5 Reasons Why Senior Citizens Should Write a Book

5 Reasons Why Senior Citizens Should Write a Book

There are many good reasons why senior citizens should write a book. Most seniors have experienced quite a lot in the course of their lifetime. This makes them ideally equipped to write a book.

Ideally, this would be a non-fiction book that will share with future generations the wisdom that comes with growing up in a world that was far different from what the present and future represent.

5 Reasons Why Senior Citizens Should Write a Book
The world was a different place sixty years ago. The lucky few had one of these.

For instance, what was it like to grow up in a world with none of the technological advancements that are common-place today? What was it like to have no computers, internet, i-pods, or cell phones?

Those were the days when you walked or ran to a friend’s house to see if you could find him because there was no such thing as text messages or emails. As a matter of fact, many people in the 1950s had yet to see a T.V. for the first time and some didn’t even have a phone in their home.

There are so many excellent reasons for seniors to write a book.


Pretty much everybody is good at something. Almost all people have that one special thing in their lives that they became very good at.

It was their passion and it was something they loved to do.

Why not share it with the world? I’ve heard it said that if you want to be successful at writing a book or giving a speech, there are three main requirements. You should know your subject, have a passion for it and have a desire to share it with others.

Should you have those three going for you, you have the tools to write a book that many people would love to read.

5 Reasons Why Senior Citizens Should Write a Book
What a thrill it is to have someone read a book you wrote.


When many seniors retire and are no longer in the workforce, they usually end up with nothing but time on their hands. This is especially true for a single senior.

This time could be used for seniors to write a book. It will keep them busy and give them a sense of purpose. Most of all, it will give their lives more meaning if they feel they are writing about a subject that others will benefit from.

Not only that. Often what people write can be very impactful and has the power to change the course of a reader’s life for the better, forever. What a great legacy to leave behind. Books that are motivational and inspirational can be very powerful and are much sought after.

Writing a book has many working parts and it will keep a senior involved. They will have to concentrate in order to put their thoughts on paper or on a computer word program and will have to have their work edited.

Time will have to be spent on creating a cover design, writing an about the author page and the introduction page. Then they will have to decide if they want to approach a publisher or self-publish their own book. Will they want to do a print book, e-book, or both?

Writing a book makes excellent use of the extra time a senior has on their hands.

5 Reasons Why Senior Citizens Should Write a Book
People love to buy books. Maybe they will buy yours.


The truth is, it’s very difficult to make a lot of money by writing books.

Of course, it’s very possible if the book a person writes is well-received and strikes a chord with people. You never know in the book writing business how a new book will go over with the public.

A lot of things determine how well a book sells. It depends on the subject matter, marketing, appearance, and timeliness.

The first goal for any author is to sell enough books to cover the initial cost of the book.

There are several steps that have to be taken before the book is ready to sell. Much depends on how much of the book preparation you can do yourself. Many authors can edit and format their own books. If not, it will be necessary to hire someone to do it for them.

Some people are also very gifted when it comes to cover design, but that’s not most people. Chances are, it will be necessary to hire someone to design the book cover. If a publisher is used, they will play a large role in getting the book ready for market, but if you self-publish, the onus is on the author to see that it’s done properly.

It’s important to remember that if a publisher is used, the author makes a much smaller royalty as opposed to what can be earned by self-publishing.

Lastly, there is the cost of printing the book. This is the biggest expense and the price you pay to have your book printed hinges on the number of books you order. Should you order 50 books it might cost you $12.00 to print one standard 6″X9″ Trade Paperback. Of course, it depends on the number of pages in the book.

On the other hand, if you order 500 books, it might cost you $6.00 per book. One thousand books might bring the cost of each book down to just $4.00. To start with, it’s a bit of a gamble because you have no idea how many books you will sell when it’s new. Sometimes it’s best to order a smaller amount of a newly-written book even though it will cost more to print and you will earn less per sale.

This will give you a chance to see if people are willing to buy your book without you having to carry a lot of inventory. If an author determines that their book is being well-received, they can order a larger amount the next time, thus decreasing the print cost per book and increasing their income per book.

There are many ways for seniors to earn extra money, and writing a book could well be one of them.

5 Reasons Why Senior Citizens Should Write a Book
Book signings are an excellent way to meet other people.


Once an author has completed a print book, they will have the option to do book signings. This can be done in their home city or anywhere in the country for that matter.

Doing book signings is about a lot more than just selling books. It can also be highly social and when authors are in the local bookstore doing a signing they get to talk to a wide variety of people.

This is an excellent opportunity for seniors to expand their social life. It’s also an opportunity to share their knowledge on the subject their book encompasses.

Wouldn’t it be more fun to do signings and meet interesting people as opposed to staying at home with little to do to fill in the hours?

When a senior considers book signings a part of socializing, then, as a rule, they are not concerned whether their book is a blockbuster or not. They’re happy if they just break even and cover the cost of getting the book to market.

I’ve discovered that for myself as I have self-published eight books, the latest book called Seniors On the Move, a book for seniors about quality of life and longevity.

I do very well with this book and manage to make a profit after expenses, and have reprinted the book several times.

Most of all I enjoy the book signings and all the different people I get to interact with.

5 Reasons Why Senior Citizens Should Write a Book
Writing is excellent for mental health.


It’s a well-known fact that diet and exercise play a huge role in diminishing the chances of a senior suffering from Alzheimers’s Disease and the resulting Dementia.

If follows then, that keeping active mentally will also go a long way toward staying mentally and emotionally sharp.

Diet, exercise, and mental stimulation are three very powerful weapons against the scourge of Alzheimer’s and it writing a book will help a senior stay mentally active, then it seems that it’s a worthy pursuit that every senior should consider.

We all have a passion. We all have a story to tell. I truly believe there is a book inside most people just waiting to get out. They just need to believe in themselves and begin to put their thoughts on paper.

You would be amazed how quickly the words begin to flow and the flood gates open.

It’s very true that every journey begins with one small step. That’s oh so true when it comes to writing your first book. Believe in yourself and take that first step.

You just might amaze yourself.

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