A World At War: Protect the Elderly

Make no mistake. The world is at war with Covid-19. It’s a diabolical enemy that knows no borders. It has no compassion. It will search out the careless who do not take it seriously.

It will seek out the elderly because it knows they are easy targets. It is a heartless and cruel adversary who will test the resolve of people all over the world.


I can tell you firsthand that there is no food shortage. What we are really short of is common sense. I have worked in the retail grocery business for 51 years. Currently, I am working in the warehouse of a major supermarket chain. Our warehouse services all our stores in Western Canada.

There is no food shortage.

The problem is trying to keep up with panic buying and hoarding. Warehouse staff and truckers are working overtime to keep the stores stocked. It is a herculean task. In just one day, 57 semi-trailers of food were sent just to our Edmonton stores.

On average, a semi-trailer will hold 24 pallets, so that computes to 1,378 pallets stacked about seven feet high. So you can imagine how much is being trucked over the Rockies to Vancouver.

If there is one lesson to take away from all this, it would be how much we have taken for granted just how fortunate we are to be living in a country of such abundance.

It seems like we don’t truly appreciate anything until it is taken away from us.

People are phoning 911 because they are out of toilet paper. My God!

There is no shortage of toilet paper. It’s stacked 15 feet high in the warehouse. If people would be reasonable and get a grip, there would never be empty shelves of anything. Panic buying empties the shelves and creates a backlog of orders that takes time to fill.

The stock is available, we just can’t keep up with the craziness. The orders arrive at the stores and our store staff knocks themselves out every day filling all the empty shelves and then it happens all over again.

For God’s sake. Wake up out there! Be considerate of others who just want enough food to survive from day-to-day.


Look out for your parents and grandparents because they are the most at-risk demographic in the world.

Look no further than the first death in Canada. It was a B. C senior in his 80s. The following three deaths were from the same seniors home in North Vancouver.

Over 20 seniors living in a senior home in the USA have died.

Of the 2,503 deaths in Italy, most are over 60. Italy has a total of 31,505 cases as of March 17. In just one day that had 345 new deaths.

It is a horrific time for doctors and nurses in Italy who in some cases have to decide who is to live and who is to die. Do they take a respirator from a senior in his 80s to give to a 30 something who has a better chance of living? This is what they are dealing with on a daily basis.

Italy is full of heroes.

It’s a desperate situation in Italy and it can happen in any country that becomes complacent.

Yes, look out for the seniors in your life, but not only that, look out for all seniors. do you have a neighbor who is a senior? Take the time to knock on their door and see if they need anything.

Many seniors are terrified.

Some are too fragile to withstand the helter-skelter of today’s supermarket free-for-all. In the event you see a senior struggling…….help them. Not every senior is connected to the world via computer. Many don’t realize that food can be delivered to their door.

Remember that one day, God willing, everyone will be a senior. I believe in Karma and if you show compassion now, one day I truly believe it will be paid forward to you when you find yourself with grey hair, a cane, or a walker.


One day this will be over.

It would be great to think that the world learns something constructive from this. However, I feel that there will always be those who take advantage of calamity for their own personal gain.

There will always be those who think only of themselves.

There will always be those who think they know better than the experts who are trying to guide and help them.

That being said, it’s gratifying to see how amazing some people are in the darkest of hours. Many people will go out of their way to help others.

Thank God for the doctors and nurses who will work themselves to mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion to try to save just one more life.

And how about the leaders in high office that are doing their best to help us navigate through this trying time. Like them or not, politicians have our best interests at heart when the chips are down and politics take a back seat.

Make it your mission to find a senior to help. You might just be surprised at how good it will make them and yourself feel.

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