3 Reviews Of Alarm Systems For Seniors That Will Help Keep You Safe

3 Reviews Of Alarm Systems For Seniors That Will Help Keep You Safe

Most homes should consider having alarm systems in place. However, for seniors, it is even more important. What is best for seniors will be far different than the requirements of the average family home. These 3 reviews of alarm systems for seniors that will help keep you safe deal with issues such as health and physical safety.

Of course, there is always the chance of a senior home being burglarized. This is especially true since seniors might be considered easy targets with plenty of valuables collected over the years. More importantly, the need for medical alert systems or other health emergencies is paramount.

It’s very easy for seniors to fall in the home, and having an alarm system in place just for this eventuality will provide peace of mind to the single senior as well as loved ones. As the years pass, the odds of a health emergency far surpass the odds of a home invasion.

The threat of invasion might always be a consideration, but having a warning system in place for home dangers that include fires, or gas leaks should always be front and center. Some seniors can’t move all that fast, and having an early warning system in place could be a life-saver. With enough warning, a senior will be able to vacate the home safely.

This first alarm system is a personal alarm as opposed to a home security alarm. The Life Guardian can be used with or without a call center application.


This system is tried and tested as it has been around for over two decades. Here are a few of the main features:

  1. A belt clip and wrist band are included.
  2. Pendant and alert buttons.
  3. Alert buttons are water-proof
  4. The system is wireless
  5. Includes all day and night monitoring
  6. (Fall Detection)GPS Phone

3 Reviews Of Alarm Systems For Seniors That Will Help Keep You Safe

The Life Guardian System is comprised of four options that are important considerations when it comes to medical alert systems.

  1. It has a traditional Medical Alert System that includes a Pendant and Base Unit that is connected to a call center.
  2. The system includes a Talk Thru 2-Way Voice Pendant that is connected to a call center.
  3. A cell-phone GPS enabled Fall Detection.
  4. Emergency Phone Dialers Pendant and Base Phone Unit will dial pre-programmed contacts.(no call-center

LifeGuardian Medical Alert System

The next alarm system is very inexpensive considering the peace of mind it will give to seniors. It also has several purposes.


This alarm system works in conjunction with a pager. The alarm pager is sold separately and is required in order to sound the alarm triggered by the sensors.

The pagers will allow the user to apply custom configurations. A single pager will be effective with as many as 10 different sensor alarms. There are other sensor alarms available that include a bed pad, floor sensor mat, and a window and door unit. These can be purchased individually and have the ability to create a complete wireless fall alert system.

Anti-wander Monitoring

This wireless door alarm is ideal for monitoring loved ones who suffer from Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease. Wandering can be very serious for seniors.

This window and door alarm is ideal for simple remote monitoring and has a range of 150 feet. It is easily connected to the Vice wireless alarm pager.

Real-Time Alerts

The real-time alerts provided by the Vive windows and doors alarm gives caregivers the opportunity to intervene quickly in the event of a senior wandering. Wandering can be very hazardous for seniors with Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease. A quick response could help avoid a dangerous situation.

When a door or window is opened, an alert is sent instantly to the connected wireless pager. This, in turn, allows caregivers the chance to act quickly.

Another excellent feature is that the alarm base is silent. This ensures that the patient or loved ones are not startled.

Easy Installation

The device is easy to attach to any door or window frame in mere minutes. A simple press and stick installation are ensured by a strong self-adhesive backing that makes the wireless transmitter and pairing device easy to install.

There is no need for tools or drills. No outlets are required.

The alarm transmitter base and pairing device that connect wirelessly to a portable receiver are very compact and measure just 2″ X 3″.

The Pager works hand-in-hand with the Vive Door and Window Silent Alarm to ensure the safety of seniors or disabled patients.

The next alarm system features four cameras with 8-Channel security.


This wireless security system is the ideal indoor/outdoor solution to protect your home twenty -four hours a day, seven days a week. This system features a one-year warranty and FREE  life-time Tech support.

This package includes four Weatherproof Bullet indoors and outdoors Wireless security cameras. They will provide you with crystal-clear images and night vision up to 65 ft./20 meters.

There is no need to run cables between cameras and NVR. Simply plug the Security Camera System into power outlets with the use of  Power Supply adapters for each camera and connect it to PC/TV monitor with VGA/HDMI Cable.

Set Up With PC, Tablet, or Smart Phone

The smart remote camera system allows you remote access simultaneously at any time anywhere with WIFi/4G on either a PC,  Tablet, or Smart Phone. It’s a simple matter of downloading the free app IP Pro/IP Pro 3 on your mobile phone. The set-up with the app is easy and can be done in seconds.

You will be able to download the CMS software by visiting the provided email address. This will enable you to remote view the Surveillance Camera System on your laptop or personal computer.

Mobile Detection System and Alerts

This is a very cool feature of this alarm system.

This Home Security Camera system will support motion recording and detection. Whenever there is motion detected, an email and mobile alert is triggered.

Whether you are home or not, you will always be notified if there is motion taking place. The motion will be recorded as it happens and will stop when the motion detection ends.

Your package will include the 8Ch WIFI NVR, 4 waterproof cameras, power supply, and necessary cables and the User Manual.

NVR Features:
1. 8CH 1080P Wireless NVR Recorder
2. 3520D Processor and Embedded Linux Operating System
3. Support Android/IOS/PC Remote View
4. Networking Protocol: UPNP, SMTP, PPPOE, DHCP, etc.
5. 1 SATA Port, 1TB HDD Included, Up to 4TB Each, 2 USB2.0 Port
6. Support Video Preview/Recording/Playback/USB Backup
7. Power Supply Input: DC12V-2A
8. Power Dissipation: ¨Q5W

Camera Features:
1. Image Sensor: 1/4” Color CMOS
2. Image Resolution: 1280*960P
3. Minimum Illumination: 0 Lux (IR On)
4. Night Vision: 65 Feet (20m)
5. Lens: 4mm Lens
6. Weatherproof: Yes
7. Power Supply Input: DC12V-1A
8. Power Dissipation: ¨Q6W


If you are a senior who always feels a bit uneasy and worries about your personal safety, an alarm system of some type is an excellent investment for peace of mind and safety.

The same goes for caregivers and loved ones of seniors who worry about the safety of the seniors in their life. This is especially true as seniors age or perhaps suffer from Dementia or Alzheimers.

The right alarm system can provide quick alerts if something is amiss.

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  1. My friend’s grandma uses something that similar to the wireless security camera (it’s not Safevant, I forgot the brand). She share the monitoring access with my friend, so if something happens, both of them will know. They can monitor via smartphone app, and the price for the camera is quite cheap. I will tell him about Safevant, maybe he can try to compare if this is more suitable to their needs of not. Thanks

  2. This home security system, is an excellent idea, for seniors who are concerned for their safety, in high risk areas,with a pendant, you don’t need to get to a phone,as you have a personal alarm button on your person.

    The system with provisions for a senior with dementia,or Alzheimer’s, with the door and window sensors,the bed pad,and floor pad, to give an alarm,should wandering take place,will give peace of mind to caregivers.

    The external security system with four external security cameras, linked to a PC,will give warning of any external threats or prowlers in the immediate area,without having to go outside,is also great.

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