3 Excellent Reasons For Seniors To Write About Their Life

(Video)3 Excellent Reasons For Seniors To Write About Their Life

Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone has experienced events in their lives worth remembering and perhaps sharing with others. Maybe they are stories of places you have traveled to, people who have impacted your life, or you’re amazing accomplishments. Here are 3 excellent reasons for seniors to write about their life.


Let’s face it, often as we age, memories can begin to fade. For some people, memory loss is worse for them than for others. At the same time, some people can be 90 years old and remember how their life unfolded from childhood.

But why take the chance?

Write about your life while everything is clear in your mind, especially if you are in your senior years. What if you wait too long and begin to forget? Even a touch of Dementia will mess with your memories.

By writing your life story while you are mentally sharp you will always be able to read your journey even after your memory begins to fade.

One day you might want to settle an argument about the past and even if you can’t remember what happened at a specific time, you will have a record of it because you took the time to write about it while your memory was sharp.

There is a certain amount of peace in looking back at your life. Sure, some memories will be painful and hard to write about, but life is a rocky road and we don’t get to travel every single moment on a smooth, paved highway. Whether some memories are sad, happy, or downright scary, they all played a role in our journey of life.

3 Excellent Reasons For Seniors To Write About Their Life
Everyone has a story to tell.

Who knows, as you write you might even be in awe of some things you managed to survive.


Not only will writing fill in much of the spare time you have on your hands it will play a huge role in keeping you mentally sharp. Much like your body needs exercise, your mind does as well.

Seniors from all over North America have been gathering in libraries and senior communities to take part in creative writing courses. It’s an excellent way to share their work with others and to also get to hear what others have to say.

In most cases, they give each other feedback and this is how they become more accomplished, stronger writers. This is also how they continue to maintain a high level of mental acuity and at the same time hone their creative writing skills.

When you are writing your story the benefits make the entire experience worthwhile. If you happen to live on your own, even more reason to keep busy by writing about the life you lived.

3 Excellent Reasons For Seniors To Write About Their Life
There is so much you can write about.

Writing your own story will not only keep you active it will also keep you happy and provide you with a sense of accomplishment.

Best of all, writing can help delay the onset of age-related memory loss and illness that affect mental function. Alzheimer’s is the most common form of degenerative brain illness that impacts millions of seniors across North America.

With more and more baby-boomers coming of age, it’s important that they find ways to maintain both their physical and mental health.


Imagine that you have left this world and nobody truly knows what amazing things you have accomplished in your life.

What a great legacy to leave your family and friends if you leave behind the story of your life for them all to share. We all have our secrets, but why take them to the grave with us?

Everyone in the world has a story to tell and everyone in the world has a life story full of ups and downs. You just never know how leaving behind your story can impact your children or grandchildren for the better.

They might just see you in brighter, clearer light as many seniors tend to not talk too much about their past while they are still alive.

What if you live to be over 100 years old as more and more people will soon be doing? What great stories you will have to pass on to the future generation.=

3 Excellent Reasons For Seniors To Write About Their Life

You can be their window to the world as it was decades ago.

Imagine your grandchildren reading about the day you saw your very first television set? How about that day you searched the sky one starry night as a child when you learned that Russian Cosmonaght Yuri Gagarin was the first man to reach space and circle the world?

Or maybe you can tell them the story of the day back in the 1960s when you saw a ragtag, upstart group called the Beatles live on stage.

What you witnessed in your life can leave an impact with those you care about long after you are gone and believe me, their memory of you will be all the fonder as they realize what a remarkable life you led.

When you write about your experiences including the things you did wrong you will be passing on a lesson that could be extremely valuable to those you leave behind.


Don’t ever think that your story doesn’t matter. Don’t ever think that your life had no meaning.

Everyone leaves a footprint in the sands of time. We all leave are mark and somewhere on our journey of life, we made a positive difference in someone’s life. Maybe at the time, we didn’t even realize it.

At the time it may have seemed insignificant, but just one singular moment of understanding or inspiration that we passed on to someone in our life-time could well have changed the course of someone’s life for the better.

These are the stories you should write about. Your life is your legacy and sharing it with others is one of the most generous things you can do.

Many seniors decide to write a fiction or non-fiction book when they retire. Why not you?

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