimately what causes a stroke. This can be caused by a blood clot or bleeding.

It’s very surprising that strokes in developed countries are the second most common cause of death. The most common cause is heart disease. Ultimately, there is a very real possibility that the right diet will lessen the risk of seniors falling victim to either one of these.

A very large study review that included over 840,000 people found that olive oil was the main source of monounsaturated fats that could be linked to fewer instances of stroke of heart disease.


As stated, heart disease is the most common cause of death in developed countries.

Many studies have been done on the Mediterranean Diet and why people who embrace it suffers from far fewer heart diseases. Olive oil is one of the key ingredients in the Mediterranean Diet.

Olive oil is a key ingredient because it lowers inflammation while at the same time protects against bad LDL cholesterol from oxidization, improves blood vessel lining, and at the same time may help prevent blood clotting.

Benefits of Olive Oil For Health {Especially For Seniors}
There are many excellent olive oil choices.

Even more, telling is the fact that olive oil appears to lower blood pressure. High blood pressure is one of the main indicators for heart disease and dying far too young. Olive oil, according to one study, can reduce the need for taking blood pressure medication by 48%.

Yes, it’s true. Sound nutrition can eliminate the need for many prescription medications.

There have literally been hundreds of studies done on the benefits of olive oil and the power it has to decrease disease that seniors often fall victim to and at the same time increase longevity and quality of life.


Most foods that contain excessive amounts of fat are sure to cause weight gain if consumed on a regular basis.

Olive oil is an exception and does not cause weight gain. On the contrary, numerous studies of the Mediterranean Diet rich in olive oil has a favorable effect on a person’s body weight.

Benefits of Olive Oil For Health {Especially For Seniors}
Even pizza is better with extra virgin olive oil.

One 30-month study including 7000 college students who consumed large amounts of olive oil did not lead to increased weight.

On the contrary, studies have shown that diets rich in olive oil showed an increase in antioxidants in the blood and weight loss.


It’s sad but true. Alzheimer’s is the most common neurodegenerative condition on the face of the earth.

It appears that one of the key features of Alzheimer’s is a buildup of plaque inside the brain cells. Studies on rats have shown that there is a substance in olive oil that can help remove this plaque.

Another human study determined that a Mediterranean Diet rich in olive oil was a benefit to brain function.

Benefits of Olive Oil For Health {Especially For Seniors}

The research on olive oil and its impact on reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s is in its preliminary stages and further testing and research are needed to substantiate the findings.

However, with so many proven benefits, it would be well worth making olive oil a mainstay in your kitchen.


A Mediterranean Diet rich in olive oil has proved to be a powerful weapon against a host of diseases.

Studies have shown it can reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes by 40% and the need for blood pressure medication by 48%.

It can be a force in the fight against obesity, heart disease, and strokes. Even if it reduces the risk of just one of these diseases that often afflict seniors, it’s well worth making it an integral part of one’s everyday diet.

It’s versatile, good tasting, resistant to high heat, and considering its health benefits, is quite inexpensive.

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  1. Olive oil is great. I used to consume it often, but I switched to coconut oil and that’s my oil of choice now. It’s only a personal preference and not for a specific reason or anything like that. But I actually didn’t realize that olive oil had a component in it to remove plaque in the cells (brain). Just one more reason for seniors, and anyone, to consume olive oil. 

    1. Thank you for your comment Nate! I agree with your thoughts on coconut oil. As I said at the very beginning of the post, coconut oil and olive oil in your kitchen would make a dynamic duo as a disease fighter.

  2. Wow, thanks for such wonderful post. I have got a chance to read so mucj about olive oil although i have heard so much about its usefulness to man. Personally I don’t really give mucj attention to the kind of oil in use cooking and I must confess I am beginning to have a complete change of idea after reading through this post. Considering my age, I’m very prone to stroke and I wouldn’t want that. So I’ll love to start making use of olive oil instead.

  3. Olive oil has many amazing benefits one can never think of. Despite the fact that it is an ideal oil for cooking which can prevent stroke, heart attack, alzemer, it can also repair hair and mosturise and make it silky. It has low fat and colesterol, this is why it is more recommended by doctor and nutritionist. This review will be of great help for people looking for an amazing work of olive oil 

  4. This is a timely article. I have been using coconut oil in my diet but never considered Olive oil. A lot of negatives have been written about adulteration of Olive oil that one forgets the good it also provides. 

    You mentioned in the Olive Oil study about the consumption of 3 tablespoons of Oil for six weeks. Is this daily or weekly? Is this consumed on its own or used up in preparation of food?

    I also like the fact it is proven to help with memory loss amongst other things. It would be good to know what quantities to consume in these cases or a general inclusion in one’s diet is sufficient.

    I will definitely revisit your site for other ‘senior helps’. 

    1. Thank you for your comment. I will have to amend that to read 3 tablespoons per day for six weeks. Also, much like coconut oil, you can take it straight up or with food. Your body doesn’t care how it gets there.

  5. My mom is a firm believer of olive oil. It’s interesting how over time diet trends change. Some time in the 60’s my grandmother had switched from butter to margarine because margarine was considered to be more healthy. Growing up, my parents would usually cook with olive oil, butter for flavor, depending on the dish. Now a days my mom keeps a couple sticks of butter in her fridge, but they’ve been in there for awhile, lol. She uses olive oil to cook with. Margarine never stuck with that side of my family. To be honest, I use canola if I’m deep frying something because it has a higher heat retention rate than olive, but I love olive oil and vinegar on fresh greens.

    I think that diet is very holistic. People really can get by eating those things considered to be terrible. I heard Warren Buffet eats McDonalds every day for breakfast. Jordan B Peterson only eats red meat and reported that he has much more vitality than when he was eating…well, anything else. There’s a tribe of people somewhere, I forget where, but they don’t consume water…….how crazy is that. The women chew this type of root, and spit it into a bowl, and it ferments into this drink they consume. I drink a lot of water. Couldn’t imagine going without it. But, I guess it really depends on how you grow up. I think health problems come to people often when they “try something new” and loose track of what their body requires.

    You’ve been around this earth longer than me. What’s something that you’ve stuck with your whole life, food wise?

    1. Thank you for your comment. I often hear people say that eating meat will make you strong as an ox. Yet, if an ox is a herbivore how did he get so strong? Then I hear people say that you should only eat a plant-based diet.

      But if the sun makes the grass sprout and the rain helps it grow and the ox eats the grass, is the ox not plant-based?

      Everything leads back to one thing. If we consume all things in moderation and get off this line of thinking that only meat or only fat or only vegetables is what we should eat we can do away with all the crazy diets.

  6. This is very impactful as there are data to substantiate the findings. A  reduction in Type 2 data by 40% and blood pressure by 48% is huge.

    The fight against obesity, heart disease and strokes against Seniors is worth making it an important part of one’s daily diet. I endorse this article and have no doubt that it will be highly helpful in assisting persons who sought information in leading a healthy lifestyle.

    Thank you for sharing and I look forward to reading more interesting articles from you.   

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