Affordable Downtown Las Vegas Hotels

Affordable Downtown Las Vegas Hotels

It makes perfect sense that not everyone is willing to pay the high room and resort fee costs that come with staying with one of the strip casinos. Fortunately, there are many affordable downtown Las Vegas hotels for the frugal traveler to choose from.

It’s perfect for seniors who are on a budget yet enjoy the action of Las Vegas. Trust me, every time I go to Vegas it seems like I’m seeing more and more seniors. That could be because many of the baby boomer generations are reaching their retirement years in droves.

I have stayed at three different downtown Las Vegas hotels so I’ll talk about those first and then give you some other options to consider as well.


I’ve stayed at the Fremont many times. Normally their room rates are around $60-$65 depending on the time of year. As an example, I just did a search for a four-night stay at the Fremont in late January 2020 from Monday to Thursday with a Friday check-out.

Affordable Downtown Las Vegas Hotels
The Paradise Buffet at the Fremont is a downtown favorite.

The cost was just $78 Canadian with a total cost of $310 for four nights. However, there is the dreaded $19.20 US per night resort fee that must be paid on checkout.

Keep in mind that when you book any Las Vegas hotel the resort fee is not included in the price you see listed. It is a totally separate charge.

Even with the resort fees, the downtown Vegas casinos are far less expensive than the strip. For instance, a stay at one of the five-star strip hotels will probably cost you at least $200 USD per night with a $45 USD per night resort fee.

The Fremont Hotel and Casino is one of a group of Boyd Gaming and they all have the B Connected player’s card.

They have one of the best and least expensive buffets in the downtown area with breakfast at below $10. The Paradise Buffet is a favorite of many downtown Vegas visitors. They also have Tony Roma’s if it’s a steak dinner you have an appetite for.

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There is plenty of $5 blackjack and $1 roulette if you prefer table games, and at slower times of the week will sometimes offer 50 cent roulette.

Like most of the downtown casinos, they have live Keno. It’s a great way to relax and have a few free drinks. You can play Keno all day and drink all you want for free.


This was my favorite downtown hotel for quite some time.

Affordable Downtown Las Vegas Hotels
The Golden Nugget has some excellent top-end rooms, but a high resort fee.

Their Gold Club rooms are better than the rooms at the Bellagio. These rooms are on two floors only and require a card to access your floor. They featured two big-screen T. V’s and also a T.V. in the bathroom.

There was a separate sitting area with sofa and chairs and one of the big screen T.V.’s

They held off on the resort fee rip-off for some time but finally caved in. The day they began the resort fees if the last day I stayed with them. To make matters worse, their resort fee has risen to $36.16 USD a night. This is more than many of the strip hotels.

They often run promotions, but beware as the resort fee(plus tax)will have to be paid at check-out. They have a promotion going on right now for their less expensive rooms. The price is $39 USD per night and you also get a $30 food credit that is good anywhere in the casino.

This offer ends on March 27, 2020, but there will be others. Although $39 sounds like a great price, it’s almost doubled with the $36 resort fee. This makes it $75 USD or about $92 CDN, so not such a great deal after all.

Their buffet is okay, but the Paradise Buffet at the Fremont is just as good and less expensive.


This is my favorite downtown hotel right now. They are one of the very few hotels/casinos that have no resort fees. Good for them for not caving in.

low cost downtown las vegas hotels
Love the Four Queens. No resort fee!

I just checked out what three nights would cost in March 2020 and the average cost was $59 a night with no resort fee. You can see how much of a difference this is and why I stay there.

The Four Queen’s also has a buffet that is quite good at a fairly reasonable price. I enjoyed many buffets at the Fremont and the Four Queen’s over the years but avoided the Golden Nugget as it is more expensive.

You will also find Magnolia’s Restaurant in the Four Queen’s if you want to be served a quick meal that is inexpensive with large portions. This is where I usually go if I want a change from a buffet. If you have a Players Card you will get a bit of a reduction in your meals.


I have never stayed at the D hotel, but visit there every time I’m downtown. I enjoy their Keno and the attractive girls dancing while you play at the tables.

Affordable Downtown Las Vegas Hotels
Live music on stage in front of the D hotel on Fremont.

I took a look at what three weekday nights would cost at the D Hotel in late March 2020. The price was $70 CDN of about $49 USD.

Unfortunately, they have decided to go with a resort fee of $25 plus tax so I will most likely never be staying there unless there is some sort of comp involved. Anytime you have comped a room you pay no resort fee. At least that’s has been my experience with several hotels on and off the strip.

Many reviews have positive remarks about the D. Some say they have some of the fastest elevators in Vegas. Others say that they have an excellent breakfast cafe and steak restaurant.

Again, I believe this is a fun hotel and casino to visit during any Fremont Stay, but be aware of the resort fee that will be tacked on when you check out.


If you want to get a feel for what the old Las Vegas was like book one of the Vintage or Pavilion rooms at El Cortez. Many visitors have stated how they enjoyed the experience when writing their reviews.

I should also note that the El Cortez is one of the longest continuously running hotels in Las Vegas.

They also feature new Tower Premium rooms if you are looking for luxury, or Cabana Suites that offer a unique boutique experience.

low cost downtown las vegas hotels
The El Cortez gets excellent dining reviews.

The room prices seem to range from $44 to $105.67 per night when checking out prices for the last week in January 2020. The $105.67 price is for a Tower (design a suite). Not sure what design a suite means, but it sounds interesting, but too high a price for me anyway.

They have a resort fee of $#19.95 plus tax.

For dining, Siegel’s 1941 is very popular and brings back memories of the Bugsy Segal days.

There is also the Eureka and Shinya Restaurants. Eureka has great food and craft beer, and Shinya features a Japanese influence in their dining experience.

Their buffet continually gets rave reviews for quality and ambiance. Most of the positive comments are on the quality and variety of food. Breakfast at the El Cortez Hotel seems to be the favorite of many people. Many visitors make the comment that the pancakes are the best they ever had.

If you want peace and quiet, give Palace Station a try. It’s not downtown or on the strip, However, they do have a shuttle that will take you to the strip.

I cannot confirm this from personal experience but plan to give the El Cortez a try on my next visit to Fremont Street. It’s a few blocks away from the main hotels on Fremont, but very easy to get to.

I hope you enjoyed this article of the most affordable Downtown Las Vegas Hotels.

You might also want to have a look at some of the most popular hotels on the Las Vegas Strip.

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