Affordable Places To Retire To {that Canadian seniors will love}

Affordable Places To Retire To {that Canadian seniors will love}

For many seniors, when the time comes to retire they often decide to retire in a city or town other than the one they currently live in. Here is a look at some affordable places to retire that Canadian seniors will love should they choose to retire in their own country.

There are many factors driving the decision to relocate. It could be that they want to be closer to family or perhaps they are in search of a city that isn’t quite as expensive to live in. In many Canadian cities, the weather also plays a big role in seniors deciding that its time to move.

Cold, icy winters are not great for seniors. It’s far too difficult to walk on icy sidewalks when most seniors already live in fear of falling. For seniors who drive, snow and ice covered roads are just as difficult to navigate.


Many retired seniors from across Canada have made historic Kingston their choice as the best place for them to retire.

The city is situated on the mouth of the Cataraqui and St. Lawrence Rivers. Many people have known it as the “Limestone City” for its grand 19th Century buildings that include the lakeside Kingston City Hall.

It’s an easy drive to Toronto or Montreal if the spirit moves one to visit a couple of Canada’s largest cities.

Kingston has a stunning lakefront and many excellent restaurants. Much of the city contains historic architecture that has a way of infusing Kingston with quaintness.

Affordable Places To Retire To {that Canadian seniors will love}

One of the best features of Kingston is that its one of the safest cities in Canada, and safety is a big issue with seniors.

What is of special interest to seniors is Kingston advanced health care facilities, affordable living, and vibrant entertainment and tourism activities.

For those looking for a retirement home, Kingston has many excellent facilities to choose from.

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Vancouver’s average house price is currently just under one million dollars. The city is well-known for having some of the most expensive real estate in the world.

It’s not the ideal place if seniors are looking to downsize as a small home in Vancouver costs more than a big home almost anywhere else in the country.

Seniors who move to Vancouver to retire won’t be doing it for the low cost of living. Although it doesn’t really make the list of an affordable place to retire in Canada, it’s difficult to leave out as it is very popular among senior retirees for many other reasons.

Vancouver is most definitely a retirement location for those who do not have money issues.

Affordable Places To Retire To {that Canadian seniors will love}

That being said, there are many finer points to retiring in Vancouver. Often called the “Hollywood of the North” Vancouver has some of Canada’s most well-recognized entertainment, restaurants, arts, and culture.

The summers can provide day after day of sunny, clear, blue skies, but the fall and winter is a far different story. Although there is little snow in Vancouver during the winter, the rain can be unrelenting at times. Still, many seniors would rather deal with the rain as opposed to ice and snow.

Having grown up in Vancouver, I can tell you that the air is different from much of the rest of Canada. The city is nestled between the Pacific Ocean and a mountain range that combine to keep the cold weather and snow at bay. Many seniors feel that living near the ocean has soothing qualities.


Bragg Creek is about a thirty-minute drive to Calgary, yet is still very quaint and quiet. It’s a small Hamlet well-known for its charming shops, parks, and restaurants. It sits at the confluence of Bragg Creek and the Elbow River.

The Rock Mountain towns of Canmore and Banff are less than 90 minutes away. They are two of the most popular tourist’s destinations in Canada.

If you are an artist, there is plenty of spectacular scenery to be captured to your canvas. There is no better place for biking in the spring and summer and cross-country skiing in the winter. There is also plenty of excellent fishing.


Affordable Places To Retire To {that Canadian seniors will love}

Many hikers and bike enthusiasts from Calgary make Bragg Creek their destination on single day outings. They stop by for lunch and to visit the many shops.

A diversity of residents and visitors love Bragg Creek for its restful atmosphere, physical beauty, old log buildings, and shopping centers. There are no big box stores in Bragg Creek, but they are just a 30-minute drive away.

The same could be said for health facilities. The lack of health facilities could prove to be a drawback for seniors, but the trip to Calgary is not all that far.

There can sometimes be severe winter weather that might not be to the liking of many seniors. However, there’s not too far to travel within the hamlet itself. It’s not quite the same as trying to navigate icy and snowy city sidewalks and roads.


I suppose no Canadian retirement destination would be complete without mentioning Victoria, B.C.

It is after all, called Canada’s retirement city by many people. Victoria is ranked as #1 as far as places to retire in B.C. There are many reasons for this.

The average property taxes are just $1,026 per year. There are also 3.73 doctors per 1000 people. As far as weather, Victoria has 319 days of the year that are above freezing. Their West Coast Marine climate is a carbon copy of London, England. Maybe, less the fog.

Affordable Places To Retire To {that Canadian seniors will love}

You can even go to the Empress Hotel for High Tea.

Seniors love Victoria for it’s healthy sea air and moderate climate that makes this Vancouver Island city one of the healthiest places in Canada to live.

For these same reasons, there are many retirement homes in Victoria.

There is no lack of things to do. What better place to go for a Sunday drive, hike, bike, or fish? There’s an abundance of parkland and local activities to keep seniors busy.

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Much of the Victoria architecture harkens back to the city’s British Colonial past that includes the stately Craigdarroch Castle mansion, Butchart Gardens, with its 55 acres of floral displays.

Victoria is the capital city of British Columbia and has a population of around 85,000. That being said, the city hosts about three million tourists a year.


Nelson used to be a hangout for Vietnam USA draft dodgers and lovers of pot in the 1960s, but over the years has become a very desirable retirement destination.

Situated deep in the interior of B.C., Nelson offers some of the best living conditions in the country. The average taxes are about $1600 per year with 262 days of temperatures above freezing. Nelson is on Kootenay Lake and has all the beauty of the interior mountains surrounding it.

You haven’t truly lived until you visit the Nelson Saturday Farmers Market. It’s at the market where you will first realize that Nelson has quite a large French community.

At the market, you will find fresh baguettes, croissants, galettes, and Kougin Amann. There are also several French bakeries and a cheese shop in town. One very interesting and noteworthy fact about Nelson is that it has more restaurants per capita than any city in Canada.

When you walk through Nelson’s neighborhoods you will still see the amazing Victorian and Art Deco Homes that have stood the test of time.

And how about this? Nelson still has a video store with over 15,000 titles. That’s certainly a rarity these days. If you are all for the resurgence of vinyl records, there are also two vinyl record shops in Nelson.

affordable cities to retire in that canadian seniors will love.

Want to try something different? How about circus school, sewing classes, maker classes, cooking, pottery, parkour, boxing, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, fishing, climbing, and snowshoeing?

Perhaps the one downside of Nelson for seniors it that the town of 10,000 is perched on a mountainside and wherever you walk, you seem to be going uphill or downhill.

Also, although Nelson has some excellent residential care facilities, the town is short of doctors and the small hospital and medical care beyond its scope are normally handled by Trail B.C. about one hour away.

If you are looking for a retirement community anywhere in Canada be sure to check with They will help seniors and caregivers find the best facility to suit their needs.

I hope you found a retirement location that interests you in this list of affordable places to retire to that Canadian seniors will love.


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  1. Victoria, British Columbia wouldn’t just be a place for me to retire to, but definitely would be an excellent place to live. The weather is my kind of weather, not too cold, not too hot, and here in July, the Pittsburgh heat has us all retreating indoors on a clear day; no way to live. And even as an American, I wouldn’t mind creeping north of the border if it meant awesome temperatures, and scenery. Both of which Victoria has to offer, especially since it’s affordable. 

    1. Thank you for your comment, Todd! I think most Americans could do well if they decided to retire anywhere in Canada. Especially if you sold a home in the USA and downsized in Victoria for instance. With a 30% difference in the exchange rate, it would be a bargain.

      I’m just not exactly sure how the immigration laws work if Americans retire in Canada, or Canadians retire in the USA.

  2. This is an excellent article!  The layout and pictures make it eye-catching and just keep you reading.

    As my sister has retired in Bragg Creek and I used to live near Nelson, I can confirm that your information is spot on.

    The information you give is very relevant to seniors, giving them details on many of the items that they would need to know such as availability of doctors and other services as well as property taxes.  I also find that the advertising links are well placed are are far from pushy.

    Your writing style is very down to earth and engaging.  Keep up the great work!  I just might be packing up my bags and moving to Nelson in the near future – LOL!

    1. Thanks very much for your insightful comment. How can you tell that Nelson is my favorite place? I visited there a few time to get a lay of the land and I liked what I saw.

      Actually, I have been to every city and town I talked about in this article. I used to camp in and around Kingston and the Thousand Islands when I lived in Toronto. I also grew up in Vancouver so know it well. As I live in Calgary, I have been to Bragg Creek many times.

      Victoria is a great spot as well. I ran in their marathon twice and spend some time in the city after. Too many panhandlers for my liking. Also, a lot of crime in Vancouver, however, the climate is excellent for seniors if they can handle the rain.

      Allthough Nelson is lacking in a major hospital, it’s a great place to retire or to join a retirement community. I really think I might end up there.

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