A,erican river cruises seniors who love unique travel will love.

American River Cruises Seniors {who enjoy unique travel will love}

If you have been on many Caribbean cruises and enjoyed them, perhaps its time to give river cruising a try. It’s a great way to travel through your country and learn a bit about its history. American river cruises seniors who enjoy unique travel will love are becoming more and more popular.

Part of the reason might be that many cruise ships these days have several thousand passengers and smaller river cruises would be a bit of a change as the passenger capacity is so much less. Seldom will there be more than 200 passengers on a river cruise.

Another feature attraction that makes river cruising so desirable is the logistics. Because there are fewer passengers to deal with getting on and off a riverboat is much easier.

Some amenities you can expect are a library, live entertainment, expert lectures, and many ways to relax or stay fit.

River cruises tend to attract an older crowd who despite the high cost tend to return year after year. It’s estimated that about 40% of those who try river cruising for the first time will become a repeat guest.


Of course, whenever a river cruise is mentioned, the “Big Muddy” comes to mind. The Mississippi River got its nickname from all the boats that churn up the mud from the bottom of the river. I sailed from New Orleans once on the way to the Southern Caribbean aboard the Holland America Noordam and had a chance to experience the Mississippi River firsthand.

I can attest to the fact that it is indeed very muddy water. There were sandbars everywhere and the big engines of the cruise ship way churning up clouds of muddy brown water in its wake.

American river cruises seniors who love unique travel will love.

There’s a town called Pilot Town located a short distance from New Orleans. Generations of Mississippi River Pilots have guided countless ships down the mighty Mississippi.

Begin your adventure by boarding America in New Orleans. The cruise highlights feature the lower Mississippi on this five-day New Orleans round trip

Your river cruise vacation begins with a complimentary Pre-cruise package. The package includes a one-night stay at an excellent hotel and transportation to the ship.

Prior to embarking in New Orleans, you will enjoy a tour that will give you a close up look of the Big Easy. Some highlights include Cajun food and music and a visit to the French Quarter and the Garden District.

On your river cruise out of New Orleans, you will stop at Houmas House. Once there you will be able to explore almost 40 acres of gardens, oak trees, brilliant flowers, and ponds.

Baton Rouge, LA is the next stop and after a hearty breakfast, you will get to visit the city and tour the Lousiana State Museum with a local tour guide. Baton Rouge is followed by a stop in Oak Valley, LA. You will get to visit the Antebellum Plantation followed by mint juleps on the front lawn.


A,erican river cruises seniors who love unique travel will love.

Your cruise will end where it started in New Orleans and the 185 passengers will disembark and most likely some passengers will check out more sights in New Orleans before heading home.

The prices range from $3,610 per person for the Owner’s Suite with a private balcony to $2,790 for a single inside room. Some departure dates include October 22, 2019, July 25, 2020, and July 29, 2020.


This is an amazing river cruise aboard the American Queen that will take you the entire length of the Mississippi Southbound from Minneapolis to New Orleans. Along the way, passengers will be able to visit cities and towns that have stood for generations.

As with most River Cruises, your journey will begin with a hotel stay before boarding the ship the next morning in preparation for the 5 p.m. departure from Red Wing, MN.

On days three, four, and five there will be stops at Winona, MN, the Island City build upon a sandbar, La Crosse, WI that way originally built for the lumber trade, and Dubuque, IA, Iowa’s oldest city and oldest settlement on the west side of the Mississippi River.

American river cruises seniors who love unique travel will love.
Relax and enjoy some drinks with new friends on the deck of the American Queen.

On days nine, ten, and eleven there will be stops in two of the largest cities on the Mississippi. St. Louis, MO is the stop and day nine and is famous for the Gateway Arch that heralded the early days of westward expansion for the United States. Day ten is a cruise day and a day to relax with a dip in the pool.

The eleventh day of the cruise is a busy day with a guided tour of Memphis, TN. A few of the features passengers will have the opportunity to visit include Beale Street, the Peabody Hotel, the Sun Studio, and the National Civil Rights Museum.

Day twelve is highlighted by a stop at Greenville, MS, Port of the Mississippi Delta. Passengers can take a spin on the oldest functioning Armitage Carousel at the E.E. Bass Cultural Arts Center and visit the Hebrew National Temple built in 1906 and St. Joseph’s Catholic Church built-in 1907.

The sixth, seventh, and eighth days feature stops in Bettendorf, that offers Civil War history, Burlington,  rich in culture, and New Madrid with its museum that will enable passengers to learn about the history of the town and the river.

Civil War buffs will be thrilled to arrive in Vicksburg, MS. Civil War history abounds in Vicksburg as it way Abraham Lincoln’s “key to the south.”

Natchez, MS way originally founded in 1716 and is the highlight of day fourteen. It’s the oldest city on the Mississippi, and no matter where you go in Natches there will be another piece of history to wonder at.


A,erican river cruises seniors who love unique travel will love.
The American Queen is one of the largest paddle-boats in the world.

The final day before arriving at New Orleans features a tour of Nottoway Plantation. It has the distinction of being the largest remaining antebellum deep south mansion. It has an astounding three floors, 64-bedrooms, and 22 white square columns.

On arrival at New Orleans, passengers have the option to book a post-cruise tour of the city before making the trip back home after an incredible river cruise holiday.

Prices for this cruise that departs on August 16, 2020, range from $4,499 per person double occupancy to $5,799 for a single occupancy cabin.

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This cruise aboard the American Queen features the BBQ Challenge. Stops include some of the best BBQ countries along the Mississippi.

Onboard competitions will feature the boat’s culinary team against regional barbecue masters with passengers picking the winners.

After a one-night stay in a Memphis, TN hotel, the American Queen will embark at 5 p.m. And spend the evening of the second day and day three cruising the Mississippi before arriving in New Madrid, MO on day four.

A,erican river cruises seniors who love unique travel will love.
A one-night stay in vibrant Memphis will kick off your river cruise.

Day five features a stop at Paducah, KY. This small river town is home to the 13,000 square foot National Quilt Museum and Lowertown Arts District.

Days six, seven, and eight includes stops in Cape Girardeau, MO home of the Cape River Heritage Museum, Chester, IL known as the home of Popeye, and St. Louis, MO, that features the Gateway Arch symbolizing the beginning of Western expansion for the USA.

Prices start at $8.199 per person for the owner’s suite that includes a veranda, to 2,799 for a single inside the cabin for this cruise that departs on July 19, 2020.

I hope some of these American river cruises seniors who enjoy unique travel will love will encourage you to try a River Cruise for perhaps the first time.


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