Beautiful Russian women who just want to be happy

Beautiful Russian Women(Who Just Want To Be Happy)

It seems like there is an endless supply of Russian women who would love to meet a man from another country. It seems that they can hardly wait to leave Russia. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth.

Like most people in the world, Russian women love the country they were born in. So why are there so many beautiful Russian women who just want to be happy and are willing to leave the country they love?

Beautiful Russian women who just want to be happy
To most Russian women, marriage and family is very important.

I suppose the obvious reason is that they can’t find happiness in their own country. If they could, they would never consider leaving to find love in a strange land.


First of all, they don’t want to leave. They simply have run out of options. If they had their way they would stay, but unfortunately there are many reasons why they have to look to foreign countries to find happiness.

  1. Russian women often deal with husbands who are drunk quite a lot and are abusive to their wives. For the most part, they will try to make their marriage work despite everything.
  2. It’s the norm for Russian men to sleep around, drink, and physically abuse their wives. It may not happen at first, but invariably the marriage falls apart and the abuse begins.
  3. For every 100 women in Russia, there are 88 men. So basically, 12% of Russian women will struggle to find a man. Russian men who don’t drink, hold down a permanent job, and treat their wives and kids with respect are a rare commodity. It would be like winning the lottery for the average Russian woman.
  4. On average, 16,000 Russian women are killed every year by their spouses or family members. That is truly a horrific statistic.


It’s not really all that complicated. Family values are very important to Russian women. They want to marry, have children, and live a happy family life. Unfortunately, that is difficult to find in Russia.

Many Russian women are very well-educated and are not looking for a hand-out from men who live in the USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia, or any other country. They are not after money and material things. They simply want to have a happy family life.

Since marriage is so important to Russian women, men are in high demand. The men in Russia actually get spoiled by women who will do almost anything for them in order to make their marriage work.

Beautiful Russian women who just want to be happy

Russia may be advanced in education, science, culture, and many other occupational fields, but the Russian social structure is outdated.

Women’s liberation is at almost 70 years behind North America. Russian women are facing issues that women from other countries faced in the 1950s. Men like it that way in Russia and social status for women is unlikely to change any time soon.

With the advent of the computer, Russian women who could speak some English began to contact men from other countries. When they fell in love and moved to their new country, they would tell their family and friends back home. This is how Russian dating sites got their start.


There are those who still think that Russian women want to come to their country in order to take advantage of them. Sure, there might be women with this on their minds, but the majority just want to find a good man and be happy.

It’s not all that much different from any North American married couple. Some work out and some don’t. Some women or men marry just to take advantage of their new spouse even if they are both from the same country.

Beautiful Russian women who just want to be happy

There is also the belief in some quarters that when Russian women move to a foreign county they end up being nothing more than maids and are abused much like they are in Russia.

Sure, that might happen in some rare instances, but for the most part, it’s nothing but propaganda aimed at keeping Russian women from leaving the homeland.

Russian mail order brides are far different from say, Asian mail order brides. Asian women have very strong family ties, and when they find a man and move to another country they sent money back home to support their families.

Russian women are far different. They are doing what they are doing for themselves, and not the family back home.


Some men just don’t have any luck finding a woman they can hit it off within their own country. So should they look to international dating sites to find the perfect woman?

If all else fails, of course, they should. Everyone deserves to be happy. What does it matter what country your true love happens to be from? We are, after all, the family of man no matter what corner of the world we call home.

Beautiful Russian women who just want to be happy
Many Russian women are very well educated.

Personally I have had co-workers who have wives from Japan and the Philippines and both are incredibly happy. I will always remember this one guy I used to work with years ago.

He was always sad and lonely. Then one day he found a woman on one of the dating sites and after corresponding for some time, brought her over to Canada.

She loved the country and him and they got married soon after. He became one of the happiest guys I ever knew.

I had the chance to meet his wife and she was beautiful, smart, and loyal. It was so great to see it work out so well for both of them. He worshiped the ground she walked on and would do anything for her. Every year he would gladly make the trip back to her country with her. She eventually got a driver’s license and a job. No way was she ever mistreated and kept like a maid or a slave.


Most international dating sites are constructed in such a way that men from around the world can communicate with foreign women long before they meet them.

Usually, dating sites are free to join. You can browse through the profiles of hundreds of women from Asia, Russia, and Ukraine. It’s not until you find one that you would love to communicate with that you would need to pay in order to correspond with them.

This is normally done by video and audio chatting, sharing pictures, and instant messaging. Many of the better sites offer translation services as well.

Once you both decide you want to meet, the agency will set up a trip for you to visit your new friend in her country. You could find yourself in the beautiful Russian city of St. Petersburg.

Of course, there are scammers out there, but if you access the right dating site you will find they do everything they can to vet the women who are on their website.

BeHappy2Day has an excellent reputation and is a highly regarded international dating site. You can join for free and browse around and decide if you want to communicate with a woman after seeing her picture and reading her profile.

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